Is it possible to finish a girl when she has her period


Modern medicine insists that there are no safe days in the cycle. Is it possible to stop during menstruation in the vagina? Girl? Does the statement of doctors mean that unprotected sexual intercourse during menstruation will lead to pregnancy? Why were women of the past generation sure that they could do it on critical days?

How is the female body

Since ancient times, women are aware of the "dangerous" and "safe" days of the monthly cycle. Women continue to use the natural method of contraception today. However, not all succeed. The result of incorrect calculations and assumptions is an unplanned pregnancy, as a result - numerous abortions. The standard scheme of the menstrual cycle in women of reproductive age is as follows:

  • The first day of menstruation means the end of the previous cycle, the beginning of the next. In the body begins to emerge a new egg. Against hormonal background estrogen dominates.
  • Ovum development occurs within 11–14 days. The stage ends with the release of the egg from the follicle. This period was called ovulation. It lasts about 24 hours. Only under such conditions fertilization is possible. A woman can become pregnant in the middle of a cycle, only for 1–2 days. Ovulation occurs on the 12-16th day of the menstrual cycle. Depending on its duration.

  • After ovulation, the second phase of the monthly cycle begins, which lasts until the onset of menstruation. In the body of a woman undergo significant transformation. A woman cannot become pregnant after ovulation.

At first glance, everything is just calculated. To avoid unwanted pregnancy, it is enough to calculate the day of ovulation in the middle of the cycle. And of course, you can finish during your period. Surprisingly, it is not!

Dangerous and safe days of the menstrual cycle

To determine when you can finish, you should consider not only the features of the female body, but also the male. Spermatozoa in every man are distinguished by their activity and viability. On average, after getting into the female genitals, they live for 3 days. However, strong sperm can not lose the ability to fertilize for 7 days. This means that, being in the genitals of a woman before ovulation, they are guaranteed to fertilize an egg after it leaves the follicle. There are several ways to calculate favorable days for fertilization. But always repelled from the moment of ovulation and the duration of the cycle. If the release of the egg falls on the 12th day of the cycle, then the dangerous days begin on the 5th day, immediately after the menstruation. Plus 3 days of ovulation. Given the fact that it can be delayed for 36 hours. Then the question arises, what if ovulation occurs on day 10 for some reason? It turns out that you can also get pregnant on critical days. And during menstruation can not stop.

Is it possible to stop during menstruation with a stable cycle

The female body is the most mysterious structure. It is impossible to calculate with accuracy what will happen when. One can only guess. If the monthly cycle is stable, it can be assumed that ovulation occurs in its middle. Then, during the period of menstruation, a new egg is only in its infancy. Pregnancy can not be by definition. This is the conclusion reached by physicians in the past and adheres to such an opinion nowadays. At the same time, do not exclude non-standard situations. The female body during the month is affected by various internal and external factors that can change hormonal background. Then the ovulation comes earlier for several days, later or is absent at all. Based on this situation, ovulation can occur on any day of the cycle. Ending during menstruation is also dangerous for those who do not want to get pregnant.

Is it possible to stop in the period of menstruation with an irregular cycle

A deviation of 10 days in one or the other cycle is considered normal. Ovulation should occur on the 12–16th day from the beginning of the new cycle. However, when the balance of hormones is disturbed, the date of release of the egg from the follicle is difficult to calculate. Known facts. When 2 eggs fully developed at once in one cycle. The second ovulation occurred exactly on critical days, which is the most favorable time for conception. Thus, it is possible to stop during menstruation only in the case when a woman is sure that ovulation in the past cycle has ended.

To stop during menstruation or not is an individual decision. Modern doctors clearly made it clear that there are no safe days in the cycle. Women of the last century had them, when ladies had much less duties, nervous experiences, they moved more, ate quality food, did not breathe polluted air. The modern woman’s menstrual cycle is a real mystery for her and the doctors. You can get pregnant even on critical days!

Features of the female body

Every lady knows that a woman's menstrual cycle consists of dangerous and safe days. Unprotected sexual intercourse on safe days is perceived as a natural method of contraception. Due to an incorrect calculation, an unwanted pregnancy occurs, which is terminated by abortion.

To avoid such situations, you should familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of the menstrual period:

  1. The onset of the first critical day indicates the end of the previous period. When menstruation occurs, a new egg is born and the level of estrogen rises.
  2. The egg cell develops over two weeks, and then leaves the follicle. This period is called ovulation and lasts one day. Spermatozoa easily penetrate into the egg, from which the probability of becoming pregnant increases. As a rule, the onset of ovulation occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle.
  3. After the ovulation period is over, the menstrual cycle enters the second phase. A woman's body is undergoing new changes - she has no chance to conceive a child.

The main misconception of girls is that, having calculated the day of ovulation, they are not protected during menstruation.

Dangerous and safe days

In order to accurately determine the days when a man can end up in the vagina, you should be familiar with the features of the male body. Each spermatozoon has its own level of activity, on which the duration of its existence depends. Penetrating into the vagina, the normal spermatozoon lives there for three days. The most active sperm retain the ability to fertilize an egg during the week. They live in the vagina of the girl and expect the onset of ovulation, which provides a positive result from fertilization.

The determination of a favorable day for conception occurs by several methods. If the egg leaves the follicle on the twelfth day of the menstrual cycle, the last critical days are dangerous. Thus, the ovulation period is included in the monthly, which means that the girl can become pregnant.

Is it possible to end in a normal and irregular cycle

The female body is characterized by constant changes. Therefore, it is impossible to accurately calculate the days when a man can stop inside. With a stable menstrual cycle, the girl assumes that ovulation occurs on the twelfth day of the period. This means that during the critical days the egg is formed, and the sperm that enters the vagina is not able to fertilize it.

The female body is influenced by various factors that cause changes in hormone levels. Under such circumstances, ovulation may occur earlier or later than the prescribed period. A favorable day for conception may occur on the first day of menstruation, therefore it is necessary to use a contraceptive method.

An unstable menstrual cycle is not considered a pathology if the deviation does not exceed 10 days. The onset of ovulation occurs two weeks after the start of a new period. If the cause of irregular menstrual periods is hormonal imbalance, then it is impossible to determine the date of ovulation. There is a possibility that during one menstrual period two eggs appeared simultaneously. In this case, the onset of the second ovulation coincides with the critical days.

A man should not stop inside, because this period is considered the most suitable for conceiving a child.

Most women believe that getting an orgasm during menstruation significantly improves one’s health and mood. Doctors recommend to refrain from sexual intercourse at critical days in the event that the girl is not ready for pregnancy.


Love during menstruation is not uncommon. Despite this, most couples prefer to use contraception. Doctors, relying on their experience, argue that there are no safe days in the menstrual cycle. This is due to the fact that the hormonal background of girls is constantly changing under the influence of food, weather, stress and physical exertion. Thus, ovulation occurs unpredictably for the girl herself and often coincides with critical days.


WOMEN'S PLEASURE: Due to the fact that during menstruation to the cells of the female vagina comes blood, it becomes more sensitive and felt. Such a rush of blood allows a woman to feel a man more deeply and thinner, which naturally affects the sharpness of getting the final pleasure.

PHYSIOLOGICAL BENEFIT: In the case of a woman's ability to obtain the climax of her pleasure during menstruation, she has a cleansing after the culmination. After all, it is at this moment (climax) that a woman has spasms that can push out thickened blood from the woman’s genitals and thereby reduce the swelling of the uterus, which helps to reduce pain during menstruation.

SAFETY: If we consider love during menstruation and the chance of getting pregnant at this moment, then such chances are very minimal, although there have been cases in this variant. So the plus is that during menstruation a man can freely end up inside the girl without fear of further pregnancy, although, after all, you should be prepared for this. That is, bodily crimpers become more relaxed, which makes it possible to experience what you may not be experiencing on days of ordinary closeness.

When can a girl get pregnant?

A girl can become pregnant if her reproductive system is ripe for conceiving and carrying a child. In this case, pregnancy occurs only in the case when the follicle leaves the egg cell. This moment is called ovulation.

Normally provided regular 28-day menstrual cyclein which there are no deviations, ovulation usually occurs two weeks after the onset of menstrual bleeding, i.e. somewhere on the fourteenth day of the cycle.

According to scientists, ovule released from the follicle lives on average no more than 48 hours. But this is extremely rare. More often she lives 24 hours.

Caught in the female genital tract sperm can live an average of about 72 hours . In the rarest of cases, this period is extended to 11 days. Conditionally we take 72 hours.

High probability of becoming pregnant in the period from the 8th to the 20th day of the cycle

Overlapping the life of the egg and sperm, it can be argued that favorable days for conceiving a child, i.e. the days when a girl could get pregnant - with the condition of a regular menstrual cycle (a clear 26-day or a clear 28-day), is from the middle of the cycle, plus or minus five to six days from this middle.

Based on this, it can be stated with certainty: if unprotected sexual intercourse takes place these days or a condom breaks when protected, then the probability of pregnancy in this situation is quite high. During this period, the girl could become pregnant and the question becomes urgent: what to do if the girl became pregnant? The answer to it, everyone should give themselves independently.

When is the chance of getting pregnant with unprotected intercourse low?

On all other days. If a sexual intercourse occurred closer to the onset of menstruation, for example, two to three days before menstruation or to their end - on the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh day of the cycle, the lower the probability of pregnancy occurrence. But not 100%. Why is that? Because sometimes it happens that the sperm lives longer or ovulation is shifted to a later or earlier period. Therefore, all calculations are quite conditional.

But a certain rule does exist. It says about the likelihood of pregnancy. Under the condition of a regular menstrual cycle, safe (closer to the end of menstruation) and dangerous days of the cycle (closer to the middle of the cycle) are isolated.

Can a girl get pregnant during her period?

It is almost impossible to become pregnant during menstrual bleeding.

The exception is when ovulation, for whatever reason, happened too early. But this happens very rarely. However, physicians are categorically against sex during menstruation.

This is explained very simply - the likelihood of the development of inflammatory processes in the uterus and endometriosis increases. In order not to harm yourself, you should refrain from sex during menstruation.

Sperm in the vagina - not 100% pregnancy

One more thing. If the sperm got into the vagina, it does not mean that a pregnancy will absolutely come. After all, ovulation in a girl may not occur in every cycle.

In addition, the girl may be some additional factors that contribute to not the occurrence of pregnancy. There may also be permanent causes of infertility or infertility in a particular cycle (for example, a corpus luteum is incompletely formed or a follicle has not matured).

Infertility is an actual problem.

Not all men are able to fertilize, if a man has signs of infertility, pregnancy does not occur.

It is not guaranteed that if one of the dangerous days, for example, the 14th, the sperm got into the vagina, the girl will definitely become pregnant. But the chance is high.

Here we need to remember that there are many infertile couples in the world who for long months can regularly have sex, and pregnancy occurs only at the end of the year.

Natalia Evgenievna Pokhodilova

Psychologist, Kinesiologist Online consultant. Specialist from the website b17.ru

it happens that two ovules mature, then it is possible, it is better to fasten a plaster.

They say in the midst of the impossible, because there is an environment that kills sperm. But in the end, when only smears - easily.

Author, try another immaculate conception. Maybe it will.

want during Well, you never know what you want - there is a question of health. during menstruation, the uterine site is an open wound. I want to go there infection and pile of foreign biomaterial - please. so for that matter, although used preserver.
and I would like to say about it - if someone is addicted to heroin, then I also want more and more. just something tells me, somewhere around there is a cant about the purity of this "I want" ..

You can get pregnant, and it is better not to engage in these days, especially in the first or second.

Can! Vaughn, runs around the house and requires ice cream (my safe day)))))

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Do you think blood comes from the air? There is an open wound, the uterus is open, so it is easier to pick up any infection. A man badly washed pussy before sex and all problems are provided. So it is better not to engage during menstruation.

I became bright during menstruation. I have them long, go 6 days. So here I am somewhere on the 5th became pregnant. Then for two weeks we didn’t have sex at all, I felt sick, I made a test - two strips.

15, you are not on the 5th day became pregnant. That day you had sex, right? And as you know, spermatozoa can live in the cervical canal quietly for several days, waiting for ovulation. You could have it on the 9-10th day. So they waited. During the month to get pregnant can not. But it is very possible when the sperm will wait for their egg, remaining inside.

Also previously engaged during the month. Then he was treated for inflammation, then for erosion.

Sex during menstruation may cause incompatibility in the couple (i.e., it is likely that in the future you will not be able to get pregnant from this man even if you want). Now in all pharmacies kits for determining the day of ovulation are sold. Probably with such a tool it is easier to calculate the "safe days". And during menstruation it is better to limit yourself with a blowjob or just a friendly conversation.

Девушки, а какова вероятность забеременеть где-то через три-четыре дня после окончания месячных? То есть - это еще не овуляция, но месячные уже закончились. Насколько высока? Вопрос дебильный, конечно. А для 22 лет откровенно ужасный, но, мучуюсь сомнениями ( Заранее спасибо за ответы!

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Конечно можно, дурной вопрос! Забеременеть в смысле.

Можно, я тому пример=)

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It is impossible! Sperm lives only 2 days! Yesterday my gynecologist explained to me. Pregnant only during ovulation. Oocytes mature only in the middle of the cycle.

my period is 5 days. on the 5th flew. if everything is in order with health is always possible))

my period is 5 days. on the 5th flew. if everything is in order with health is always possible))

You can get pregnant, and it is better not to engage in these days, especially in the first or second.

whence such information. What exactly is the first 2 days? Share it!

Hello everyone, such a problem, we decided to have sex with a young man the first day after menstruation, and he finished me, my brother's wife claims that this is not possible, because the egg cell is destroyed, and everything will pass, but he ended up in me a small fraction, t. to. then everything turned out to be just between the legs, but he ended up, he used to finish in me only during menstruation, and I did not get pregnant, but now I am very worried, help.

Well, you give, do you have that everything goes so badly?
After all, you can take a shower and everything will be ok, but if you don’t pour out of you, then I sympathize, refrain these days.

during bermenosti 10%

Tell me please!
We had sex with the guy during menstruation! 5 day of menstruation!
without a condom, and he finished in me! and my monthly period is 7 days! and now almost does not go!
Is there any chance of getting pregnant?

Hmmmm u menya vot to4no takoi je vopros .. na svoem opıte provereno, 4to esli na 5-6-7 den (t.e 3 dnya podryad) kon4aet v tebya, to ni4ego ne budet. v posledniy raz kon4il na 10 den posle na4ala mesya4nıh. ne spezialno polu4ilos, ne uderjalsya prosto. uje proshlo 2,5 nedeli s togo dnya, nikakih priznakov beremennosti net .. no 10 den realno opasno. escho po4itala postı, tak voobshe pryamo na 4-5 den mesok mojno zaletet (4to po moemu bred polnıy).

People, tell me pliz. I had sex with a girl after her menstruation on the first day, and finished it, after which she drank the postinnor pill to prevent pregnancy. So, after that, next week she began her monthly periods, then on day 4, we had sex again, what would happen if we ended up in it. There is a chance to get pregnant. Tell me.

Well, you're all fools.

lovely tell me, is it possible to fly into if sex was on the first day of menstruation, but with a rubber band.
and suddenly gum was not high quality.

Girls, tell me ---
What is the probability of getting pregnant during menstruation ??
March 22 did ultrasound - showed a period of seven weeks.
falls on the week - from 8 to 14 February.
And on February 13th I went monthly !! walked about 5-6 days, as far as I remember.
During menstruation (on the 4th day, in my opinion, or towards the end, generally 6-7 days they go to me) I had sex with another sexual partner, not with my husband. I can not say exactly where he had finished and whether he had finished at all. He says he did not finish in me. engaged in sex without a condom.
My husband and I had sex around the 20th, with him we haven’t been protected for 4 months at all.
Tell me, please, what is the probability that the child is not from her husband ??

Please tell me if there could be a pregnancy, if you had sex on the 3rd and 4th day of your period, the duration of the cycle was 25 days, the guy didn’t cum into me, but it could be on the labia.

Hello! Please tell me whether it is possible to come pregnancy, if he finished in me on the first day of menstruation. What is the likelihood of pregnancy?

43. I am a gynecologist, you can sleep well. )))) probability is 0%.

They say in the midst of the impossible, because there is an environment that kills sperm. But in the end, when only smears - easily.

my monthly periods came two weeks earlier, three days passed and they almost dabbled, they finished me, but late in the evening they started again and ended two days later, there is a chance that I am pregnant

I have critical days, or rather run out, a guy has finished with me, I drank about. There is a possibility that I will get pregnant.

Hello! I would like to know. I accept Logest. He drank for 21 days and then took a break as it should be for 7 days, on the 4th and 6th day of interruption there was intercourse, and interrupted in both cases. What is the probability of pregnancy?

my bunny loves me
therefore, I am not pregnant.

the guy finished in me for 2 days of menstruation. can i get pregnant?

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