How often to change the gasket during menstruation?

the most ideal change every 4-6 hours, regardless of filling.

2 times a day.
one pack is enough for 2 months.

Every 2 hours, and when every hour goes badly

as far as filling, 4-5 times a day, this is on the first day, then less often .. and so I need 2 packs

maybe a little off topic. I always buy all-light. but they are only good for the first day. Then I have a lot of them, and every day there are few. is there anything mean?

3-4 prokly-ki per day (in the morning) and + one for the night
Karoch 5 pieces per day.
packs to me enough to crit. days and still small packaging wet napkins leaves

Gaskets should be changed every two hours, regardless of soiling. Ask any gynecologist. If you your female health is expensive.

about the frequency is difficult to say. always different.

But I buy different gaskets. Thick, thin, night, etc. for every occasion
In the most crucial moments combining pads and tampons

all your microbes are in the urogenital system.
This is often a miracle with a gasket that does not change at 5 hours — the stench is incredible.
Go to the gynecologist, smart. He will tell you that the gasket needs to be changed every 4 hours. If yours is flowing like a bucket then every hour you can. Don't generalize here. my critical days allow me to change every 4 hours and at the same time nothing “stinks” there and my health is okay. If you stink everything after 1-2 hours, go check it out, so just in case and tell at the same time that you change the gasket every 2 hours, you laugh with the gynecologist. Vumnye gathered here too .. And the fact that the microflora from frequent change of gaskets deteriorates, you didn’t know about it either? And just the best option is to change it every 4 hours, also as tompon.Gynecologist and encyclopedia for girls to help you!

How can microflora deteriorate due to frequent change of gaskets? ))))) Utter nonsense)))

And the fact that the microflora from the frequent change of gaskets deteriorates, you also did not know about it? And what is the best option to change it every 4 hours, as well as the tampon.

Tampon- once at 4 o'clock, gasket - once at 6 o'clock On any given day, I buy a different number of drops, so I don’t know how much it goes - I now have two packs of tampons and three pads open.

every 4 hours the same. In the morning at lunch and in the evening (sometimes +1 at night) here and consider

because the schedule is

and I change every two hours, wash off after each visit to the toilet, direct water from the shower to the vagina, everything is washed out, you can walk for half a day with a clean lining if you wash up like that.

But what about the night? Every two hours wake up to change?

3-4 times when flowing like a bucket. On ordinary days, 2 pads per day.

every time after using the toilet. in a small way, of course. This is a doctor's recommendation. and on the gaskets somehow I do not save.

Of course, once a day I am not the daughter of a millionaire to spend such big money on gaskets, I usually get around cotton wool and gauze

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