Is it possible to use hexicon during menstruation?

Many women start to panic when faced with thrush, or other diseases of the female reproductive system. If I do not know what to do, they are interested in whether it is possible to use Hexicon candles during menstruation?

The female body is fragile and does not confront many gynecological problems. Often, during a scheduled visit to a gynecologist, a smear of Candida or a mixed microflora is detected in a smear, the level of leukocytes and ESR is increased in the blood. All these are signs of thrush. There is swelling and inflammation in the vaginal mucosa. Candles Hexicon created specifically for women in order to relieve inflammation, swelling, and other unpleasant symptoms that cause discomfort and inconvenience to women. Candles are not able to be absorbed into the blood, therefore, for local exposure are absolutely harmless and suitable for use during pregnancy, during menstruation, also for prevention.

Why are candles prescribed hexicon?

Thrush in women is manifested in the defeat of the fungus Candida, which can live in the body for a long time without showing itself. But over time, against the background of unstable immunity, it begins to act actively, leading to the defeat of the intestine and vagina.

Candles Hexicon with chlorhexidine digluconate is an excellent antiseptic that can provide invaluable assistance in treating many female infectious ailments that are sexually transmitted: syphilis, trichomonas, gonorrhea, chlamydia. The drug does not lead to the modification of the natural microflora of the vagina, but rather contributes to its restoration, sparingly affects, without leading to side effects.

Many young women sexually active are at risk to get myself any infection and Hexicon come to the rescue in the presence of non-specific vaginitis, primary syphilis, candida, yeast infection, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, ureplazmoz, purulent staphylococcus, inflammatory lesions in the genital tract, caused by microbes .

Hexion promotes rapid healing of erosive wounds and ulcers in the intimate area. In addition, the drug is indispensable for the treatment of genital herpes, other viral and bacterial infections, as well as for the prevention of various sexually transmitted diseases in the case of unprotected sexual intercourse. In order not to get an unpleasant surprise after casual sex, Hexicon in the form of one candle should be promptly introduced into the vagina no later than 2.5 hours after sex.

Thus, it will be possible to avoid syphilis, herpes, genital gonorrhea or trichomoniasis. In addition, the drug is indispensable for use before childbirth or abortion in order to avoid possible complications associated with the manipulation of the surgeon or obstetrician. Candles are applicable after the placement of the intrauterine device in order to avoid the development of cervical erosion, an inflammatory process in the vagina.

Can it be used for menstruation?

Doctors say that it is not advisable to use hexicon candles for periods of menstruation, because menstrual flow prevents the candle from completely dissolving into the vagina, thereby reducing the therapeutic effect. It is better not to use hexicon during menstruation, but to conduct a medical course later, at the end of menstruation. Although it is undesirable to interrupt the course with vaginal suppositories and if so, then you need to bring it to the end.

Women should plan a course of treatment with candles and choose the time so as not to coincide with the arrival of menstruation. Candles hexicon during menstruation is completely harmless and can not harm in any way, even during menstrual period. The main thing is to follow the instructions and use the drug for its intended purpose. The effect of candles when used during the menstrual period will be significantly reduced, but there are no particular obstacles to the use of the drug. If there are doubts about the expediency of using Hexicon, then, of course, it is better to consult with your doctor first.

How to put candles: instructions

Staging candles produced by 1 pc. overnight daily by shallow injection into the vagina. The course of treatment is determined by the doctor, although there are no specific contraindications for the drug except for individual intolerance. Hexion may become less effective if you have sex during the treatment period, so it is best to abstain from treatment for sex.

If there is a need to use the drug in order to avoid infection after unprotected sexual intercourse, it is recommended to put the drug one day before the start of sexual intercourse. Put 1 candle in the vagina, hold up to 3-5 minutes, completely dissolve the composition in order to achieve the maximum effect.

The composition can process the skin on the surface of the pubis, thighs, external parts of the genitals and genitals outside. At the same time try not to go to the toilet for 2 hours. It is best to use candles at night. For the best tolerability of the drug and to achieve a sustainable effect, it is desirable to have intimate hygiene before use, and to introduce the suppository rather deeply and in the “lying” position on the back for convenience. Body temperature will lead to the dissolution of the candle and enveloping the vaginal mucosa. No need to rush to get up, it is better to lie down for 25-30 minutes, so that the candle completely melted and gave its bactericidal effect.

Candles are used 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening. The course of treatment is 7–10 days. If menstruation occurred during this period, then the course can be interrupted, later resumed and conducted completely, taking into account all the recommendations of the doctor. It is undesirable to use hexicon during menstruation due to a significant decrease in its effectiveness. But there are no special contraindications. The drug is sold in pharmacies without a prescription and is completely harmless.

If an intrauterine device is installed, in order to protect against infection, the candle must be administered 5–10 minutes before the start of sexual intercourse. It may cause a feeling of itching and burning, but side signs will talk only about the effect of the drug and soon pass after its cancellation.

Hexicon is an antibacterial agent aimed at the treatment of gonorrhea, thrush, ureaplasmosis, trichomoniasis. Some women are mistaken when trying to eliminate the disease, using different drugs, in particular folk remedies in the complex. As a result, not only the pathogenic, but also the beneficial microflora in the vagina is exterminated. Doctors recommend treating the disease with a single drug, thereby not directing the therapeutic effect in the opposite direction.

It is advisable to use candles hexicon for the period of menstruation, you can ask by contacting your doctor.

Drug characteristics

Hexione is considered an antiseptic. Its medicinal component is Chlorhexidine. The drug can be purchased at the pharmacy in the form of candles or tablets. There is also a solution form.

The drug well reduces the activity of chlamydia, Trichomonas, treponema, Proteus, gonorrhea, ureaplasma and other microorganisms. The medicine can fight viral agents and fungi. The effectiveness of drugs against fungal infections is lower than with viral and bacterial. The drug must be used as part of the general therapy of gynecological diseases.

The drug does not violate the flora in the vagina, does not change the pH of the mucous membrane. With menstruation, Hexicon can be used, but the effect of therapy will be much lower. The drug will not give the desired effect, as it is partially washed away, in contact with blood.

Indications for the appointment of funds:

  • syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis and other diseases,
  • the period after surgical treatment, preparation before surgery,
  • use on the eve of childbirth, abortion (curettage, medical abortion),
  • staging vaginal spiral
  • vaginitis, vulvitis, cervicitis.

In pediatric practice, try to use Hexicon carefully. It can lead to allergies and irritation of the mucous membranes. In pregnant women, the drug is allowed for use. The drug is relatively cheap (250 rubles) in contrast to Poliginaks (450 rubles) and other means.

Hexicone is shown to use 1 candle 2 times per day. Candles are recommended to put in the afternoon or morning, at night. After setting the candle you need to lie down for 10-15 minutes. The treatment will be more effective if one candle is put on overnight. The hexicon lasts longer on the mucous. Course therapy is 7-10 days. If the effect of treatment is weak, the duration of therapy is extended to 20 days.

For the prevention of candles put once a day for 10 days. If a woman was in sexual contact with a man who had a venereal disease, then the candle should be placed in the first 120 minutes after intercourse. In this case, you must immediately go to the gynecologist.

How does Hexicon during menstruation

Can I put candles Hexicon during menstruation? Reviews of doctors on this issue are different. Someone believes that you can not use the drug during menstruation, and some doctors allow the use of medication. According to the instructions, during the monthly use of Hexicon is allowed. The drug reduces its effectiveness, but does not harm the genitals.

When injected into the vagina of Hexicon (with heavy periods), it is partially washed off. The concentration of the active component is significantly lower. The effect of therapy is less.

It is believed that the active component during menstruation is associated with blood molecules. This leads to a change in the pH of the mucous and reduce the therapeutic effect. Blood has an alkaline environment, and the drug is acidic. Alkali always neutralizes the activity of the acid. If there is a need to be treated during menstruation, then it is better to start using the drug when the menstruation is not as strong.

During menstruation, sometimes a more intense burning sensation occurs than without menstruation. Hexicon is also able to partially fall into the uterine cavity, since the cervix is ​​open. This can lead to discomfort in the lower abdomen. Pain in the pelvis due to endometrial irritation, as well as the ingress of pathogens.

Terms of use of the drug for menstrual bleeding

Putting candles Hexicon during menstruation need 1 suppository twice a day. During menstruation, before using the medication, you should wash the crotch thoroughly with menstrual blood and soap, wipe dry with a napkin or towel. After preparation, the woman should lie on her back in bed, enter the candle of Hexicon as deeply as possible. After the introduction of the patient should lie for 30-60 minutes.

The tool can be administered once a day before bedtime. This method is used for prophylaxis, but it is advisable to carry it out during menstruation.

If the patient has severe abdominal pain due to uterine spasms, spasmolytics can be used. These include Ditsetel and its analogues (No-shpa). They will help reduce pain during menstruation, reduce the severity of bleeding.

During menstruation, intestinal motility may increase. The chair becomes more frequent, there are unpleasant feelings. If a woman has these symptoms strongly pronounced, then you can take the drug Trimedat for the relief of strong bowel motility.

If the patient has a pronounced gas formation during menstruation, then the doctor may prescribe Espumizan. It helps to relieve swelling of the intestine, removes gas bubbles from the intestine in a bound or crushed form.

It is better to use Hexicon before menstruation or after them.. The effect of the treatment will be good. The drug does not interfere. Hexion persists on the mucous for a long time, especially if the candle is set for the night. This fact will confirm any gynecologist.

The nature of menstruation after the use of the drug

Hexione is a local antiseptic. It is not capable of changing the nature of the cycle of a woman. Monthly after Hexicon should go the same way as in the previous month. The nature of menstruation should not change (become more abundant or more painful).

The delay in menstruation after Hexicon is usually not associated with its use.. The drug does not have a systemic effect, does not penetrate into the blood. Hormonal effect Hexicon does not have. If there was a delay of menstruation, then you need to go to the gynecologist, find out the reason. The delay may be associated with a violation of the reception of contraceptives, their use without interruption. If contraceptive drugs were not taken at all, there was sexual intercourse, we can assume pregnancy. Violation of the cycle provoke hypothyroidism, estrogen deficiency.

Delay menstruation cause a sharp weight loss and stress. The estrogen concentration is highly dependent on body weight. With poor nutrition, menstruation may stop altogether. Stressful situations and overwork also disrupt the cycle. In a woman, menstruation is delayed or absent. With obesity, hormonal changes also change, which disrupts the flow of menstruation.


Hexicon can be used during menstruation, but this greatly reduces the effect of therapy. Gynecologists in the planned treatment are advised to apply the medicine before or after menstruation. If a woman has an acute infection of the genital organs, the doctor can prescribe Hexicon, regardless of the cycle. Treatment is necessarily carried out in conjunction with general antibiotic therapy or antiviral agents. Do not use the drug yourself, it is better to contact a gynecologist.

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General information about the drug

To maximize the effectiveness of treatment is necessary to know the features of the drug. Its main active ingredient is chlorhexidine digluconate. Differs in strong antiseptic, antibacterial properties.

Algorithm impact Hexicon:

  • affects the cells of microorganisms,
  • has a destructive effect on the microbial wall,
  • as a result of the destruction of the walls, bacteria are dying,
  • gram-positive, gram-negative bacteria are destroyed,
  • quite effective against anaerobic bacteria, sexually transmitted infections,
  • ineffective against viruses, fungi.

The drug is common in the medical field, it is used:

  • for the treatment of body parts before surgery,
  • treatment of oral diseases,
  • therapy of wound infections.

Indications for use

The drug is recommended to be used only as directed by the attending physician, especially during menstruation. The suppository is prescribed as therapeutic, prophylactic measures for:

  • STDs
  • nonspecific colpitis,
  • primary syphilis,
  • thrush
  • gonorrhea
  • trichomoniasis,
  • inflammations of the urogenital system, triggered by microbial association,
  • ureaplasmosis,
  • purulent, thermal lesions of the reproductive organs.

Hexicon can be used to prevent the development of viral diseases, such as genital herpes. Since the drug acts less effectively during the course of menstruation, it is impractical to carry out such disinfection.

Most diseases require constant treatment, so local antiseptics are always used to protect against progression.

Use for menstruation - is it advisable?

Most inflammatory processes are manifested in the form of unpleasant symptoms, cause complications. In such conditions, it is necessary to choose the right drug that accelerates the healing process. Many women wonder whether it is advisable to use Hexicon during menstruation, because usually suppositories can not be used. Experts can not give a definite answer, because:

  • Hexion does not adversely affect the general state of health, subject to the rules indicated on the instructions,
  • candles are believed to lose their effectiveness during menstruation. Therefore, it is recommended to pause therapy
  • other experts claim that there is no reason to refuse to use the medication, no - during menstruation the mucous membrane has no damage,
  • in some cases, the presence of blood in the genital tract reduces the effectiveness of the drug. However, if there are indications for use, it should be used.

To decide whether to use the drug or not, you must consult with your doctor. After a thorough examination, the doctor will be able to recommend the use of the drug or abstention from it.

When it is impossible to apply

In the instructions, it is not indicated whether it is possible to use Hexicon during menstruation. It contains contraindications to use, which must be taken into account:

  • vaginal dermatitis,
  • hypersensitivity to the active substances that make up Hexicon,
  • Before use in children, it is necessary to discuss the rules and the possibility of receiving with your doctor.

All characteristics of the drug belong to any of its forms for local use. The manifestation of side effects is possible only if you ignore the rules of use. If a woman is faced with any negative manifestations, it is necessary to stop the use of the medication, to consult with a specialist.

How to put candles Hexicon

При лечении свечами Гексикон обязательно учитываются индивидуальные особенности пациента, симптоматика, форма медикамента. According to the instructions for use, the drug in the form of a solution is prescribed as preventive measures for the development of STIs:

  1. The drug is used for the first 24 hours after sex without the use of barrier contraception.
  2. The solution is inserted into the vagina to a depth of about 1 cm.
  3. Keep in the vagina for about three minutes.
  4. Treat with a solution the inner thighs, the pubic skin, the outer part of the genitals.
  5. Refrain from urinating for the first two hours.

The presence of existing infections - an indicator for the use of candles instead of a solution. The drug in this form is ideal for prolonged contact with the vaginal mucosa, which leads to greater efficiency. For the introduction of suppositories you need to follow these rules:

  1. You can insert candles after intimate hygiene.
  2. Putting candles need deep into the vagina.
  3. After manipulation you need to lie down without getting up about half an hour.
  4. The suppository will begin to thaw, rendering it bactericidal.
  5. In most cases, the procedure must be carried out twice a day.
  6. The course of therapy depends on the intensity of the disease (7-10 days).
  7. If the doctor considers the use of the drug in the period of menstruation inappropriate, he will stop taking until their termination.

Hexicon can be used during menstruation, but you need to consult with your doctor. Careful inspection will help determine the exact need for the use of a drug.

Operating principle

After examining the pharmaceutical properties of the drug, we can conclude that Hexicon belongs to a number of antibacterial drugs with a strong antiseptic effect. Referring to the chemical formula of the drug, it becomes clear that the main active substance is chlorhexidine digluconate in the amount of 0.008 g per suppository. This component is used everywhere for disinfection, treatment of open wounds and exposure to harmful microorganisms of various strains and is known as Chlorhexidine in liquid form. Gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria of classes can be distinguished from the main protozoa that can be eliminated with the help of this substance:

  • Treponema pallidum,
  • Bacteroides fragilis,
  • Chlamidia spp
  • Ureaplasma spp,
  • Neisseria gonorrhoeae,
  • Gardnerella vaginalis.

It is these microorganisms that, for the most part, entering the internal cavity of the reproductive organs, can trigger the development of infectious diseases of the corresponding etymology.

And also, Hexicon contains polyethylene oxide bases in various dosages. This substance is a suppository base and has no direct effect on microorganisms.

How do these candles cope with infections that enter the genital tract through the genital organs? The principle of action is based on the complete destruction of bacteria.

Getting into the body of a woman through the introduction into the vagina, the drug comes into direct interaction with the protozoa. Chlorhexidine digluconate destroys the microbial wall of the cell and its interior, providing livelihoods, comes out. Such an impact is detrimental to the pathogen.


According to the instructions for use there are a number of physiological features in which the use of this drug is not worth it. This list includes:

  1. The presence of dermatitis in the external genital organs.
  2. Individual intolerance to the active ingredient - chlorhexidine.
  3. Allergic reactions to the basic suppository base.

From clinical studies and articles of practicing gynecologists it is clear that side effects from the use of chlorhexidine-based vaginal suppositories are extremely rare.

If a woman noticed the appearance of unpleasant sensations, burning, itching, or the presence of redness in the region of the labia, it is necessary to immediately complete therapy.

The unpleasant symptoms will go away after a few days after using the suppository.

Is it possible to use Hexicon for monthly candles?

The level of effectiveness of the drug is significantly reduced in the presence of purulent or bloody mucous rejections secreted by the uterus. That is why experts do not recommend starting treatment Hexicon during menstruation. But it is also undesirable to interrupt therapeutic therapy because of the regula.

Experts are unanimous in one thing: vaginal candles Hexicon do not harm the health of a woman, regardless of the phase of the menstrual cycle in which the drug is used.

It is worth noting that this is one of the few means of this form of release, which does not affect the natural pH of the vagina. The fair sex can use candles from chlorhexidine, without fear of dryness, burning, or a strong trial in the crotch area.

Before using this suppository, you need to contact a specialist to identify possible contraindications and designate a course of therapy based on the characteristics of the woman’s menstrual cycle.

What is better than a candle or solution Hexicon during menstruation

The pharmaceutical industry produces Hexicon in several forms:

Many women, getting an appointment with a gynecologist with a delicate problem, ask themselves the question: "Is it possible to use Hexicon candles during menstruation?". Some experts believe that putting Hexicon candles during critical days is not worth it. The main components of the product, simply, will not bring the expected effect.

This opinion is based on the complete absence of the effect of the agent. The suppository, having fallen into the genital tract, will melt, and the active ingredient of the drug will be mixed with the menstrual blood rejected by the uterus. It is not difficult to guess that chlorhexidine will leave the cavity without “meeting” with harmful organisms. That is why in the period of regulation gynecologists recommend using the medicine in the form of a solution.

Hexicon solution is an alternative to candles and is used during critical days.

Apply it according to the following rules:

  1. Hexicon is inserted into the urethra and into the vagina. The dosage is set by the gynecologist individually, based on the history of the disease and the individual characteristics of the patient.
  2. Fluid in the cavity must be “held” for at least 3-4 minutes.
  3. Doctors say that in order to achieve the greatest effect, it is necessary to treat the external skin: the pubis, the inner surface of the thigh, the labia.
  4. Within a few hours after douching, experts recommend to refrain from urinating.
  5. If the procedure was preceded by unprotected sexual intercourse, then after it is best to wait a day, and only then proceed to treatment.

Therapy with candles Hexicon also has its own characteristics associated with the subtleties of their use. Consider the basic steps, following which will ensure maximum results from the use of the drug:

  1. Before starting the procedure it is necessary to wash the perineum.
  2. Suppositories are put exclusively in gloves!
  3. To achieve the maximum effect, it is necessary to insert the suppository as deeply as possible.
  4. To introduce a candle to bedtime. If the course of treatment implies the need to enter Hexicon in the morning and evening, then after the woman has inserted the remedy, she needs to lie down for about 30 minutes.
  5. In most cases, the therapeutic course does not exceed 10 days, but in some situations, burdened with concomitant diseases, it can be extended up to a month.

It is strictly forbidden to combine the therapeutic course with candles Hexicon and drinking alcohol!

Features of the drug

Putting candles should be strictly according to the testimony. The drug is based on chlorhexidine, which has such an effect on the body:

  1. The affected cell of the body begins to contact with the drug.
  2. Microbial wall is destroyed.
  3. All organisms living inside the microbe gradually go outside, so the cell dies.
  4. Destroys both positive and negative microorganisms.
  5. Most effectively affects anaerobic bacteria, as well as the causative agents of various genital infections.

This drug belongs to the antiseptic group. The most widely used in gynecology. Also Chlorhexidine is used as a medicine that is treated with a surgical field. and in dentistry. But today there is no definite answer, is it possible to put candles Hexicon during menstruation.

Indications and contraindications

It is possible to use medications during menstruation, but only as directed. For each of them there are specific indications for use. Candles Hexicon during menstruation can be used for such diseases:

  • prevention and the presence of sexually transmitted diseases,
  • ureaplasmosis,
  • vaginosis
  • inflammation of the genital tract,
  • damage to the genitals.

Often doctors prescribe Hexicon for viral infections, one of which is genital herpes. A course of treatment prescribed for the prevention of complications. But it should be borne in mind that during the period of menstruation, the effectiveness of the drug decreases, so it is not always advisable to use it.

The instructions for the drug does not indicate that candles can not be put on critical days. But do not use this drug in such situations:

  • with contact dermatitis,
  • if you are allergic to chlorhexidine,
  • when there is increased individual sensitivity to the active substance,
  • use candles for girls can only be strictly prescribed by a doctor.

All indications for use and contraindications to it are designed for any form of release of the drug. With proper use of this drug, side effects are almost never noted.

In which cases prescribed Hexicon

Candles Hexicon with monthly can be inserted only by indication.

Diseases for which the use of such suppositories is permitted include:

  • gonorrhea,
  • colpit,
  • preventive measures of contracting sexually transmitted diseases after unprotected sex,
  • trichomoniasis
  • inflammatory processes in the urogenital system,
  • ureaplasmosis,
  • thermal lesions of the reproductive system,
  • thrush.

Is it possible to insert candles Hexicon during menstruation?

The question of whether it is possible to apply Hexicon during monthly periods has ambiguous answers from specialists.

On the one hand, gynecologists argue that the drug will be effective when they go monthly. On the other hand, its use significantly increases the risk of complications.

Hexione refers to antiseptic and antibacterial drugs. Its effect is as follows:

  • after administration, the suppository dissolves quickly and reacts with pathogenic microorganisms,
  • the components that make up the preparation destroy the walls and membranes of the microbes,
  • the agent inhibits the activity of pathogenic bacteria, and also acts to prevent the development of genital tract infections.

You should know that the correct use of the drug can not harm a woman when they are menstruating. However, the menstruation itself can have a negative impact on the effectiveness of the tool.

Features of the use of candles during menstruation

Dosage and dosage of Hexicon is selected individually for each patient, depending on the specific indications. It is desirable to adhere to the following recommendations for the use of suppositories:

  1. It is possible to use the medicine for prophylactic purposes no later than a day after unprotected intimate intimacy. Otherwise, the drug will not have the expected effect.
  2. Before the introduction of the suppository, it is desirable to conduct intimate hygiene and wash hands thoroughly. It is important to perform regardless of whether there is monthly or not.
  3. It is best to use one suppository twice a day.
  4. Candles should be inserted deep into the vagina. After that, you need to lie still for half an hour so that the medicine is completely dissolved.
  5. When using the solution, they should treat the skin of the external genital organs.
  6. Within two hours after the procedure, it is impossible to urinate, as this will reduce the effect of the product to a minimum.
  7. After dissolution, the medicine may leak out, therefore during the period of therapy it is recommended to use daily pads. When menstruation occurs, it is important to use tighter tampons.
  8. Treatment is desirable to extend after the completion of menstruation.

Cons of using candles during menstruation

As noted above, the monthly reduce the therapeutic effect of Hexicon. This happens because of the abundant discharge of blood, which literally washes the medicine out until it starts to act. That is why the treatment that is carried out in such a period is less effective.

The use of funds in the period when menstruation occurs increases the risk of the pathology becoming chronic, since precious time to suppress infection can be irretrievably lost.

Moreover, suppositories are chemically reacted with blood. This can cause a number of unpleasant feelings after the menstrual period is completed.

Contraindications and possible side effects

Candles Hexicon during menstruation have the following prohibitions for use:

  1. Individual intolerance to chlorhexidine or auxiliary components of the drug, which can cause a number of allergic reactions in women.
  2. Increased susceptibility to the remedy.
  3. The presence of large erosions in the vagina.
  4. Abundant periods.
  5. Application for the treatment of minor children.

With caution, the drug is used during pregnancy.

In most cases, the drug is well tolerated and does not provoke deterioration in the condition. Despite this, the use of these suppositories during the period when menstruation is going on may lead to the destruction of most microorganisms and the establishment of an acidic environment in the vagina.

This may cause the following symptoms:

  • vaginal dryness
  • burning,
  • itch
  • skin redness
  • pain during urination.

How to apply gekionon during menstruation

Experts say that at the time of menstruation it is preferable to interrupt the treatment with candles Hexicon, because menstrual flow does not prevent the candle from completely dissolving, therefore the therapeutic effect will be limited and will not reach its goal. In addition, planning the use of candles, be sure to consider the period of menstruation, since the course is better not to interrupt. If there is very little time left before menstruation, it is better to wait with both treatment and unplanned sexual acts. It is better to begin treatment after the end of menstruation. If the treatment has already begun, you will have to finish it after your period.

In other words, during menstruation the drug dramatically loses its effectiveness.

However, you can take care of yourself in advance and carry out prevention with the help of the same candles.

To prevent gynecological diseases, Hexicon candles are used twice a year. A course of treatment, which involves the use of five candles, which are put on one candle at night.

To enter them into the vagina should be deep. Consult with the gynecologist before treatment. Your doctor will help determine if you have an individual intolerance to this drug.

Often sex is an integral part of life, what can you do. However, it is better to refrain from prescribing treatment for sex, since treatment may be ineffective. In addition, there is a chance that you will harm and partner. The drug may cause him an allergic reaction or he may simply become infected. Then begin disassembly. Do you need it?

How do candles work?

The active ingredient of the drug "Hexicon" is chlorhexidine bigluconate - a broad spectrum antiseptic substance. However, acid-resistant forms of bacteria, their spores, fungi and viruses are resistant to it.

This tool can help in the treatment of gynecological diseases and sexually transmitted infections (herpes, syphilis, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea). The advantage of "Hexicon" over other drugs is that it does not change the natural microflora of the vagina and even restores it. Due exclusively to local action, this drug is prescribed to pregnant, lactating mothers and adolescents.

Side effects of the drug are very rare. They manifest themselves in the form of allergic reactions and mild itching, which passes immediately after the abolition of procedures.
As a rule, the interval from the moment of infection with a genital infection to the onset of the development of the disease is approximately 2 hours. Therefore, for the purpose of prophylaxis, it is advisable to use Hexicon candles no later than two hours after contact.

"Hexicon" as a means of contraception

Among the many advantages of the drug is its spermicidal action. To prevent unwanted pregnancy, the drug is introduced into the vagina five minutes before sexual intercourse. It lasts up to four hours. However, with repeated contacts, additional administration of the agent is required. After intercourse, syringing with the use of soap, which destroys the active substance of Hexicon, is undesirable.
Candles "Hexicon" are intended for use in extreme cases. Their constant use for the prevention of unwanted pregnancy is undesirable, it may impair the ability of the vagina to self-cleaning.