How deep should a swab be inserted

Each girl sooner or later the question arises how to enter the tampon. And not everyone has someone to consult on this topic. There are many questions that the girl is not able to answer herself. When a girl first appears menstruating, she has a choice: either pads or tampons. With tampons, of course, a little harder, especially when it is first time. It seems to be not so difficult process of introducing a tampon, but there are many questions that I would like to get at least some information.

First of all, an inexperienced girl has no idea how to insert a tampon deeply, and indeed how to introduce it correctly. What if something goes wrong, it either fails there - and you can’t pull it out, or the hymen suddenly gets damaged. These reasons sometimes stop young girls from using this remedy.

So how to enter a tampon?

First you need to buy tampons, good, the choice is now very large. You can buy tampons that have an applicator or not. With the applicator insertion of a tampon is much more convenient.

Tampons may have different absorption capacity. May be less absorbent or super absorbent. This choice is made depending on how rich the selection is.

After the necessary tampons are selected, it is necessary to learn how to enter them.

You need to squat or toilet, spread your legs, take a tampon (taken with your thumb and middle finger) with the rounded side to the vagina.

How to correctly insert a tampon with an applicator?

If the tampon has an applicator, then its front half is inserted into the vagina. Then you should press it with the index finger from above - this is somewhat similar to the mechanism of the syringe. The swab is inserted, and the applicator is removed, the thread is outside.

And not having a applicator swab how to enter?

Such tampons are inserted into the vagina with a rounded end, and then pushed inside the finger until it stops. In this case, the girl must feel resistance. This serves as a signal that the tampon has rested against the cervix. So the whole process was done right.

If, after the tampon was inserted, discomfort is felt, then the tampon is not inserted at the desired depth. It should be located above the pubic bone.

For inexperienced girls, tampons with applicators will seem big and scary. But in reality, this is not the case, since the applicators themselves make up the majority of these funds.

Many girls worry that the tampon will be lost or stuck inside. But these are just fears. Each tampon is equipped with a thread, with which it is easily removed, but in extreme cases it can be reached with your fingers.

The tampon should be in the vagina no more than 4-6 hours, then it must be removed. If during this resistance is felt, then you need to pick up tampons, which have less absorption. After the tampon is removed, a new one must be inserted, but hygiene must be strictly observed.

Now you know how to properly insert a tampon. There is nothing dangerous here. The main thing - to choose exactly what is suitable.

How to use tampons

Terms of use tampons are described in detail in the instructions that come with each package. But not always there is a guide to use, because tampons can be purchased individually.

It does not matter what hygienic means to use - with or without an applicator. Before inserting the tampon, wash your hands thoroughly with an anti-bacterial agent. Next, get it out of the package without removing it from the individual wrapper. In order for the hygiene product to be introduced correctly, you should take a comfortable position and relax. If the girl is tense, the sensations can be painful. You should sit down or stand in such a way that it was easy to reach the vagina. Legs slightly apart, bent at the knees. Now is the time to release the item of hygiene from individual packaging. It is recommended not to touch its surface with your hands.

Tampons with an applicator, as a rule, are packed in a paper wrapper, and the usual ones - in plastic wrap. With your free hand you need to push the entrance to the vagina and put it there. Properly introduced hygiene product should not cause discomfort. A thin cord must remain outside, as it will be needed to remove a used tampon.

How deep should the swab be inserted

This is another question that worries most virgins - how deep should be inserted tampon. It is worth noting that the hymen is quite elastic, so the rules for its use by virgins do not differ.

It is very important that the newly introduced tampon is the smallest in size and its absorption is minimal. Hygiene product should be introduced to a depth of no more than 10 centimeters, deeper will not allow neither the length of the applicator nor the length of the finger.

When using a hygienic object, the discomfort should not be felt, otherwise it is necessary to consult a gynecologist.

If the girl experiences discomfort during use, you can try to change his position by pushing a little deeper. Lost inside the body, he can not. If you can not change his position, it is better to get it and start all over again. During the introduction of the tampon, the girl should not feel pain or discomfort, it should be in the middle part of the vagina, where there are few sensory nerves.

Causes of tampon getting stuck

Many girls are afraid that the foreign object will remain inside, and they will not be able to extract it on their own. The fear is completely justified, since a foreign object is introduced into the body, even if it is intended for such purposes.

The length of the vagina (from the entrance to the cervix) varies from 10 to 13 cm. This is an absolute maximum, a deeper tampon cannot penetrate. To fail the hygienic in the uterus, too, can not, because the diameter of the neck is only 25 mm, and the diameter of a standard tampon is already equal to 1.2 cm

The size of the object is no more than 5 cm, based on this, its edge will be located at a depth of 5–9 cm from the entrance to the vagina. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that with some manufacturers tampons increase in length when absorbed, while others expand in diameter.

The inability to remove the used item of hygiene, as a rule, is caused by several provoking factors:

  • sexual intercourse was performed, during which the tampon and its thread were inside,
  • due to some circumstances, the thread penetrated inside and is not visible,
  • substandard products, in the process of extracting which the thread was torn off,
  • with hypertonicity of the muscles of the pelvis.

If you can not pull out the tampon, and he was stuck in the vagina, you should understand what the girl is dealing with. If the thread does not come off, then it makes sense to try to find it. Perhaps it penetrated shallowly and succeeds in finding its edge.

Hygiene products during menstruation

The means of hygiene during menstruation were always treated carefully and with great interest.

For far times, they tried to invent various means of protection against leakages, but for quite a long time due to the low socio-economic development of countries, as well as various kinds of industries, the choice did not satisfy many women.

In the market for several decades, only gaskets have remained the most popular product, currently such means as tampons, menstrual cups, etc. are also used.

Tampons first appeared on the Russian market in large quantities only at the beginning of the 21st century, but the menstrual cup is one of the latest inventions.

It is a container that is inserted into the vagina and accumulates separated menstrual blood.

Its volume is small, in addition, there are different sizes depending on the woman's vagina. This is necessary so that the cup does not fly out under the force of gravity.

What is a tampon?

Tampons are relatively new and modern means of intimate hygiene and the method of accumulation of menstrual blood.

For the first time they appeared in the twentieth century, in the form that we usually meet on the market today. Even in earlier times, these tools were used to hide the menstrual flow.

Currently, their main function is to adsorb their surface moisture, which comes out of the uterus, preventing its appearance in the vagina.

Modern gynecologists have chosen the ideal form, as well as a suitable composition for the best effect.

The optimal shape is a cylinder. In the upper part, it is slightly narrowed, which provides easier penetration into the cavity of the vagina. Longitudinally, on the surface from the sides there are depressions, which are straightened as they are filled. At the bottom of the center comes a cord, which is necessary for the extraction of the used tampon.

The content itself is a synthetic material with a high degree of adsorption. Depending on the type, it absorbs a different amount of moisture. The fabric is impregnated with a special substance that has an antibacterial substance.

Can teenage girls use tampons?

This question remains quite relevant, and it is associated with a high level of development of the modern generation. There are no contraindications to the use of tampons in adolescent girls.

And in adolescents who are sexually active, tampons can be used, taking into account the available contraindications.

Can tampons be used by virgins?

At present, this is a fairly common question and it is connected with the fact that the number of girls who want to use them in various circumstances is constantly growing.

The opening of the hymen is able to pass through a tampon of small diameter, that is, corresponding to the lowest level of absorption.

But the big problem is the process of removing tampons from virgins:

  • It is during this period that a traumatic impact on the chaff is possible due to the expansion of the tampon due to the absorption of the contents.

  • Also, in some cases, due to its low extensibility, it can be damaged during the normal removal process.
  • Also, girls who do not live sexually should remember that tampons can increase the risk of nonspecific inflammation in the vaginal cavity, which is difficult to cure.

Tampon size

Currently, there are four main sizes of tampons, they differ only in the volume of absorbed blood, which they are ready to absorb.

Among them:

  • Mini. This is the minimum size of a tampon that is designed to absorb a small amount of liquid.
  • Normal These are tampons that are universal in size and are used for moderate discharges, closer to scanty ones.
  • Super and super plusThese are large tampons that are ready to absorb a large amount of menstrual flow.

Types of tampons

There are several types of tampons that are designed for convenience and comfort in use:

  • Tampons with no applicator - This is one of the earliest types, is a compressed contents, which is packaged in a package and after opening it, the surface that is in contact with air enters the vagina. That is why you should carefully consider the measures of hygiene.

  • Tampons with an applicator. These tampons are a complex enclosed to a plastic container having a smooth surface. It not only provides protection from the environment, but also improves the insertion of a tampon into the vaginal cavity, reducing discomfort.

Instructions for use

For the introduction of the tampon is required to follow a few rules:

  • The first is very necessary to pre-prepare the swabbut do not open the protective film.
  • Next, carry out hygiene procedures.For this you can use soap or just pure boiled water of a comfortable temperature. When washing and going on, all procedures are carried out exclusively with clean hands, washed with soap.
  • Next, open the package and take a comfortable positionusually it is standing with a raised leg or lying with legs spread at the knees.
  • Next, gently deeply insert the tampon and check for the presence of a thread in the external genital area.

How to remove a tampon?


  • In order to remove the tampon, you must first wash your hands with hygienic soap.
  • Take a comfortable position, often it is standing with legs slightly apart or squatting.
  • Pull the thread that remains in the external genital area.
  • To make light pulling movements, avoiding sudden pull.

How long can you walk with a tampon?

On average, the duration of the use of a tampon is about 3-4 hours..

A longer period of time is not recommended, even under the condition that the tampon is not completely saturated with the contents.

The downside of most drugs are side effects. Often drugs cause severe intoxication, subsequently causing complications of the kidneys and liver. To prevent the side effects of such drugs, we want to pay attention to special phytoampons. Read more here.


  • For this, doctors recommend picking up

    set them according to the volume of secretions obtained. Most often, the tampon should be replaced as needed, but not more than the period described above.

  • As soon as a woman begins to notice the appearance of discharge in a shorter time, she should buy on the days of more abundant discharge tampons with different absorbency.
  • In addition, long-term use of the tampon is not recommended because of the possible development of an infectious process.associated with the reproduction of bacteria.
  • For any problems associated with the introduction and possible removal It is not recommended to reintroduce it into the vagina, especially if it has been in it for some time.
  • Also, after any contact with surrounding objects, with the exception of hands, it is prohibited to insert a tampon.

Can I swim with tampons?

One indication of the use of tampons is the proper use during swimming or swimming, as well as visiting beaches or tanning beds.

This application has several goals:

  • First of all, it is protection against unwanted blood flow on the surface of clothing, which causes not only discomfort, but also a deterioration in the appearance of clothing.
  • Also, during bathing, bacteria contained in water may enter the cavity of this organ. They cause inflammatory processes, especially on the vulnerable and affected mucosa. As a result, the risk of infection, even non-specific infection is increased several times. In particular, tampons in this case not only absorb blood flowing from the uterus, but also serve as a mechanical obstacle to the entry of unnecessary bacteria.

Contraindications to use

Along with the indisputable advantages of using tampons, there are a number of contraindications to their use. It should be remembered that there are absolute and relative concepts.

The first group includes such pathological manifestations as:

  • Toxic shock syndrome. Pathological process, which is associated with entry into the bloodstream of a woman, bacteria with pathogenic properties. These include Staphylococcus aureus, clostridia and other microorganisms. Therefore, if a woman had previously met with such pathological symptoms in response to the introduction of a tampon, such as a sharp rise in temperature to febrile numbers, dizziness, weakness and impaired coordination. In rare cases, this may be manifested by a decrease in blood pressure and cardiac activity of other critical numbers, then these hygiene products are contraindicated because of the high risk of repeated manifestations.

  • Allergic reaction. A small number of women may experience an allergic reaction to any material that is a component of this type of product. This can be expressed by itching, redness, swelling of the mucous membrane of the vagina, etc.
  • When anomalies of the structure of the genital organs. This is especially true for malformations of the vagina or carrying out reconstructive operations on them. For example, the introduction of a tampon is considered dangerous if there is a history of surgery performed to create an artificial orifice from a rudimentary uterus.
  • Sharply pronounced processes in the vaginal cavity. Women who experience this problem must initially undergo treatment for the inflammatory process. The use of tampons can not only aggravate the development of inflammation, but also contribute to the accumulation and multiplication of the bacterial mass in the tampon, which increases the risk of upward infection with the development of metroendometritis.

Relative contraindications

Relative contraindications include:

  • State of virginity. Although it is not forbidden to use tampons during menstruation until sexual intercourse, it is nevertheless likely that a traumatic injury of the hymen will occur at the moment of pulling out the filled tampon. There is also an increased risk of developing an inflammatory process in the vaginal cavity, which can make it difficult to further select a treatment.
  • Chronic inflammatory processes that are prone to recurrence. So, women who are faced with the problem of frequent discharge from the genital tract, it is not recommended to use this option of hygiene for the period of menstruation.

What best helps with female diseases?

The downside of most drugs, including those described in this article, is side effects. Often, drugs greatly harm the body, subsequently causing complications of the kidneys and liver.

To prevent the side effects of such drugs, we want to draw attention to the special phytoampons BEAUTIFUL LIFE.

In their composition there are natural healing herbs - it gives tremendous effects of cleansing the body and restoring women's health.

Read more about how this drug helped other women read here in our article on phytoampons.

How to find your vaginal opening

Step 1: Take a hand mirror and place it between your legs to see your vulva. Vulva are all parts of the genitals that you can see outside your body. The vagina is what's inside.

Step 2: Spread the labia with your fingers. Do not worry. The vulva and vagina of different women are different in the same way as their faces.

Your vaginal opening may not look open. Think of your vagina as a pocket that can open to fit a tampon. Remember that the vagina can stretch to bear the baby.

Step 3: Use your index finger and insert it into the vaginal opening.

Remember that your vaginal canal is not perpendicular to the floor (straight up and down), but rather parallel (sideways).

Your finger will slip inside your vagina and into the vaginal canal. That is where the tampon should be. The finger should slide easily. You may feel a little strange or uncomfortable, as this may be a new feeling for you, but you shouldn’t be hurt either.

How to insert a tampon

  • Hold the swab so that your index finger is at the base, in the center.
  • Comfortably sit on the toilet with your knees apart or stand up and put your foot on the dais.
  • Insert the tip of the tampon into the vagina. Use your thumb and middle finger to hold and guide the swab while you insert it with your index finger.

Having trouble finding a vaginal opening? This is normal. Take a mirror and look at yourself. Do not worry, it's your body. You can use your finger to feel for the entrance to the vagina. This is the only hole in which you can put your finger, and it is larger than the urethra. It is impossible to accidentally place a tampon in the urethra.

  • Now that the tip of the tampon is inside, gently push it into place with your finger. Press until you stop feeling the tampon. As a rule, for this it is necessary to push through the full length of the finger. Remember that the vaginal canal runs parallel to the ground, that is, sideways, and not straight up or down. That is why a finger should aim at the lower back.

The upper two thirds of the vagina are less sensitive to touch and more sensitive to pressure. This is why many introduction instructions say you need to "insert the tampon so deep that you no longer feel it».

How to insert a tampon correctly?

The description of this process is described in detail in the instructions enclosed in each package of hygienic tampons. But not always the instruction is at hand, because in the pharmacy practice, these products can be sold individually. In addition, a tampon can lend you a friend, if you were not ready for a piquant situation.

Before inserting a tampon (with or without an applicator, it does not matter), you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Then remove the tampon from the packaging without removing the individual wrapper. If you are tense, then the feeling of the introduction can be painful, so you need to relax as much as possible. Sit or stand up so that it is easy to reach the vagina. Legs slightly apart, bent at the knees. Now you can release the tampon from the individual packaging. If possible try not to touch its surface with your hands. Ordinary tampons are packed in plastic wrap, and those with an applicator are packed in paper wrap. Insert the tampon, opening the vagina with your free hand. A properly inserted tampon should not be felt and cause discomfort. Do not forget to leave outside the thin cord that you will need to remove the used tampon.

Now you know how to insert a tampon the first time, so the next time there will be no difficulty. They should be changed as necessary, but not less than six hours later.

How deep should a swab be inserted?

This is another fairly common question that worries, above all, virgins. It is worth noting that the hymen is very elastic, so the procedure how to insert a tampon to a virgin does not differ from the usual one. The only caveat: for the first time, it is better to use the smallest tampons with minimal absorbency. Tampons are introduced to a depth of about 10 centimeters, and neither the length of a finger nor the applicator will allow it.

With or without applicator?

There are no particular differences in tampons with or without an applicator. The hygienic product itself is similar, only the procedure for inserting a tampon with an applicator is slightly different. After washing your hands and adopting a comfortable position, move the applicator apart, taking it by the middle (at the junction of two cardboard parts). Arrange it towards the vagina and enter to the middle. Then push the tampon into the vagina by pressing on the outside of the applicator. If done

right, then you will not feel it. When discomfort procedure should be repeated with a new swab.

Not sure how to insert a tampon without an applicator? Take a tampon in your hand by inserting your index finger into its base (hold with your middle and thumb fingers), and insert it into the depth of your finger. After that, wash your hands.

Remember that at night you can not leave a tampon in the vagina, even if its absorbency is high! For this purpose it is better to use conventional gaskets. If fever, diarrhea, vomiting, muscle pain, weakness, dizziness, inflammation of the eyes or rash, immediately remove the tampon and consult a doctor to avoid toxic shock syndrome!

Yakimenko Elena

Psychologist, child psychologist, gestalt therapist. Specialist from the website b17.ru

Outside, only a thread. You need to insert a tampon deep enough - push it with your finger. If you put in and don't feel it, then you did everything right. A properly inserted tampon should not cause any inconvenience.

author, do not listen to previous commentators. need to insert as long as it does not rest in the throat

Estessno deep, outside, only the thread should remain. otherwise you will feel a tampon .. so it’s not deeply inserted.

author, do not listen to previous commentators. need to insert as long as it does not rest in the throat

Well, I don’t know deeply, probably on cm 4 suna to the top))

and if the thread breaks? how to pick it up?

Related topics

and if the thread breaks? how to pick it up?

and if the thread breaks? how to pick it up?

By the way, the thread passes through the entire tampon, it seems to me that you will not tear it, even if you want ..

No Understand. to forgive.

and if the thread breaks? how to pick it up?

Cat and mouse can pull.

how deep should a swab be inserted

I personally broke the thread 2 times .. horror !!

The main thing is to unpack the plastic. One thought of the shell inserted. Then she went says something uncomfortable. Another forgot to take out before sex, well, I rammed it to her thorough

But I still have a question when even he can not crawl the top?

Cat and mouse can pull.

But I still have a question when even he can not crawl the top?

Well, no, not in the head. just go ahead like i don't know

Well, no, not in the head. just go ahead like i don't know

shorter better to use the slips I understood

Well, no, not in the head. just go ahead like i don't know

shorter better to use the slips I understood

I feel the topic will be released soon in the top forum.

Until the end of the index finger - so I do not feel anything

Until the end of the index finger - so I do not feel anything

shorter better to use the slips I understood

Until the end of the index finger - so I do not feel anything

Well, straight up to the stop? when he doesn’t challenge it?

and what you need to enter with a finger or with the index finger is the size of a tampon.

I'm all exactly afraid, suddenly I will not get it out, all of a sudden I will have to see a doctor, and I am also afraid of them

If you do not use them so miserably, you will earn a nervous breakdown.

But there are tampons with an applicator, but the size of a mini?

Thanks for the tips.

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I still can not find the entrance to the vagina.

Do not worry. Do not forget to relax. If you are nervous and tense, your vagina is also straining, and therefore it will be more difficult for your finger or tampon to slide inside. Sometimes you need several attempts before you feel comfortable and relax.

Remember that “relaxing” means relaxing your finger too. Your finger should slide easily, following the natural angle of your vagina.

If you have problems with slip, try using a lubricant.

Swab Tips

  1. A tampon cannot be worn for more than 8 hours.
  2. You need to choose a tampon with the smallest absorbency required for your monthly strength.
  3. You can write with a tampon inside. Just slide up or sideways the return cord to prevent it getting wet.
  4. In addition to a tampon, wear a pad if you are afraid of a leak.
  5. An eloquent sign that you need to change hygienic means - when you feel a little wet or if you see a small leak on the panties.

Symptoms of toxic shock syndrome

Sometimes the use of tampons can threaten some women with such unpleasantness as toxic shock syndrome. The following is a list of symptoms of toxic shock syndrome, however, only one or two symptoms are possible:

  • sudden fever and fever,
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea,
  • a red rash that looks like a tan on any part of your body,
  • dizziness or feeling of weakness.

If you experience any of these symptoms, remove the tampon immediately and consult a doctor.

The most common question women ask about menstrual cups is “How to insert it? What if I fail? ”The menstrual cup is inserted into the vagina through the vaginal opening. The whole bowl must be inside.

What are tampons

A tampon is a wadded cylindrical shape with a rope stitched in the center for easy removal. Available with different levels of absorbency, marked on the package in the form of drops - the more drops, the greater the absorbency and size of the tampon.

A properly inserted tampon does not feel inside the vagina and does not cause discomfort. Otherwise, you should immediately remove it and insert a new one, otherwise there is a danger of damaging the mucous membrane.

Where to insert and how to properly use tampons, often think young girls who have not yet had sexual contact, because they are afraid to damage the hymen. In fact, if you choose the right amount of money, the tampon is not dangerous.

Pleva has a large elasticity, increasing in critical days. In its center there is a hole with a diameter of 2 cm, increasing during menstruation. The thickness of the tampon for girls (marked with a mini and one drop) does not exceed 1.5 cm, so it will not be able to break virginity if it is not done on purpose. The main thing - to choose the right size, and not to use the first available tampons.

There are tampons with or without an applicator. The applicator is a plastic or cardboard tube in which a tampon is placed and used to insert it into the vagina. If a girl inserts a tampon for the first time, then it is better to use the tool with an applicator, since it is much easier to use a tampon with it. Despite the frightening design of the applicator at first, it is not difficult to use it, but how to insert a tampon with an applicator is described in detail in the instructions for each pack.

How to enter a tampon

How to insert a tampon in order to bring yourself a minimum of discomfort and to achieve its normal location inside?

  • First of all, you need to thoroughly wash your hands so as not to carry the infection, then dry them well.
  • After the hygiene procedures, it is necessary to free the tampon from the individual packaging and take a comfortable posture - usually in a small squat with legs slightly apart or in a position where one leg is slightly higher than the other. At the same time you need to relax as much as possible, otherwise the tense muscles of the vagina just won't let the tampon in.
  • If a tampon without an applicator, then before insertion you need to take it with two fingers, pull the rope and gently insert into the vagina at a slight inclination to the lower back, while pushing it with your index finger deep into. It is not necessary to thrust a tampon too deep - enough finger length. If the tampon is painful to enter or it does not enter at all, it means that the wrong tilt is chosen and the procedure should be repeated anew. There is also a certain percentage of girls who are not suitable for tampons for physiological reasons. If several attempts to insert the tool failed, it is better to consult a gynecologist.
  • When inserting a tampon with an applicator, you need to take it at the junction of the two parts of the tube and inject until the fingers touch the perineum. Then lightly press the bottom of the tube with the fingers of your other hand to push the tampon inward. Everything is ready, it remains only to remove the applicator.

Does it hurt to insert a tampon? Another question often asked by young girls.

A correctly inserted tampon should not cause discomfort or painful sensations - it is not felt at all. Properly located swab is in the second third of the vagina, where the minimum of nerve endings. If the presence of a tampon is palpable, then it is not in its place.

Another reason why young girls and adult women are afraid of tampons is the fear that the string may come off and the tampon will remain inside or be stuck in the vagina.

The rope is stitched through the whole tampon and is its basis on which the layers of cotton are fixed, and it is almost impossible to tear it away. If doubts remain, then before inserting a tampon, you can try to pull the string out of it - this is physically very difficult to do.

Often, girls and women are frightened by the fact that a tampon can get stuck inside. But if you follow the instructions on how to insert a tampon and how to use it, nothing like this will happen. But what to do if a tampon is stuck or the string is still broken? First of all, do not panic - from a vagina a tampon will not go anywhere, either in the ass or in the uterus, since the cervix with a diameter no more than a pencil lead, and does not intersect with the anus.

How to pull out a tampon without a string? To begin with, you can straighten the muscles of the vagina in a squatting position and try to push the tampon out of you. If this manipulation did not help, you must try to get a tampon with your fingers. Owners of long nails are better not to resort to this method - there is a danger of injuring the delicate vaginal mucosa.

If all attempts at self-extraction of the tampon have failed, you should contact your gynecologist - with the help of tools, he will be able to easily remove the stuck hygiene product.

Tampons rules

  • Tampons should be used only during critical days, they are not suitable for daily hygiene.
  • It is not allowed to use two tampons at the same time for better protection against leakages - in this case, you should choose a means of greater absorption or use a pad additionally.
  • Replacing the soaked tampon should be done every 3-4 hours, otherwise there is the likelihood of toxic shock.If you used a tampon more than the allotted time and you have nausea, dizziness, fever or rash, you should immediately consult a doctor.
  • It is not recommended to use tampons during the whole period of menstruation - with frequent use they apply micro-scratches on the walls of the vagina through which infections can enter the body. Experts recommend the use of tampons during heavy bleeding, or when the use of pads is inconvenient - in training, parties or other events where it is important for a woman to feel comfortable and not constrained.
  • Do not forget to take the tampons inside after the end of menstruation and with scanty discharge - if they are too long inside, the hygiene tool creates favorable conditions for the development of pathogens that can provoke inflammation.
  • If for some reason the girl forgot to pull out a tampon and he spent more time than it should, then first of all you need to visit a gynecologist and describe the whole situation. The doctor must take certain tests and prescribe a course of prevention against possible infections. It does not matter how long the tampon remained inside, a day or two weeks. It is impossible to delay the visit to the doctor - many ladies face such a problem, and it is better to prevent the infection than to hurt in silence or self-medicate.
  • If for some reason the tampon fails for the first time, you can contact your mom, older sister, or other adult woman you trust for help. You can also consult a gynecologist for advice - he will help you not only to find the right amount of money, but will also explain in detail how to use the tampon for the first time and how to properly insert it.

Removing a tampon is even easier than inserting - you just need to pull the rope, relax the muscles of the vagina. A fully soaked tampon will slip easily, after which it must be wrapped in toilet paper and thrown into a trash can. Flushing tampons into the toilet is not recommended - they can clog sewer pipes very easily, especially in older homes.

Using a tampon is not particularly difficult, and the necessary skill is gained after 2-3 cycles. Each pack comes with detailed instructions with pictures on how to insert a tampon, so you should not be afraid of this procedure.