Is it possible to have sex during menstruation? What is the danger and what are the consequences of sex during menstruation

At all times, in many nations and in most religions, a woman whose menstrual bleeding began was considered unclean, she was forbidden to enter the temple, to take part in the sacraments, what to speak of love joys during this period. Instilling over the centuries the thought that this natural process is dirty has made the topic of sex in this period practically taboo. However, according to doctors, everything is not so scary, as it seems to many, so let us turn to the facts and see if sex is acceptable during menstruation.

Ovulation, critical days and another theory

The female reproductive system is designed in such a way that once a month the production of a hormone occurs, under the action of which an egg cell is formed in the ovaries. Usually the formation of the egg occurs at the beginning of the cycle.

During this period, the woman begins to actively produce estrogen - a hormone responsible for the viability of the egg and providing it with nutrients.

Due to the high level of estrogen, the amount of cervical mucus, which is the conductor of spermatozoa, increases, so ovulation begins.

If fertilization does not occur, the hormone level begins to decline, the egg cell ceases to exist, and the mucous layer of the uterus, which has grown to attach it, begins to be rejected and leaves with the egg cell, as menstrual bleeding occurs.

Can I have sex

In modern society, a very complex attitude to the issue of menstruation as a whole has been formed, for years the idea of ​​“uncleanness” of this phenomenon has been cultivated in people's minds, so the idea of ​​sex during menstruation may seem blasphemous to many.

However, new research and surveys suggest that there is no reason for a categorical ban on sex life these days.

Now many doctors, when asked whether it is possible to have sex during menstruation, answer: yes, subject to the safety rules:

  • sex during menstruation can ease the pain that occurs in women during this period. This is due to the release of the hormone of joy - endorphin - during intercourse,
  • contractions of the uterus during orgasm and simultaneous release of oxytocin stimulate the cleansing of organs from secretions, respectively, this can shorten the period of menstruation.

Why not

However, restrictions on sexual management during menstruation still exist:

  • First of all, you should pay attention that during menstruation you can not engage in unprotected sex. Many wonder why doctors recommend using barrier contraception even in this case, because the risk of pregnancy is minimal. However, during menstruation, the external entrance to the cervix opens slightly, and in case of violation of hygiene rules, the infection can penetrate into the uterine cavity and cause inflammation there more likely than during the normal period,
  • It is not necessary to practice sex during menstruation for women, in which they are accompanied by heavy bleeding and severe pain.

Probability of pregnancy

There is an opinion that it is impossible to get pregnant if unprotected sexual intercourse occurred during menstruation, and many couples practice such sex, which is why, however, you should not relax.

Whether or not

The probability of getting pregnant while having sex during menstruation is close to zero.

The fact is that at this time the previously unfertilized egg cell dies and goes along with the secretions, and the formation of a new one has not yet begun, respectively, this period is considered to be conditionally safe.

However, doctors confirm that you should not rely on this method of contraception completely, as there are exceptions.

Reasons for conceiving

Usually, the minimum risk of becoming pregnant during menstruation occurs during the first two days from the start of the discharge, then the probability increases:

  • on average, a woman has a cycle duration of 26-28 days, respectively, ovulation occurs 12-14 days after the start of discharge. However, in some women, the cycle lasts 20-21 days, in this case, ovulation shifts and occurs immediately after the end of the discharge. Since the majority of couples practicing such sex most often have contacts for 3-5 days of menstruation, and the spermatozoa remain active for 5 days, the probability of their meeting with the egg is quite significant,
  • in very rare cases, a woman can have two ovulations within one cycle, which is also fraught with the onset of pregnancy.

Tide of desire, or how to have sex during menstruation

For many couples, the topic of sex during critical days is taboo and is not even discussed. Moreover, according to statistics, women are more likely to be embarrassed and uncomfortable about this than men: they consider the process unpleasant and fear misunderstanding on the part of a partner.

That is why this topic is overgrown with a mass of myths that sometimes contradict human nature.

Psychological attitude

In order for intimacy during menstruation to bring pleasure to both partners, it is very important to relax and tune in psychologically. First of all, it is necessary to discuss in a couple the possibility of sex during this period; everything should be by mutual consent.

If it brings discomfort to one of the partners, it is better to refuse experiments.

Preparation and cleanliness

Perhaps this is the most important point on which to focus.

Like it or not, but during critical days, female sexual health becomes more vulnerable. That is why both partners must follow the rules of hygiene, both before and after sexual intercourse.

In the case of heavy discharge, before sexual intercourse, a woman can syringe for her own comfort. It is necessary to provide for the availability of towels and napkins.

Comfortable poses

There are no special rules and special postures for having sex during menstruation. Each pair can individually determine which poses are most comfortable for both.

As general recommendations, it is advisable to choose positions that provide less deep penetration so as not to provoke an increase in secretions during the act.

Safety regulations

Despite the fact that menstruation is quite a physiological natural process, sex during this period should be as safe as possible:

  • First of all, we are talking about the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and infections, for these purposes it is better to use barrier methods of contraception, which, in addition to protection against diseases, will prevent even a small but existing probability of occurrence of an unwanted pregnancy,
  • in addition, the issue of safety for women's health, which should not be neglected, is put at the forefront.


The ban on sex during critical days is already becoming a relic of the past, even doctors, who used to frighten women with horror stories about the consequences, change their minds.

After all, sexual life is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle of a couple and is considered a pledge of women's and men's health, regardless of the calendar.

So, we looked at the possibility of having sex during your period and found out if you can get pregnant when they go. Modern medicine does not see contraindications to sexual activity during this period, provided that the partners are healthy and this gives them mutual pleasure.

Following certain standards of hygiene, you can enjoy the proximity of a partner, avoiding many dangers:

  • It is advisable to wash with quality using a shower (bath). Particular attention should be paid to the genitals and hands. It is dangerous to resort to syringing, because the vaginal microflora is disturbed, useful substances are destroyed.
  • Discharge during uterine contractions is likely to be very abundant - you need to take this into account. You can close the bed with layers of thick cloth, sheets, towels. A common option is love in the soul.
  • With a shallow introduction of the penis, blood will be released less. Many prefer for this missionary position.
  • It is impossible to practice the combination of anal and vaginal types of sex during this period in order not to transfer the bacteria to the comfortable environment for them - the vagina with blood secretions.
  • Unprotected sex is better to postpone to another time.
  • Artificial lubrication is likely to be superfluous. If you need a lubricant, choose only silicone or water-based. A “water” lubricant is more suitable for condom use.
  • Among the various devices for protection it is worthwhile to dwell on condoms. This is the most hygienic and safe option for menstruation.
  • You can take care of the special conditions of proximity: create a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere by dimming the light, picking up music. All this will positively affect the ability to relax at the time of intimate relationships, to get maximum pleasure from them.
  • Washing with water after an act of love is a must.

Causes of contraindications to intimacy

Sex during menopause does not have many contraindications.

  • too painful periods,
  • the presence of infections
  • fungal diseases,
  • feeling unwell.

Sometimes the main obstacle is the fear of a male partner’s reaction. On one of the social sites published a survey on this topic. Men revealed their positive attitude towards sex during menstruation. It turned out that the intimate contact does not cause a negative contact with the blood.

Is there any benefit from making love during menstruation

Gynecologists note that sex during menstruation is useful for many women. It alleviates some of the menstrual symptoms: pain, weakness, aches in the joints. This effect gives an orgasm. Contractions of the uterus at this point actively push the blood, which affects the duration of menstruation: they can end up a little faster. The volume of discharge will increase.

Why do many women want sex during the cycle

The popular belief that ovulation enhances women's desire for sex, and the onset of menstruation weakens this need. But frank judgments of the ladies, as well as opinion polls, tell a different story. Perhaps this is a new trend influenced by the disappearance of traditional sexual taboos.

Often, hormonal fluctuations exacerbate the sensitivity, excitability, increasing the need for sexual contact. Especially susceptibility is characteristic of the uterus, which rejects the mucous membrane. Blood flow in the pelvic region also affects the reaction of its organs. The peak of pleasure becomes more powerful, longer. For some women, such a moment is achievable precisely during the coming phase of the cycle. And some ladies just easier to reach it during this period.

The presence of a constant kind of "lubrication" in the form of blood can be associated in women with moments of arousal, which also suggests thoughts of intimacy. The very “grease” becomes a plus for those who have problems with its natural formation. Substances and mechanisms that run in the body during copulation are painkillers. Oxytocin, as well as a large amount of endorphin, contribute to the emergence of positive emotions, a feeling of happiness. Movement during intercourse can be considered a exercise that relaxes the muscles, removing menstrual cramps. Collecting these facts, scientists noticed the listed positive manifestations in 75% of women.

Hormonal contraception affects the attitude to sex, to its acceptability at any stage of the cycle. While taking these drugs, the specific psychological and physiological changes that take place in the body almost disappear. Therefore, the mood, sexual needs, the general condition of a woman is always relatively stable.

Consequences of unprotected intercourse

Unprotected sexual intercourse is especially dangerous if you do it on critical days. Bacteria multiply quickly and comfortably in the blood. The risks of transmission are very high at this stage. Uterine inflammations are another consequence of unprotected intercourse. The cervix, which is open at this time, easily releases bacteria from the vagina, which leads to inflammation in the uterus, which is fraught with sterility. A more acidic than usual vaginal environment can stimulate the development of a fungus, which sometimes leads to candidiasis. It is necessary to take care of hygiene, quality protection.

An additional risk factor for menstruation is an intimate relationship with a non-regular partner, so you should make sure that he is feeling well.

For a man, blood is not dangerous if a woman is healthy.

To understand whether you can get pregnant during intercourse, you need to understand the features of ovulation. It takes place in an ideal cycle - in its middle. This is 15 days after the completion of the previous critical days. If ovulation "shifts" for 5–8 days - this is the norm. Therefore, for many women, the period when the possibility of fertilization rises is too close to the period of menstruation. Ovulation is sometimes repeated 2 times in one cycle. Once in the body, sperm cells can survive for more than 5 days, which further increases the possibility of a woman to become pregnant by having sexual intercourse during menstruation without a condom. On critical days, do not stop taking oral medications (if used).

When, after the act, pains in the genital area (near the navel) appear and do not pass, it is worth finding out the reason from a specialist.

All items on the list of negative effects can be crossed out using a condom. Positive aspects of sex during menstruation - a lot. Among them - and the therapeutic effect, and vivid emotions.

Negative side of sex during menstruation

Intimacy during menstruation endangers both partners. Nobody is able to influence the decision of loving people, only they themselves. Risks exist, they must be taken into account.

For a man, the danger lies in the fact that during sexual intercourse, discharge from the vagina with blood can enter his urinary channel. This provokes both simple discomfort and the development of the inflammatory process. Such consequences can be avoided with protected sexual intercourse.

The greatest danger to the woman’s body is that during menstruation the cervix is ​​slightly open, and there is a high probability of infection of the uterus. From the external genital organs can get flora, which is pathogenic for uterine environment.

In unprotected intercourse, the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is high. There is a risk of inflammation of the inner lining of the uterus - endometritis.

Another point - the possibility of throwing blood into the fallopian tubes and the subsequent development of endometriosis. In this disease, the endometrium begins to grow in places not typical for it, which leads to infertility. The course and treatment of pathology is severe.

Unwanted pregnancy is also possible. This happens in women with an irregular menstrual cycle, or when two ovulations occur in one cycle. It is also necessary to remember that spermatozoa do not lose their activity throughout the week.

Sex during menstruation can be triggered pain, an increase in the amount of discharge. Increased menstruation is triggered by the fact that during excitation increases the flow of blood to the genitals. Even if sexual intercourse took place immediately after menstruation, the discharge can resume and go a few more days.

Sex before menstruation has a bad effect on the menstruation itself. Allocations may begin earlier and even with greater intensity.

The positive factors of sex during menstruation

Many partners, having sex in the period of menstruation, get much more benefits for the body than harm. This means that the question “Is it possible to have sex during menstruation,” the answer is “can”.

For a man, sexual intercourse during critical days is a way to get new and vivid impressions.

In a woman, sex during menstruation has a positive effect:

  • reduces pain
  • reduces the symptoms of PMS,
  • reduces the duration of bleeding,
  • gives new pleasant sensations.

Having sex during menstruation, a woman gets a new sensation. The vagina during this period is well moistened and slightly narrowed due to edema. The orgasm is much brighter.

During sex, the uterus is massaged, affecting the process of cleansing it from detached endometrium and blood.

Orgasm also has a positive effect on the body. At this moment, a large amount of endorphins, the hormones of joy, is released into the blood, which helps to reduce irritability and irritability. The positive effect of orgasm lies in the fact that it reduces pain and bloody discharge. During orgasm, the uterus contracts, and vasospasm occurs. This leads to its early cleansing and reduction of edema, respectively, and the removal of pain.

It is important to know! If during menstruation a menstruating woman does not get an orgasm, the pain, discharge, irritability and excitability will increase significantly.

Какие правила нужно соблюдать во время секса при месячных

Половые отношения в то время, когда идут месячные, можно сделать интересными и приятными. Для этого обязательно соблюдать следующие правила:

  • use of barrier contraception
  • personal hygiene,
  • the right choice of the day when you can have sex
  • creative approach to choosing a place for sexual intercourse.

The use of barrier contraceptives - the main rule, compliance with which is necessary. A condom will protect a man from getting blood and infection into the urinary canal.

It is imperative to perform hygienic procedures for both partners before and after sexual contact. This will help reduce the potential risk of infection from the external genitalia.

Directly on the first day of menstruation, and on the second day it is also desirable to cancel sex. Intimacy these days can provoke uterine bleeding. Yes, and aesthetically sexual intercourse with a lot of bleeding will not look very nice. Well suited for this last two days of menstrual bleeding.

It is necessary to think carefully about the choice of a place for sex. Perfect for bath or shower. This diversifies the sexual relationship, and is useful from the hygienic side: you can immediately wash yourself without smearing anything. But if all the same choice will stop on the bed, it is desirable to spread diaper or towel.

During menstruation is contraindicated the following:

  • experiment with poses where deep penetration into the vagina is possible,
  • apply various types of douching,
  • having sex with girls diagnosed with gynecological diseases,
  • resort to anal sex.

Optimal for intimacy during menstruation is the classic pose when a man is on top. So you can well control the depth of penetration, and in addition, in this position the least amount of blood is released. We must not forget that deep and active sex can lead to a serious disease - endometriosis, the treatment of which in most cases requires surgical intervention.

Douching during menstruation, and on ordinary days is undesirable, especially if performed without a doctor's prescription. Antiseptics wash out from the vagina the entire flora, not only pathogenic, but also habitual environment for the vagina. This is a powerful trigger factor for the development of various types of diseases. In addition, the solution can get into the uterus and cause irritation, inflammation, disruption of normal functionality.

Anal sex on critical days is a great danger to a woman’s health. There is a risk of infection with flora from the rectum, in particular, Escherichia coli. It can provoke an inflammatory process that is difficult to treat.

In diseases such as vaginitis, colpitis or other vaginal pathologies of bacterial and fungal etiology, sex during menstruation is prohibited. There is a risk of infection in the uterus, the development of serious complications. Thus, before you decide to have sex on these special days, you need to consult with your doctor.