Monthly delay after Postinor


After sexual intercourse without barrier remedies, many women resort to emergency contraceptive drugs. One of these is Postinor. However, the guaranteed protection is not provided by any of the products on the modern pharmacological market. What to do if there is no menstruation after “Postinor”? How long can a delay last? Answers to these and other similar questions can be found in today's article.

Brief description of the drug

"Postinor" refers to emergency contraception. The manufacturer is the Hungarian company Gedeon Richter. She developed the drug specifically to prevent pregnancy in the first 72 hours after sexual contact without the means of barrier contraception.

The active substance is the synthetic hormone levonorgestrel. It does not allow to fully develop an already fertilized egg, inhibits the process of conception in the early stages. Available drug in the form of white tablets with a protective sheath. In one box there are 2 such pills.

Mechanism of action

Before using the drug should be familiar with the principle of its action. In the female body, 2 hormones are most active: progesterone and estrogen. In the absence of problems with reproductive health, they harmoniously interact throughout the entire menstrual cycle.

The principle of levonorgestrel is in many ways similar to the work of progesterone. However, the activity of the first is about 150 times stronger. Therefore, we can not exclude the delay of menstruation after the adoption of "Postinor". The effect of emergency contraception is carried out in several stages:

  1. Blocking ovulation, as a result of which the egg does not leave the ovary and does not enter the fallopian tube.
  2. Hormonal surge and rejection of the endometrium on its background.
  3. Sperm that have managed to penetrate into the female body, deprived of full activity and ability to fertilize.

Some believe that the use of the medication can be a trigger for miscarriage. In fact, this view is wrong. If the fertilized egg has already managed to gain a foothold in the uterus, the development process has begun, pregnancy is inevitable. "Postinor" in this case does not have the desired effect. It allows you only to prevent conception, but not to terminate the pregnancy.

Application features

Is it possible to delay menstruation after taking “Postinor”? The answer to this question depends not only on the characteristics of the organism, but also on the correct use of the drug. According to the instruction attached to it, the main indications for use are as follows:

  • sexual contact without barrier contraceptives,
  • skip pill accept contraceptive,
  • failure of another method of contraception, for example, condom rupture.

The package contains 2 tablets. The first pill must be taken as soon as possible after intimacy. The maximum allowable period is 72 hours. The second pill must be taken 12 hours after the first. The effectiveness of contraception is directly dependent on following these rules. For example, a woman took a pill on the first day after sex. In this case, its effectiveness is 95%. Prolongation of up to 50 hours reduces the probability of preventing unwanted pregnancy by up to 58%.

Reception of funds is prohibited in the following situations:

  • irregular female cycle
  • lactose intolerance,
  • gestation period
  • adolescence,
  • chronic liver and / or kidney ailments.

With proper use of the drug in a healthy woman, menstruation occurs on time. However, there are very few such luckies. How long the menstruation lasts after “Postinor” lasts depends on the individual reaction of the organism to its components.

The effect on menstruation

The use of "Postinor" blocks the onset of pregnancy, and also affects the state of the reproductive system. One of the tangible consequences is a shift in time of critical days, a change in discharge.

According to statistics, after taking the second pill, the monthly pills come in 2-5 days. At the same time, the volume of secretions and their qualitative characteristics rarely correspond to the usual ones. They may be abundant or, conversely, smearing. Dense dark clots in secret are a normal physiological response to levonorgestrel.

The main reasons for the lack of menstruation

Can there be a delay in menstruation after the Postinor? As part of the drug is concentrated shock dose of the hormone. Therefore, its use may affect the state of the whole organism. One of the common consequences is the delay of menstruation. Among the causes of this violation, doctors consider the following:

  1. Hormonal disbalance. This is the most frequently identified reason for the absence of menstruation. The hormone levonorgestrel not only prevents the onset of ovulation, but also has an effect on the endocrine glands. In this case, a full menstruation does not occur within 3 months. Such a disorder requires therapy with hormones.
  2. Increased blood clotting. Most of the endometrium or the inner layer of the uterus falls on the vessels. As a result of its rejection, blood can coagulate even in its cavity. Therefore, the first periods after emergency contraception are scarce and have a brownish tinge. Such a reaction is considered physiological, should not be accompanied by anxiety.
  3. Incompatibility of drugs. Some drugs have a negative effect on levonorgestrel as a hormone to block ovulation. These include drugs for the treatment of the following pathologies: gastric ulcer, tuberculosis, epilepsy, HIV.
  4. Overweight. Delayed menstruation after “Postinor” is often the case with obese women. Therefore, before using the drug, they need to consult with the gynecologist to clarify the required dosage.
  5. Age. For girls under 16 years old, this tool is strictly prohibited. In the process of becoming a hormonal background, any external influence can lead to irreversible consequences. In addition, women after 40 take "Postinor" with caution. Disorders of hormonal levels often provoke an approach of menopause.
  6. Ignoring possible contraindications. Women suffering from renal or hepatic insufficiency after suffering hepatitis are at risk of artificially provoking delayed menstruation. In this case, consultation of a gynecologist is required for the selection of emergency contraception.
  7. Alcohol abuse. Alcohol neutralizes levonorgestrel. Combined use of emergency contraception and alcohol negatively affects the expected result in most cases. Also, some women begin to experience problems with the menstrual cycle.
  8. Inflammatory processes in the uterus. "Postinor" can enhance the course of such diseases of the reproductive system as colpitis, vaginitis, endometritis.
  9. Pregnancy. Delayed menstruation after “Postinor” with a negative pregnancy test may indicate the fact of a successful conception. A home test often shows a false negative result. To confirm the presence of pregnancy, a blood test should be taken to determine the indicators of hCG. With a positive result, it is not necessary to interrupt it. The substances included in the preparation do not harm the development of the embryo.

Periods of menstruation delay

How much after “Postinor” can there be a monthly delay? A tolerance is considered a period of 10-14 days. It is quite normal if the next 2-3 months of menstruation will go irregularly. This is due to a large dose of synthetic hormone, which entered the body and brought a malfunction of the endocrine glands. It usually takes up to 4 months to restore the background.

Critical delay of menstruation after “Postinor” is called when spotting is absent for 30 days or more. In this case, the woman must necessarily visit a gynecologist to identify the cause of the deviation. A lady with regular failures in the menstrual cycle needs the advice of a specialist in the field of medicine and the elimination of a hormonal disorder medication.

Scanty monthly

The problem of scanty periods after “Postinor” women rarely face. Such a state is oligomenorrhea, and it is due to increased hormonal effects. Over time, the disorder should disappear on its own.

On the other hand, when there are scanty periods of time after unprotected intercourse and the use of emergency contraception, it is important to exclude the fact of pregnancy. Most often, pain in the lower abdomen and a small amount of discharge are a side effect of taking the drug. If these symptoms do not go through for several cycles, you need to contact a gynecologist.

Total absence of menstruation

After “Postinor” there are no menstruations (delay) - this is not the only consequence of taking the drug. Sometimes the medication causes a significant hormonal imbalance. This violation leads to the complete absence of menstruation. In this case, you must immediately contact a gynecologist. The following health problems are usually diagnosed:

  • disruption of the ovaries, which requires a long recovery period,
  • complete ovarian dysfunction (sometimes leads to infertility),
  • hormone secretion failure.

These are far from the only reasons why there are no periods after Postinor. It all depends on the features of the woman's body and the presence of associated health problems. In any case, in the absence of menstruation, qualified medical assistance is required.

It is worth noting that "Postinor" is a completely safe drug. However, the reservation is important - there are no contraindications to taking the medication. It suits not all women.

Negative test and delay

After Postinor, many women face various effects of this method of contraception. One of these is ectopic pregnancy.

The delay in menstruation is always suggestive of successful fertilization of the egg, but the test shows a negative result, and the level of hCG increases. The described changes are characteristic of ectopic pregnancy. In this case, the egg does not attach to the uterus, but in the ovaries, fallopian tubes, or peritoneum. Soon, the first signs of pregnancy may appear: nagging pains, discomfort in the breasts. Most women give similar symptoms to premenstrual syndrome, because the test has already refuted the alleged conception.

However, it is impossible to ignore an ectopic pregnancy, since it can threaten the life of a woman. This example once again proves the need to seek medical help to establish the cause of the delay of menstruation after Postinor. When the monthly period begins, in this case it is very dangerous to wait.

Doctor's recommendations

What to do if you delay your period after “Postinor”? Reviews of doctors indicate the need for qualified medical care.

After studying the woman's history, the gynecologist usually gives directions to a complete examination of her body. It includes standard blood and urine tests, as well as examination of the reproductive system through ultrasound. This diagnosis allows you to understand the reason for the delay of menstruation after taking the drug "Postinor".

If the examination reveals failures in the endocrine system, additional consultation with the endocrinologist may be required.

In general, treatment in violation of the menstrual cycle involves the use of hormonal drugs. Their dosage, as well as the choice of a particular agent, remains with the doctor. In addition, it is the specialist who determines the duration of the course of therapy.

In some cases, and only as an addition to the treatment used recipes of traditional medicine. To restore the cycle, the following herbs decorated well: milk thistle, parsley, tansy, wormwood.

Pregnancy after "Postinor"

If after using emergency contraception a pregnancy test shows a positive result, there is no reason to panic. To establish the accuracy of the result, you can pass the test for hCG. This analysis is the most informative and shows a reliable result as early as 10 days after the date of the expected ovulation. After the final confirmation of pregnancy, you should not be afraid of the effect of “Postinor”. The drug does not harm the embryo inside the womb. Probably, such a pregnancy in the future will require more attention and observation from the medical staff.


The menstrual cycle is a rather complicated system that is a peculiar reflection of women's health. Any disruptions and irregularities in menses indicate problems. It is extremely important to identify and eliminate them in a timely manner through a therapeutic course. It is not necessary to wait for many weeks when the monthly periods begin with a delay after Postinor. Reviews of doctors warn about the unpleasant consequences of such ignoring the symptoms. In some cases, they end up with problems with conception and childbirth.

How does Postinor affect

The main active ingredient of this emergency contraceptive is levonorgestrel. It can cause menstruation delay after postinor for an indefinite period, due to changes in the genital organs:

  • Blocking ovulation when a ripe egg can not leave the ovary leads to a delay after Postinor,
  • Inhibition of the fertilization process, when not only the moment of the arrival of the female cell in the fallopian tube, but also the movement of spermatozoids slows down,
  • An obstacle to the fixation of the embryo in the uterus, by changing the properties of the endometrium, creating impossible conditions for the development of the embryo.

Monthly delay after Postinor

The delay in menstruation after Postinor occurs as a result of a strong shake-up of hormonal equilibrium with a high dose of a synthetic agent from outside. Therefore, experts recommend taking it no more than once per cycle and repeating the next attempt no earlier than after 6 months, in order to avoid a negative impact on the childbearing function.

Delayed menstruation after the Postinor is the expected effect after a hormonal shake for the body.

Why can there be a delay after taking Postinor

Whether there may be a delay after taking Postinor depends directly on compliance with the rules for its acceptance according to the proposed instruction. Indications for use are:

  • Unprotected sex,
  • Insolvency of another method of protection, for example, breaking a condom,
  • Skip the regular contraceptive pill.

The package has two tablets. The first is taken as soon as possible after intercourse, but not later than 72 hours, and the second is obtained 12 hours after the previous one. In order not to worry in the future about whether there may be a delay in menstruation after Postinor caused by pregnancy, one should drink the medicine as soon as possible. If the pill enters the body on the first day after intercourse, its effectiveness is 95%, and extending it to 50 hours reduces the chance of protection from conception to 58%.

When Postinor is prohibited

  • With an irregular menstrual cycle,
  • If you have had jaundice or have chronic liver or kidney disease,
  • In adolescence, when girls are not yet regulated the process of maturation of the egg and there are interruptions with critical days.

With the right use of the drug in a healthy woman, critical days should start at a certain time, but there are few such lucky women, but how long the delay after Postinor can take is only depends on the individual reaction of each girl to his action. The norm is a delay of 5 days. If after this time the miracle did not occur, the first reason is considered pregnancy, therefore testing is necessary in this case.

Delay after Postinor with a negative test

When there is a delay after Postinor, and the test is negative, but you have doubts about his truthful answer, you must visit a doctor to exclude an ectopic pregnancy. Since this pathology is a very frequent occurrence when taking contraceptives, excess insurance will not hurt.

The delay after Postinor, and the test can be negative during ectopic pregnancy, to exclude it, it is necessary to pass a blood test for hCG

If after Postinor delay is already a month

With the exception of pregnancy delay after taking Postinor explains:

  • The mini-abortive effect of levonorgestrel alters hormonal changes in such a way that the normal functioning of the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes is disturbed, which prevents the timely onset of monthly bleeding, delaying their onset for an indefinite period, so after Postinor delay in a month is not an uncommon phenomenon
  • Наличием эндокринных болезней,
  • Various gynecological inflammatory processes, such as colpitis, vaginitis, adnexitis, endometritis, etc.,
  • Some pathologies of the urinary system, in which there may also be a delay after taking Postinor.

It happens that after Postinor a month’s delay, and if pregnancy is excluded, it means that the functioning of the uterus and ovaries is impaired. This as a result can lead to gynecological diseases.

How many days delay after postinor

How many days the delay after Postinora will be when these diseases are detected, no specialist will say for sure. It all depends on their course and severity of symptoms. In any case, if the menstruation did not come within 14 days, it is necessary to contact the antenatal clinic in time to find out the cause of the failure of the rhythm and to begin its correction.

How many days there is a delay after Postinor in the presence of gynecological diseases is difficult to say, but if menstruation does not appear within two weeks, you must contact a gynecologist

Periods of delayed menstruation after taking Postinor

  • Valid.

After Postinor went monthly after a week, an average delay of 10-14 days (2 weeks) is considered to be an acceptable delay. It is also quite normal if the next two months or three cycles of menstruation will go irregularly. This is due to the fact that a large dose of synthetic hormones has made an imbalance in the work of the endocrine glands. To restore hormonal levels will take 3-4 months. Critical.

Monthly 20-30 days do not come - it obliges a woman to visit a gynecologist. In this case, it is necessary to undergo a full examination to detect pregnancy or some disease. A woman who observes constant disruptions in the monthly cycle for half a year needs expert advice and medical correction of hormonal background.

Actions in case of not coming or long delay of menstruation after taking Postinor:

  • visit the gynecologist,
  • take a blood test for pregnancy and hormones
  • do an ultrasound (if necessary),
  • undergo a full examination of the pelvic organs and the endocrine system of the body (as prescribed by a doctor),

If Posinor drank, but does not start monthly or when it is long-term delay, it is absolutely not recommended to cause menstruation on your own.

The reasons for the delay after taking postinora when the test is negative

Postinor is the most popular modern drug that helps prevent the appearance of unwanted fertilization of the egg and further pregnancy. Analogous drugs emergency contraceptive care in the world does not exist.

A postinor is an emergency contraceptive that is used after unprotected sexual intercourse. At the heart of the postinor lies the main active ingredient - levonorgestrel. The main substance of the postinor is a synthetic hormone that inhibits the process of conception at the initial stages or completely prevents the further development of a fertilized egg, thus pregnancy does not occur. Usually, postinor, as an emergency contraceptive aid, is taken after unprotected intercourse or in the case of the ineffectiveness of the other methods of contraception used.

After taking postinora often delayed menstruation. This drug because of the synthetic hormone, has the strongest effect on the overall hormones of the female body. Considering the above-described pharmacological fact, the number of times a postinore is strictly limited, no more than once a month. Otherwise, there are often side effects - severe abdominal pain syndrome, sudden intermenstrual bleeding, dyspeptic syndrome, vomiting, nausea, lack of menstruation, while the pregnancy test is negative, etc.

Causes of side effects after taking the drug

Frequent intermenstrual bleeding caused by increased levels of progestogen after taking Postinor. Progestin affects the inner walls of the uterus, causing a thickening of its inner layer.

A frequent result after the use of emergency contraception is the absence of menstruation. The first thought in this situation is pregnancy. Modern pharmacies are equipped with all sorts of tests to determine the level of human chorionic gonadotropin. A test for determining pregnancy after testing often gives a negative result. Failure of the menstrual cycle after taking a postinor leads to the fact that the endometrial layer does not exfoliate and there is no menstruation.

Delayed menstrual discharge after consuming a postinor, as a method of contraception, and a negative pregnancy test, can be the result of an abortive effect of the drug — a delay or no ovulation.

Postinor as an emergency contraceptive

Emergency contraception carries out its effect in several stages:

  • The first is delayed ovulation. As a result of the first stage, the egg cell does not move from the ovary. Thus, an egg that cannot enter the fallopian tube is not prepared for fertilization,
  • The second stage - the main active ingredient has an impact not only on ovulation of the egg, but also on the speed and functionality of sperm,
  • The third stage is a direct effect on the endometrial layer of the uterus. After the use of the drug "Postinor" changes the normal structure of the uterus, its functional features and the inner active layer. Thus, the ability of the uterus to reject the inner layer of the uterus changes; this is the reason why there is no menstrual flow. In this case, the test for the determination of chorionic gonadotropin will be negative.

The reasons for which there is no menstruation after postinor

  • Mini abortive effect. The active ingredient of the drug - levonorgestrel - interferes with the normal functioning of the internal female genital organs (uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, etc.),
  • The number of progestogens increases, and there are no monthly periods, which delay the moment of ovulation,
  • The structure and functionality of the uterus changes
  • Ectopic pregnancy,
  • Other endocrinological diseases
  • Various gynecological diseases
  • Some diseases of the genitourinary system.

Frequent use of postinor leads to the development of various side effects, one of the main is ectopic pregnancy. The delay in menstrual discharge during the week immediately suggests a pregnancy, but the test shows a negative result, and the level of human chorionic gonadotropin shows its increase. Such physiological changes are characteristic of ectopic pregnancy occurring in the ovaries, fallopian tubes, peritoneum, and other closely spaced organs. Soon, the first signs of pregnancy may appear - heaviness in the lower abdomen, pain in the mammary glands, all this is attributed to premenstrual syndrome, since the previous test gave a negative result. However, delayed menstruation and a negative pregnancy test are not at all a guarantee of lack of fertilization.

Delayed menstrual flow is not uncommon in many women, since only a small number of female representatives have a regular menstrual cycle. The number of reasons for which there is no menstruation is many, but the main ones are gynecological inflammatory diseases. For example, adnexitis, colpitis, vaginitis, endometritis.

Risk factors for which the drug "Postinor" is prohibited

  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • The list of previous diseases includes jaundice, chronic diseases of the liver and kidneys, damage to the gallbladder,
  • Adolescence, characterized by timely puberty.

Postinator admission rules, which should be strictly followed to avoid unwanted pregnancy:

  • Strict compliance with instructions,
  • No more than once a month
  • The first reception of "Postinor" should be made no more than 72 hours or three days after unprotected intercourse,
  • The second reception of "Postinor" is carried out 12 hours after the first,
  • According to medical research, the maximum result, when the pregnancy test is negative, is achieved by taking the medication within 24 hours after sexual intercourse.

Delayed menstruation after postinore intake

Monthly after Postinor have their own specific features. Postinor is a medical drug that provides emergency contraception.

None of the modern contraceptive devices provides one hundred percent guarantee of protection against conception. A condom can break, and in time not drunk a tablet does not guarantee the necessary protection. Postinor intake is sometimes a necessary measure for many women. This drug belongs to the pharmaceutical classics, it is recommended by doctors for a long time and can prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Features of the Postinor's reception are that they do not drink it according to a certain schedule or plan. The basis of the action is levonorgestrel, blocking the development of undesirable processes. Some patients continue to have problems with the reproductive system. To prevent this, simply follow the instructions.

The tool in its composition concentrates the loading dose of the hormone. Reception can affect the state of the whole organism. In some cases, the monthly after taking Postinor may simply not occur. The probability of delay is great.

If this period of time is stretched for 5 or more days, it is necessary to do a pregnancy test or a hcch level in the blood. Express analyzes do not always guarantee a high degree of accuracy. If an unwanted pregnancy nevertheless came, then do not worry in the early stages. There is no close relationship between the fetus and the mother. Also, the absence of menstruation is not always the result of pregnancy.

The consequences of contraception: delay after Postinora - acceptable and critical time. If there is no monthly, what to do?

No contraceptive provides a 100% guarantee that the pregnancy does not come, Postinor is no exception. The highest efficacy of the drug is 95% in the first 12 hours after intercourse. Further, the efficiency decreases, after 24 hours it is 75%, and after 48 hours only 53%. After three days, it makes no sense to take the drug.

Postinor - contains a very large dose of synthetic hormones, so the consequences of such a hormonal attack can be unpredictable. Failure of the menstrual cycle (delay after Postinor or bloody discharge in the middle of the menstrual cycle) is in most cases an acceptable side effect.

Effect of the remedy

The main effect of the drug is aimed at delaying ovulation. In this case, it becomes impossible to fertilize the egg with the already accomplished intercourse. However, Postinor intake provokes a powerful body shake and cycle disturbance.

In other words, no one can say exactly when to wait for menstruation after taking Postinor. Sometimes it happens every other day, but you can wait for weeks. Often this is also possible: a pregnancy test is negative, however, menstrual periods do not appear.

But a considerable number of women believe that the result fully justifies all the negative consequences that Postinor entails: the delay is no exception. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of this contraceptive is guaranteed only if you drink the first pill Postinora within 72 hours after unprotected intercourse.

However, even in this situation, the drug will be effective in 80% of cases. When the term of the first drug intake is delayed for two days, the effectiveness of the drug is reduced to 50%.

But after 3 days the reception of the funds will be absolutely useless. That is, drink Postinor should be as soon as possible after unprotected intercourse. As for taking the second pill of the drug, it must be remembered: it needs to be drunk 12 hours after taking the first one (but no later than 16 hours).


In a situation where after 10 days (maximum 14) after receiving the funds, the monthly ones are still delayed, you need to contact a specialist, and if the monthly periods are delayed for 5 days, you need to do a pregnancy test. If the test is negative, then it indicates that the drug has fulfilled its purpose, but as a result, serious violations have been identified.

The reasons for this may be different, since the drug acts simultaneously in several directions:

  • provokes a delay in ovulation, keeping the egg in the ovary,
  • affects the speed and functionality of sperm,
  • affects the structure of the endometrial layer of the uterus.

In the latter case, the functional characteristics of the uterus and its inner active layer change. As a result, there are changes in the ability of the uterus to reject the mucous membrane, and this, over time, can lead to an ectopic pregnancy. In fact, these are the main reasons why monthly periods can linger.

In such cases, the analysis of chorionic gonadotropin (hCG is a hormone that is secreted by the embryo shell), that is, an ordinary pregnancy test will most likely be negative.

Impact on the body

Even if a woman takes the dose of the preparation specifically indicated in the instructions, which the manufacturer indicated, it is still possible for his side effects to manifest. So, the tool can provoke:

However, the main reasons for which it is recommended to think twice before taking Postinor - suffering from the menstrual cycle and hormonal disorders. Monthly can linger for more than 2 weeks and then it is appropriate to assume the presence of deviations in the development of the endometrial layer. Therefore, in this case, it is not recommended to delay a visit to the gynecologist.

There are cases when menstruation does not appear for a very long time. Sometimes, even after a month, the cycle does not stabilize. That is why this drug is considered a means of emergency contraception, and it can be taken only in rare cases (the manufacturer says that no more than once a month). But, in any case, Postinor should not be taken constantly!


Far from any member of the weaker sex will suit this drug, since there are certain categories of women who are not allowed to use Postinor. These include:

  • adolescent girls who are in puberty,
  • women who have persistent delays;
  • in diseases of the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, chronic diseases of the urogenital system.

It should be noted that the consequences of taking Postinor can be fatal. Often, after its use requires the subsequent treatment of the reproductive system of women. And if we talk about adolescents, then he and girls can cause infertility at all. However, these are not the only reasons to refuse to accept Postinor.

There are a number of drugs, the concomitant use of which reduces or completely levels the effect of the contraceptive. These drugs include:

  • Ampicillin
  • Amprenavir,
  • barbiturates
  • Griseofulvin,
  • Carbamazepine
  • Lansoprazole,
  • Nevirapine
  • Oxcarbazepine,
  • Primidone
  • Ritonavir,
  • Rifabutin,
  • Rifampicin
  • Tacrolimus
  • Tetracycline,
  • Topiramate,
  • Tretinoin,
  • Phenytoin,
  • preparations containing St. John's wort.

Impact of the drug on the fetus

However, many are interested in the question of how to be if the pregnancy is still there. It should immediately reassure women, because if the fetus is still entrenched on the wall of the uterus and survived that continuous hormonal hurricane that raged in a woman's body, then, most likely, it will develop normally. Studies have confirmed that the drug does not adversely affect the fetus itself.

As already mentioned, the tool affects the structure of the endometrial layer, as well as the functional abilities of the sperm and the egg. However, the child is still born healthy. So if a woman has decided to keep the pregnancy, then she may not worry about the normal development of the child after her adopted Postinor.

Release form and principle of operation

Proceeding from the pharmaceutical characteristics, Postinor is a means of emergency oral contraception, designed specifically to prevent unwanted pregnancy in the first 72 hours after the APA.

The tool comes in the form of two white tablets coated with a protective sheath. In most cases, you can purchase emergency contraception without a doctor's prescription.

What has a contraceptive effect on the body, providing instant "sterility"? To answer this question let's turn to the chemical composition of the drug.


The main active component of the emergency contraceptive Postinor is the artificial hormone levonorgestrel. This substance is a synthetic analogue of steroid female hormones, bearing the generalized name "progestogens."

Produced in large doses, these compounds are able to block the process of ovulation, and thus prevent pregnancy.

This artificially synthesized hormone is actively used in all types of oral contraception. Варьируется исключительно дозировка, включаемая в химическую формулу лекарственного средства.

Подобную популярность среди 19-норстероидов левоноргестрел получил благодаря 100% биодоступности. Preparations based on this synthetic hormone, entering the gastrointestinal tract, are completely absorbed, which means that the active ingredients penetrate the bloodstream in full, ensuring maximum contraceptive effect after 1.5-2 hours after taking the capsule.

It is thanks to this property, Postinor pills are considered the best in the segment of emergency contraception.

In addition to 750 mcg of levonorgestrel, based on the pharmacological "history" of the tablets, they contain silica, magnesium sterate, potato starch, corn starch, talc and lactose monohydrate.

Action hormone

The active substance of this drug - levonorgestrel, not only instantly blocks ovulation. Synthetic hormone causes systemic changes in the endometrium of the reproductive organs, provoking the impossibility of attaching an already fertilized egg to the wall of the uterus.

When you take a pill a few hours after unprotected intercourse, the nature of the mucus in the cervical canal also changes. The fluid becomes more dense and viscous, preventing the movement of sperm.

Such an impact not only prevents the onset of a possible pregnancy, but also deals a powerful blow to the work of all organs of the reproductive system.

Based on the reviews of most women who tried the pills on themselves, they observed a delay in menstruation after consuming Postinor.

How to apply postinor

Based on the instructions, take the tablets in the amount of two pieces immediately. Between doses of capsules should be a time interval of 12 hours.

This emergency contraceptive pill guarantees a positive result after taking the first pill in 95% of cases. It should be noted that the maximum postcoital effect can be achieved on the first day after the LA. Clinical trials revealed that the use of Postinor 48 hours after sex without remedies reduces the effectiveness to 85%. An obstacle to the occurrence of pregnancy 72 hours after intercourse without using contraceptives reduces the “positive percentage” to 58%.

The earlier the woman took the drug, the higher the percentage of absence of pregnancy.

Doctors do not recommend very often resort to the use of emergency contraceptive pills. Such an effect can cause serious injury to a woman’s body and lead to irreversible consequences!

How postinor affects menstruation

Strong postcoital exposure not only blocks the possibility of pregnancy, but also affects the entire hormonal and reproductive system of a woman. One of the tangible consequences of taking the drug is the displacement of the time intervals of critical days and the transformation of the qualitative characteristics of rejected bleeding.

Based on the statistical data obtained both in the course of clinical trials and through analysis of thematic forums and women's experience, it can be concluded that in most cases the critical days after taking Postinor come 2–5 days after the girl has taken the second pill.

It should be noted that the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the liquid rejected at this time may not correspond to the usual monthly. Depending on the individual characteristics of the organism of the weaker sex, blood epithelial clots can be both abundant and smearing, barely noticeable.

Women note the presence of dense dark clots in the consistency rejected after taking Postinor mucus. Such changes are the body's physiological response to levonorgestrel and indicate the absence of pregnancy.

No monthly after Postinora

There are cases when the cycle after taking Postinor does not recover for a long time and a woman observes a monthly delay. The first thing a woman thinks about is the possibility of the drug not acting.

100% prevention of conception does not guarantee the drug, and 5% of women still get pregnant, therefore, in the absence of 7 months or more, a home test is necessary.

But what does the long delay after using emergency contraception against a negative pregnancy test indicate? There may be several reasons for this phenomenon, and almost all of them lie in the plane of malfunctioning of the genital organs of the fair sex or hormonal disorders due to the impact of levonorgestrel. Consider the most common causes of prolonged absence of menstruation with a negative pregnancy test:

Hormonal imbalance

This is the most common reason for the long delay of menstruation while taking postinor pills. Synthetic hormone-levonorgestrel not only prevents the onset of ovulation, but also has a strong effect on the endocrine system of a woman. Cases in which menstruation does not return to the usual frequency for 3 or 4 months are common. A similar phenomenon requires treatment with hormone therapy. When diagnosing such symptoms in yourself, you should immediately contact a specialist!

The impact of the active component of the drug on blood clotting

In this case, the cycle after taking Postinor does not undergo critical temporary changes. Transforms the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the rejected liquid. The first menstruation after consuming the drug has a scanty character and a dark, rich bloody color. This reaction is physiological and should not cause concern.

Incompatibility of drugs used in conjunction with Postinor

There are a number of drugs, the chemical composition of which, to a large extent, reduces the ability of levonorgestrel to block ovulation. Here is a short list of similar medicines:

  • drugs used in the treatment of HIV infections
  • drugs for stomach ulcers,
  • drugs for tuberculosis,
  • drugs used in the treatment or relief of epilepsy,
  • antibiotics
  • homeopathic tinctures and decoctions based on Hypericum.

Combining the reception Postinora with alcohol

Alcohol completely neutralizes the action of synthetic hormone-levonorgestrel. The combination of the use of this emergency contraception and the use of alcoholic beverages will not only adversely affect the expected result, but may also provoke, after taking Postinor, heavy menstruation, which can turn into bleeding.

Tolerances in the menstrual cycle

Most women taking this drug are interested in when to wait for menstruation after Postinor. Experts say that the tolerance in the cyclical periods of menstruation is 10-14 days.The absence of critical days for a period longer than 2 weeks should cause concern to the fair sex.

This delay may indicate not only the occurrence, as a result of improper or untimely administration of the drug, pregnancy, but also diseases of the reproductive system that appeared while taking the drug on the basis of levonorgestrel.

In most cases, gynecologists give directions for a general analysis of urine and blood, and conducting research of the reproductive system and pelvic organs using ultrasound. Such a list of examinations will help determine the presence of pathological processes that have emerged as complications from the effects of levonorgestrel, and answer the question whether the girl who has recently taken an emergency contraceptive is pregnant.

In cases of endocrine disruption, the therapist may recommend a visit to the endocrinologist and treatment with hormone therapy to help restore the cycle.

Remember that after taking Postinor monthly periods are irregular and can change their quality characteristics! You can notice the appearance of scanty monthly. Before you drink the drug, be sure to consult with a specialist!

Postinator delay test positive

Medicinal substances of this group provoke thickening of the cervical mucus, preventing sperm from entering the uterus, slowing the movement of the egg through the fallopian tubes and preventing the implantation of the ovum into the uterine mucosa.

And does it happen that a woman became pregnant after Postinor? And what should a pregnancy test after a Postinor show? This is discussed in detail in the article.

Pregnancy after Postinor

After using emergency post-coital contraception, gestation may persist in two cases:

In addition, fertilization in the fallopian tube may occur in a small percentage of cases. Levonorgestrel, a synthetic progestogen, makes it difficult for the egg to move from the tubes and changes the structure of the endometrium of the uterus.

But in some cases, fertilization and subsequent implantation occur in the fallopian tubes, which causes ectopic pregnancy.

Before using Postinor, be sure to use a gestation test. It is forbidden to use the drug in case of already developing pregnancy.

Attention! The effectiveness of Postinor in the first 24 hours after unprotected coitus reaches 95-98%, depending on the period of the menstrual cycle and the individual characteristics of the woman's body. In the next 48 hours, the effectiveness of the tool is reduced by an average of 10%.

Why is a post-postern positive test?

Pregnancy after taking Postinor may persist for several reasons.

  1. The pill was taken more than 72 hours after intercourse.
  2. A woman has a history of gastrointestinal diseases. Peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, dysbacteriosis, gastritis, colitis and other pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract functioning lead to impaired absorption of Postinor components and reduce its effectiveness.
  3. The woman was vomited before the active ingredient of the drug had time to enter the blood. Nausea and vomiting are one of the most common side effects of emergency contraception.
  4. A woman takes any pharmacological drugs that can affect the effectiveness of Postinor. These can be drugs for tuberculosis, carcinoma, systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis and endocrine diseases.

So, if a woman drank postinor and got pregnant. it is possible that from the very beginning something went wrong.

If you have the opportunity, consult your gynecologist before taking post-contraceptive contraceptives. This will allow you not only to avoid unplanned pregnancy, but also to avoid many unpleasant side effects from the use of the drug.

Signs and symptoms of preserved gestation

Before the onset of the characteristic symptoms of toxicosis, that is, up to about 4 weeks of gestation, the following signs may indicate the development of pregnancy after using Postinor:

  • lower abdominal pain. They may be cramping or resemble a pulling sensation before menstruation,
  • change in the nature of discharge: they can become more abundant, thick,
  • bleeding or bleeding.

Such symptoms occur due to the fact that synthetic gestagens provoke endometrial rejection and, as a result, disrupt pregnancy.

Important! If you notice any signs that are disturbing you, do a post-pregnancy pregnancy test and consult your doctor, it is possible that the pregnancy has occurred.

What to do if there is a pregnancy?

And now we proceed to the consideration of such a question: “Did Postinor drink and become pregnant, consequences for the fetus and the body?”

If the pregnancy test showed a positive result after taking Postinor, consult a doctor as soon as possible, regardless of whether you want to maintain gestation or not.

Otherwise, this condition can lead to hormonal disruption, uterine bleeding and other unpleasant consequences.

Postinor and other emergency contraceptive drugs are not used to interrupt an existing gestation.

Postinor cannot be used as an abortifacient. It is likely that the pregnancy will continue, but due to the impact of a huge amount of levonorgestrel will continue to develop with pathologies.

In addition, even if a synthetic progestogen causes miscarriage, a woman will need medical assistance to stop the bleeding, as well as long-term treatment aimed at restoring hormonal levels.

Some women try to use Postinor as an analogue of medical abortion. simply increasing the dosage of the drug. This method of interrupting gestation not only leads to fetal mutations and acute poisoning of a pregnant woman, but also to the development of acute bleeding, detachment of the placenta and suppression of ovarian function.

Subsequently, a violation of hormonal background is manifested by sharp fluctuations in the weight of a woman, the appearance of alopecia, a violation of the secretion of skin glands, the development of pathological processes in the organs of the reproductive system.

If the pregnancy has developed after using Postinor, and you do not want to keep it, then in the early stages of gestation - up to 7 weeks - you can contact any gynecological clinic for pharmacological abortion.

The procedure consists in taking a drug that has an antiprogestogenic effect and provokes the production of oxytocin to reduce myometrium.

Thus, if a woman drank Postinor and is pregnant after 2 weeks, she would not like to turn a blind eye to the problem, but you will have to go to the doctor.

Risks and complications

In the event that the gestation is preserved after the use of emergency contraception, the following undesirable consequences may develop:

  • uterine bleeding,
  • hormonal imbalance,
  • oppression of the gonads,
  • pathology of the functioning of the pelvic organs,
  • violation of the microflora of the vagina.

If a woman decides to keep the pregnancy, then during gestation complications are possible:

  • placental abruption,
  • violation of embryogenesis,
  • acute uterine bleeding during pregnancy and childbirth,
  • miscarriage.

To avoid such consequences, it is necessary to consult a doctor if you suspect the development of pregnancy after using Postinor.

We found out if you can get pregnant after taking Postinor? Postcoital contraception has a high degree of efficacy, but in a small percentage of cases the development of gestation is still possible.

Did you get pregnant after taking Postinor? In this case, the woman needs to consult a gynecologist and undergo a series of studies, regardless of whether she plans to continue the pregnancy or not.

Features of the drug

The main action of Postinor is aimed at preventing the release of an egg into the uterine cavity (ovulation). This makes it impossible to fertilize her with sperm after intercourse. After its use there is a sharp violation of the menstrual cycle. Such a strong action does not allow to predict when the next menstruation will go. This can happen in a week, but sometimes it happens much later. At the same time, a pregnancy test shows a negative result, but there is no regular discharge.

The manufacturer does not guarantee one hundred percent effectiveness.

In the first 24 hours it is 95%, on the second day it decreases to 85%, and in the third it is only 58%. After this time, Postinor becomes ineffective, and its reception will have a very negative impact on the reproductive system. The package contains 2 tablets, the first is applied as soon as possible after an unprotected act, the second must be taken 12 hours after the first.

Causes of monthly delays

If there is no menstruation after Postinor for two weeks and the pregnancy test is negative, consult a gynecologist.

There are many reasons for the delay:

  • Hormonal disbalance. As part of Postinor contains a large dose of synthetic hormones that have an effect on the entire body, not only on the reproductive system. It is impossible to predict exactly how the body will behave. Normally, the cycle normalization occurs within 3−4 months, if after this time it has not stabilized, then hormonal correction is required.
  • Pregnancy. Delayed menstruation after taking Postinor may indicate pregnancy. This possibility cannot be excluded even after you have done the test. Home pregnancy tests, though they give fairly accurate results, but the human body is unpredictable. For an accurate determination of pregnancy, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist and a blood test for the hormone HCG. It is also impossible to exclude the possibility of ectopic pregnancy and the presence of gynecological diseases before taking Postinor.
  • Increased blood clotting. If there is a tendency to increased coagulability, then the bleeding may coagulate in the uterus. At the same time, other signs of the onset of menstruation (headache, pain in the mammary glands a few days before the onset, etc.) persist.
  • Drug incompatibility. Одновременный приём нескольких лекарств может вызвать снижение эффективности или нейтрализовать действие Постинора. К таким препаратам можно отнести: антиретровирусную терапию, противоязвенные препараты, противоэпилептические, некоторые антибиотики, лекарства со зверобоем.

  • Overweight. For a contraceptive effect, a certain concentration of hormones in the blood plasma is necessary. With an increase in body weight, an increase in total blood volume occurs. Accordingly, a large dose of Postinor is needed to achieve the desired effect. If it is not enough, then the probability of conception increases significantly. In no case should you take a double dose at once. Calculation of the norm of the drug is only a doctor.
  • Age. In girls under 16, the menstrual cycle is still being formed. Any intervention in this process can seriously harm the reproductive function. Postinor's reception is highly undesirable for women after 40 years, since at this age it can cause the onset of menopause.
  • Intolerance. Side effects of the drug are vomiting and diarrhea. These protective reactions of the body are aimed at removing unwanted substances from the body. This directly affects the concentration of Postinor in the blood, with its decrease, conception may occur.

  • Alcohol. He is able to completely reduce to zero the effectiveness of taking emergency contraceptives. A woman must completely abandon its use for the next 7−10 days.
  • Various diseases of the reproductive system. Chronic processes that did not affect menstruation before can manifest themselves in the form of a delay after taking Postinor.

If conception did happen, you should not worry about the state of the fetus. Postinor does not affect the development of the embryo, and there is no need for abortion.

Normal terms

There are permissible and critical delay times. It is worth worrying only if the delay time exceeds the limits of the norm.

The norm is considered to be a period of 2 weeks, as well as menstrual disorders during 3–5 subsequent cycles. If the discharge does not start within 20 days, then this is a direct indication for visiting a gynecologist. If a woman’s cycle is not constant, then the critical period can be up to 30 days.

Next steps

The first and most important thing is a visit to the gynecologist.

He is likely to appoint the following studies:

  • general blood and urine analysis
  • hCG assay,
  • Ultrasound of the uterus and appendages.

In addition, perhaps there will be a need for a comprehensive study of the pelvic organs. The data of all these studies will help the specialist to determine the further course of treatment.

Any attempt at self-treatment can lead to serious consequences: uterine bleeding, endocrine diseases, reduced fertility, or infertility.

The menstrual cycle is one of the main indicators of women's health. Any violations evidence of pathology. Frivolous attitude to the state of your body can affect your future.

To prevent such situations, an annual examination (clinical examination) is necessary: ​​it allows you to detect the onset of diseases and provide the necessary assistance in time.

Acceptance of Postinor is always stressful for the body. It can not be regarded as the only means of preventing conception, and resort to it only in extreme cases, pre-sensibly assessing the risks.

What effect does the drug have?

Postinor and monthly delay

The main working substance in this contraceptive is levonorgestrel. Therefore, the delay in menstruation after taking Postinor is the result of changes in the genitals. These include:

  • Blocking ovulation. At this moment, the mature egg cannot leave the ovary, therefore, there is a delay in menstruation after the postinor,
  • Deceleration of the fertilization process, since the time of arrival of the female cell and the movement of spermatozoids slow down significantly,
  • The embryo cannot be fixed in the uterus, as the properties of the endometrium change, which creates conditions in which the unborn child cannot develop.

Delayed menstruation after taking Postinor

After taking the drug, there is a delay in critical days due to the strong stress of the hormonal background by a high dose of a synthetic agent that was obtained from the outside.

For this reason, many doctors advise taking it no more than once per cycle and repeating it no earlier than six months later in order to avoid a negative effect on the reproduction function.

You should especially carefully monitor your own health and, if possible, take this drug as rarely as possible.

Postinor and delayed menstruation is a normal result after the hormonal shake-up received by the whole body.

Other effects of taking the drug

If you are not serious about these recommendations and often take pills, then in addition to the delay, you may experience severe pain in the abdomen, unexpected intermenstrual bleeding of varying intensity, bowel abnormality, nausea, and many other symptoms. All this in a complex not only will not allow to get a long-awaited pregnancy, when the time comes, but also to face various health problems.

How to use

How to take postinor

Answering the question whether there can be a delay of the monthly period after the postinor - one can say the following: it is directly dependent on strict adherence to the rules of the attached instruction. Take the drug should be in the case of:

  • Sexual intercourse without contraception,
  • If there is a contraceptive rupture,
  • The contraceptive skipping was allowed.

Packaging contains two pills. Therefore, there is an idea what to do next. The first must be taken as soon as possible after sex, but no later than three days, and the second must be drunk 12 hours after the previous one.

To further not worry about the delay, which occurred due to pregnancy, it is necessary to use the tool as soon as possible. If it enters the female body on the first day after contact with the opposite sex, its effectiveness is 95%, and an extension of up to 50 hours reduces the chances of preservation to 58%.

How long is the delay of menstruation after Postinor

No specialist can supply an exact period, for a more detailed result, you need to go through a number of special procedures.

Everything depends on the course of symptoms and their severity.

Be that as it may, if critical days did not arrive within two weeks, it is important to consult a gynecologist in order to promptly identify the cause of rhythm malfunction and begin to correct it.

If the drug is taken in the right way, then for a healthy representative of the fair sex the period should come at the scheduled time. However, the practice says that there are very few such women and often after taking the postinor the delay can be several days, everything depends on the reaction of each girl to his influence.

The body of each woman is individual and it is impossible to talk about all, uniting. A delay of five days is considered normal. If the specified time has passed, and the delay has not ended, then the cause may be a pregnancy, so it is important to do a test. In addition, you can take other tests, such as blood for an indicator of hormones.

When the delay exceeds a month

  • If pregnancy is excluded, then there may be:
  • Different kinds of inflammation gynecological plan. For example, colpitis, vaginitis, endometritis,
  • Pathology of the genitourinary system,
  • Endocrine diseases,
  • An abortive condition that changes hormones, so the uterus starts to work incorrectly, the ovaries and fallopian tubes that prevent critical days from coming in a timely manner. Thereby, they are postponed indefinitely, for this reason after Postinor the delay does not rarely happen.

Useful conclusions

In conclusion, it is especially important to highlight the fact that the use of emergency contraception is a difficult test for the female reproductive system.

To no longer have any questions related to the reception of Postinor, for example, for how long the delay will be delayed and how it will affect the reproduction function, you should think about the need to take this particular drug.

Perhaps it is best to abandon it and find easier and safer ways for you. Of the alternatives, there are a large number of options. Oral contraceptives with a minimum dose of hormones are becoming popular today.

To find the best method of protection for yourself, in order to avoid possible problems, it is necessary to consult with the gynecologist. In certain cases, the doctor asks you to take certain tests in order to eliminate the intolerance of the body and possible contraindications.

Summing up, we can safely say that it is important to carefully monitor your health. In order to prevent the onset of unwanted pregnancy, and in the future not to harm the fetus by taking emergency contraception, it is important not to forget to take contraceptives, or to protect yourself with a condom.

Monthly after Postinor: delay or go right away, what to expect?

How do menstruations change after Postinor, and when is its use justified? What is the purpose of this tool and what is its effectiveness? Such questions often arise among those who are faced with the problems of postponing menstruation. To answer these questions, you need to figure out what this drug is.

Why and when to take Postinor

The drug Postinor is used as a means for emergency contraception. With it, you can prevent unwanted pregnancy, possible after what happened unprotected sexual intercourse.

The effect of the drug after its use in the first half of the cycle makes ovulation and, therefore, further conception is impossible.

Reception Postinor after ovulation occurred, can thus change the endometrium in the uterus, that he can not retain the fertilized egg.

The postinor is not used as a means to perform an abortion, since its main purpose is to prevent pregnancy. Its use at the time of conception is ineffective.

How effective is the reception Postinora, depends on the time interval between the accomplished sexual intercourse and the time of admission. On the first day, the effect of its use reaches a positive result in 95% of cases.

During the second day, its effectiveness decreases to 85%. In the case when Postinor was applied on the third day after the unprotected act, conception is avoided only in 58% of cases.

After 72 hours, as with the pregnancy, the drug Postinor does not apply at all.

When do monthly periods begin after the Postinor?

After Postinor, menstruations are able to go with more profusion than ever. As a rule, this state soon normalizes and the cycle stabilizes. If heavy discharge continues for more than a week, it is better to consult a gynecologist.

If there were no serious problems before, and after taking the drug, the woman did not feel any irregularities, then the menstruation should begin on time. The time of her arrival largely depends on the phase of the cycle that received the postinor drug.

It is not considered a deviation from the cycle of the beginning of menstruation for a day - two earlier or later, but in cases where the menstruation delay after taking Postinor exceeds 5 days, it is necessary to undergo an examination by a gynecologist to exclude the possibility of conception.

After taking monthly went, it means - not pregnant

Even when menstruation started on time, Postinor can cause some problematic situations. They can manifest in the case when at the moment there is no stable and regular cycle, as well as in the case of existing hormonal disorders. There may be severe prolonged bleeding that occurs due to changes in the hormonal level.

It happens that the monthly period begins, immediately ends and passes poorly, with insignificant secretions. In this situation, using the pharmacy test as a pregnancy control does not always show true results.

Therefore, in order to finally make sure that there is no possible fertilization, it is better to analyze for the presence of hCG. This can show more accurate results and verify the negative result or the presence of pregnancy.

The action of the drug Postinor based on the suppression of ovulation, which virtually eliminates the possibility of conception and implantation.

But even though there is a small, but still the likelihood that the use of the drug did not have the expected effect and the egg was able to strengthen in the uterus.

A week later began brown daub

One week after using Postinor, dark spotting may occur, which can last from 1 to 7 days. This is considered a normal reaction and does not require treatment. The manifestation of such signs is evidence of complete purification of the genitals.

Often these spotting discharge into a full menstruation, then their duration increases to two weeks.

Such symptoms should not be ignored only in those cases where they do not end and continue for two weeks or more, and are accompanied by pain and discomfort.

Brown discharge from the use of the drug Postinora able to appear when it is used incorrectly or overdose. You can not re-take the drug in one cycle, as this can cause excessive bleeding, which most often can be stopped only by curettage.

What threatens to heavy discharge after using the drug Postinor

After taking Postinor, other violations of the cycle occur, for example:

  • Severe bleeding due to an increase in the hormone progestogen. As a result, the production of progesterones is suppressed due to their predominance. At this point, there is a rejection of the endometrium in the uterus, accompanied by abundant blood loss. In itself, it does not stop, it will be necessary to take measures for suspension in a hospital setting.
  • The increase in the duration of menstruation due to hormonal disorders. Therefore, in the case of hormonal imbalance, as a rule, this drug is not prescribed.
  • Significant blood loss is often complicated by iron deficiency anemia. In this state, the body is more difficult to perform the necessary functions and restore the hormonal system.

Painful menstruation after the Postinor

Painful periods - dysmenorrhea, are evidence that the woman has a slight disturbance in the function of the ovaries, which previously had little concern for her.

With repeated use of the drug, ovarian function may continue to be disturbed, and painful manifestations will occur during menstruation more and more often.

All this is fraught with serious consequences that do not exclude persistent changes in the hormonal level and even possible infertility. Also, the appearance of dysmenorrhea can be the result of side effects of the drug.

What to do if menstruation does not come

What to do in those cases, if the drug Postinor was used, and the monthly did not begin? Fears are caused by the time lag between sexual contact without protection methods and the use of Postinor.

When this period was longer than three days, it is quite possible that the medicine did not work. Of course, it is possible to cause the monthly Postinor, but only if conception did not occur.

If, however, after fertilization, the egg has managed to penetrate into the uterus and gain a foothold there, then the use of this drug is prohibited.

In order not to be tormented by doubts, it is necessary to check the possibility of pregnancy by using a test for this, or by conducting an analysis on hCG.

As a rule, such a study is mistaken and a reliable result can be obtained already 10–15 days after the expected ovulation.

With a negative result, you can calm down and wait, since the recovery of the menstrual cycle all takes place at different times. Someone menstruation occurs strictly on schedule, and some may start a little earlier or later.

If, after using Postinor, the menstrual periods have not yet begun, and the result is a pregnancy, it is necessary to decide on further actions. If the immediate plans did not include the birth of a child, consult your doctor about ways to terminate the pregnancy. In the early stages it is possible to avoid surgery and resort to using medication.

Studies have confirmed that when after the use of Postinor the menstrual periods did not begin and pregnancy occurred, the fetus does not suffer from the effects of this drug and develops normally. The action of Postinor is directed only at the development of the egg cell and at the state of the uterine mucosa.

In the event that the embryo managed to circumvent all these obstacles and perform implantation in the uterus, then its further development will take place according to all the rules and the child will be born completely healthy.

Therefore, if a woman decides to keep the pregnancy, then she should not be afraid of the outcome of the pregnancy from the initial Postinator.


  • You are worried about sudden abdominal pain.
  • And long, chaotic and painful periods are already pretty tired.
  • You have insufficient endometrium to get pregnant.
  • Highlight brown, green or yellow.
  • And the recommended drugs for some reason are not effective in your case.
  • In addition, constant weakness and ailments have already firmly entered your life.

There is an effective treatment for endometriosis, cysts, fibroids, unstable menstrual cycle and other gynecological diseases.. Follow the link and find out what the chief gynecologist of Russia recommends.

What to do if there is no menstruation after the postinor pill and when to sound the alarm?

Postinor is an extreme method of protection, which can be resorted to after unprotected intercourse to prevent unwanted pregnancy. How to drink the medicine correctly, how many months will come, what to do after you have taken Postinor, and your period after a certain time did not go when the delay in a week can be dangerous, we will tell in this article.

What is Postinor?

The drug Postinor refers to hormonal drugs, which is needed for emergency contraception to go monthly. It consists of a shock dose of hormones (levonorgestrel and others) that prevent the fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus and cause menstruation.

To receive Postinor can distinguish the first 3 days after unprotected sex, to reduce to zero the risk of pregnancy.

For the recommended intake of the drug can be called the case when the condom broke or when other methods of contraception did not work. Since this is a fairly strong drug, you can not use it every day or week.

According to the instructions, it is considered safe to drink the drug once a month and only for girls over 16 years old, when a normal hormonal background has already formed. For the monthly to go and the pregnancy test showed no, it will be enough to follow the instructions.

If a woman drank it with a hormonal failure, then the consequences of the reception may be the most serious - it is better not to risk and say no to such contraceptives.

Monthly after Postinor usually come on time, after a time that is familiar to you. Menstruation depends on whether fertilization has occurred or not, and on the period of taking the pills.

So, if you take them in a day, the risk of pregnancy is only 5%, after two days - 15%, and after 3 days - almost - 50%.

After a later time, it is safe to say that your period will not begin, and the risk of pregnancy will be very high.

Postinor is recommended to drink in the amount of 2 pieces in 12 hours - the first tablet with gestagen stops ovulation and development of the endometrium of the uterus, prevents the egg from attaching to the walls. The second with levonorgestrel also affects the endometrium, reduces the activity of spermatozoa.

When do menstruation occur?

With good health and no problems, the periods start on time, that is, according to your usual schedule, plus a minus a couple of days. When the monthly has not gone and have a deviation from the schedule for a time to a week, then there is no cause for concern.

But when the delay is a week or more, you should visit a doctor or a test for a possible pregnancy.

Also, the time when menstruation began, is dependent on the fact how many days have passed since the moment of taking and what phase of the cycle the drug was taken.

When the delay is small, then you should not be scared: the instructions expressly state that if there are no monthly periods for a short time, then this is not dangerous, since the tablets cause the cycle to fail.

Of course, you can do a test to make sure that you are not pregnant, but it is better to wait for the menstrual period to start. A reason for concern should not be a delay or an early arrival of menstruation for a couple of days.

Keep in mind that the delay next month will not be an exception, as the cycle is knocked down and will move in one direction or another. The delay can be caused by the hormone levonorgestrel, which is taken 4 times more at a time than when it is produced by the body per day.

The same situation can be caused when the monthly periods are premature. A woman who drank pills according to the instructions and on time should not have problems.

After taking Postinor, you can see how a small discharge with blood began, lasting from days to 2 days - the endometrium is rejected. They may repeat several times during the cycle.

To avoid harm to health, follow the instructions: do not drink more pills than indicated there, in order not to undergo hospitalization.

In addition to side effects in the reproductive system, a large number of tablets can be poisoned.

Causes of deviations

If there is a delay of a week, then it will not necessarily be a pregnancy, although most often the reason lies precisely in this. Delay for a week can be caused by problems with hormonal background, instability of the cycle as a whole, diseases of the reproductive system of the infectious nature, or allergies to the drug component.

But one thing needs to be remembered for sure: if the delay exceeds a week, it is better to do a test and donate blood to the hCG level. If the test is negative, and the hormone level is normal, then you should consult a doctor.

If you are sure that there is no pregnancy, because you did a test that showed a negative result, then the following conditions can be called the reasons for the absence of menstruation after taking the pills:

  1. Ovarian dysfunction, which can recover in 2-3 cycles. However, if you continue to torment instability menstruation and after 4-5 cycles, it is better to contact a gynecologist.
  2. Frequent use of the drug can completely deprive the ovaries of work. It is difficult to notice, but if you suspect it is better to visit a doctor to rule out the occurrence of infertility.
  3. Disruption of the production of ovarian hormones and pituitary gland can lead to the fact that fertilization does not occur due to an imbalance in the maturation of the eggs.

If, nevertheless, menstruation began, even if it went later, after some time, then you can be suspicious of other complications caused by the following reasons for Postinor's administration:

Consequences include:

  • Excessive blood loss - the cause for it may be a loading dose of progestogen, which suppresses progesterone and pituitary hormones. When the progestogen is removed from the body, the uterus rejects everything that has accumulated, which intensifies the bleeding when menstruation began. To stop it, consult your doctor, because at home you will not cope with this - the consequences may be the most serious, for example, iron deficiency anemia.
  • Abundant and prolonged periods of menstruation have begun - the initial disorders of the hormonal background or the appearance of those women who, despite the warnings, still took the pills, can be called the cause. If in 3 hours you spend more than 1 pad, then there is a reason for panic - you can visit the gynecologist.
  • Gone bleeding from the uterus.
  • Severe pain, and scanty discharge began when menstruation began.
  • Violation of the cycle due to loss of functionality of the ovaries and pituitary.
  • The brown color of the discharge when they went.

If you did find yourself pregnant, the delay was long, your periods did not go, and the test showed a positive result, then there is no cause for concern. The child will be born without deviations, and the time of gestation will also not be affected.

The postinor has no effect on the embryo, it only prevents the attachment of the egg and helps to start menstruation.

If it is still attached, and the period has not started, then it will not be able to reject it, so the fetus will be safe.

In all suspicious cases, it is worth contacting a gynecologist who will test the whole body and help restore health. Do not neglect treatment, because it affects your ability to have children.

Remember: in order to preserve your health and normal function of childbirth, you should not abuse the intake of these pills, you need to follow the instructions and resort to them only in truly emergency situations.

Delayed monthly post-test negative

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Hello! Tell me, please, is pregnancy possible in my situation: there was menstruation, somewhere 1-2 days after it there was unprotected sex, after it I drank 2 tablets of postinor (first one somewhere about 2 hours after sex, after 12 hours the second ), after that, literally the next jen, menstruation began again (unscheduled) and lasted for 6 days (normal for me). And now the delay is 10 days. Is it from postinor? Is pregnancy possible, given the fact that menstruation after the postinor was (unplanned)? I did 2 pregnancy tests. both showed a negative result. But still nervous. Please answer, because Opportunities to go to the doctor yet. Thank!

Hello! 12th

At 13:00, unprotected sexual intercourse took place (the condom broke) immediately ran into the bath and rinsed well, but only on the next day

25-26h drank postinor at 15h. and then 2nd pill after 12h. as written. There was a current light dizziness. monthly should have come more 10-13 June.

Already a week after reading through different forums that because of this tool it is possible to fail (the instructions say that for 5-7dn.

) but I'm already on the nerves I wanted to ask the most important question, when should I take a test after taking a postinor? (after what time)

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Hello! help me please. On November 5, there was unprotected sexual intercourse, after which I took 2 pills of postinor: I managed one at 12 o'clock after intercourse, the second at 24. There are still no periods. Did two times a test negative. Can I be pregnant. Or delay from postinor?

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I have this situation: My young man has finished in me, for the reason that he really wants children. I'm not ready for them. It was in the morning. The next day I drank postinor.

After a week and a half (12/18/11), in the evening, I began to smear with a light brown viscous substance. A few hours. After menstruation, nothing. I made 2 tests at first, on one - 1 strip, on the second - 1 very clearly visible, the second barely. After she made 5 more tests, and (.) They all didn’t show ANYTHING. no stripes, nothing. extended everything until the new year.

now the chest hurts, and sometimes very sharp boilus in the lower abdomen. as if menstruation should begin, but this has already been going on for two weeks. Those. I understand that I am pregnant? There is no possibility to go to the antenatal clinic for the time being. Girls, tell me, B.

am I, or is it just the negative influence of the postinor? I read that it can very negatively affect the body.

No menstruation for two months. Nauseous. Test showing negative for pregnancy. She took postinor. Before this situation, too, the postinor took no delays. I went to the doctor, prescribed an ultrasound. Very worried don `t know what it is.

Delay after postinora! did 2 pregnancy tests - negative

girls help me figure out, this is the situation, the condom broke, I had to drink a postinor, now there is a delay of 3 weeks already, I did 2 pregnancy tests - negatively, tell me who had a similar situation, how would I make my menstruation come quickly? . Who had delays after postinor and how quickly did the cycle get better?

Good day. tell me who faced this! I was PA Pres, I broke off. I immediately went to the shower. I washed everything, but after a day I drank a postinor and 2 tablets were half an hour late. then after 5-7 days bleeding began. lasted about 5 days as usual periods.

everything was normal tests did showed that there was nothing. but about 5-7 days ago my stomach began to hurt and not down where the appendages were but slightly higher, then the back was t. ***** everything was just like before menstruation, but 2 days ago I began to react strangely.

nipples stand up as if cold but the color of the normal halo of the month should have gone 27.10 but the bleeding went 15.10.

when to wait for menstruation now? or can this bleeding be considered as menstruation? and what is the possibility of pregnancy? I read all these passions that I did not want to live at all. WAITING FOR YOUR RESPONSE.

I have a delay after the second month, and the tests of the negative gynecologist said it is better to wait for my period

Hello. I have this problem. There was sexual intercourse. My husband didn’t finish at me, but just in case they drank a postinor the next day. A few days after that, something like monthly began. It lasted for 3-4 days.

These periods should have come on April 14th. They are still not there. But the ovaries hurt, just like ovulation and there was a white discharge. Now it is bad in the uterus. Is it really a pregnancy? I did a lot of tests, all negative.

Help, I have already exhausted everything.

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girls, help. in April for the first time drank postinor. after 5 days, the discharge of the type of menses began and was very painful. Then the menstruation went as usual. In May, during intercourse, there was a lot of blood. a little later, the menstruation went again as usual. A week after the CD, I had to accept postinor again.

plentiful bleeding began and it lasted for about 2 weeks. I went to the doctor, they said that everything is in order. 3 days after the examination was protected sexual intercourse and the partner did not finish. since then a month has passed and the CD has not ((((for several days the chest and loin are sore like before the CD).

Please help me understand the situation! Thanks in advance.

The critical days began on March 11 and lasted until March 16. On the last day of the month, there was unprotected sex and on March 17 I accepted postinor. After 3 days, bleeding began, lasting 4 days! And already on April 6, my MCH finished in me =))) We wanted it for ourselves, so I don’t worry that I’ll get pregnant. On the side, I thought that tsyks could get off and conception would not happen = (

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And the monthly have been? In general, in any case, the probability of pregnancy is, since he has finished! Since the postinor interrupts the pregnancy, it does not prevent the subsequent fertilization that occurs after taking the pill.

Tell me please!
I took postinor, after 3 days, blood discharge began. lasting 4 days! and after 3 weeks my young man finished in me. What is the probability of pregnancy?

Recommendations for use

Since postinor is a hormonal drug, it is advised to take it only in the most extreme cases, and only for women with a stable menstrual cycle. The instructions for the drug describes such side effects as nausea, headache and diarrhea, as well as menstruation after postinor may be delayed for several days.

However, women's forums are full of negative reviews about bleeding, severe delays, lower abdominal pain and even infertility! For these reasons, the use of a postinor should be a very balanced decision.

Postinor also has a negative effect on the liver, so this drug is contraindicated in women with liver disease.

Menstruation after postinor

The brightest sign that the drug worked - when after the postinor went monthly. In many women, the body reacts instantly, and intermenstrual bleeding occurs.

If the discharge is not abundant, then everything is normal, and the pregnancy has not come, but if the bleeding is unusual for you, this is cause for alarm and an immediate call for a doctor.

Such bleeding can be caused by an overdose and the detrimental effect of postinor on the endometrium of the uterus.

But, despite the strong hormonal stress, many women manage to maintain the constancy of the menstrual cycle, and menstruation after the postinor come on time, without disturbing its cyclicality and consistency.

It is not uncommon to delay menstruation after the postinor, it is considered normal if this delay lasts no more than five days, otherwise it is necessary to do a pregnancy test and pass a blood test for hCG, which will help determine if the pregnancy has occurred.

The effect of postinor on the fetus

If the menstrual period after taking the postinor did not come, the tests showed a positive result, and there is no desire to have an abortion, the woman is primarily concerned about the effect of this drug on the fetus.

According to a number of studies, the negative effect of postinor was not detected.

And if the fetus was able to survive the strong hormonal shake-up that the postinor provokes, then normal development of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child are quite likely.