Why before the monthly loin hurts

Many women have back pain before menstruation. In frequent cases, this is a normal response of the body to the contraction of the abdominal muscles. Pain receptors trigger, resulting in unpleasant sensations. Aching pain in the abdomen and lower back may appear before menstruation, and sometimes continues after menstruation.

Concept of dysmonorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is a menstrual back pain before menstruation that gives to the lower abdomen. Only after a thorough medical research can reliably establish the cause of such sensations. To identify the disease in the early stages, you should promptly seek the help of a doctor.

The main causes of pain in the lower abdomen and back

There are a number of reasons, based on which you may experience discomfort in the stomach before menstruation. These include:

  • muscle spasms of the pelvis and lower back,
  • inflammatory process of the pelvic organs,
  • hormonal disbalance.

A special role is played by the position of the uterus. If it is located closer to the spine, then at the time of the changes that occur during menstruation, the enlarged uterus acts on the nerve, which is located in the lower abdomen. Discomfort during and after menses occurs for the same reason. The main source of pain in the lower back before menstruation is often an infectious disease or inflammatory process. Dysmenorrhea often develops due to uterine abnormalities or chronic inflammation of the ovaries. In addition, cramps in the lower abdomen appear due to neglected endometriosis or oncological process. With serious hormonal problems often a woman feels discomfort in the lower back. Many people care what relieves back pain? According to doctors, "No-Shpa" is the best and harmless drug.

Opinion gynecologist

To solve the problem, it is not enough to drink an anesthetic drug. You must undergo a medical examination and carry out the treatment prescribed by your doctor. Based on the results of the tests, the gynecologist prescribes medications that effectively eliminate back pain before menstruation.

Female hormones

Before menstruation, the hormonal background of a woman varies greatly. Chronic uterine muscle contraction sometimes resembles labor. If a woman has an increased sensitivity, then the pain during the contraction can be intense. An enlarged thyroid gland negatively affects the hormones of a woman, resulting in:

  • insomnia,
  • weakness,
  • feeling of apathy,
  • pulling pain in lower abdomen.

If progesterone levels are too high, similar symptoms occur. This substance is responsible for the normal and full development of the fetus during pregnancy. Lack of progesterone often causes muscle contraction, which provokes premature labor or miscarriage. For this reason, especially carefully should monitor their health. During pregnancy, you need to be tested and go to the obstetrician-gynecologist.

Water balance

Disorders of water exchange in the female body can provoke the appearance of aching pain in the lower back. If the moisture in large quantities is in the tissues for a long time, then edema appears that puts pressure on the pelvic organs and provokes the appearance of pain before menstruation. In some cases, the cause of pain in the abdomen is overweight. When an excessive amount of fluid accumulates in the body, the spine will experience a heavy load, as a result of which the muscles begin to strain and cause soreness. Many women are interested in how many days before menstrual ICP makes itself felt? Experts say that everything is individual. On average, 3-5 days before the start of critical days.

With the appearance of edema, diuretic preparations should be used. But before using any drug should consult a doctor. If a woman is diagnosed with progesterone deficiency, some doctors recommend drinking sage tincture. You should know that self-medication can greatly harm, because the herb is composed of a large number of hormones.

Is abdominal pain a neurological problem?

Excessive fluid intake can trigger the development of many diseases. Many experts are of the opinion that menstrual pain has nothing to do with women's health, since this is a consequence of neurological pathologies. Kidney disease often provokes unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen and back. In this case, hormonal imbalance is not observed. If the pain does not pass after menstruation, then this indicates that there is a strong inflammatory process. Therefore, you should immediately consult a gynecologist.

Eliminate pain with self-massage

In the event that drugs do not have the proper effect, you can alleviate the suffering by using self-massage. Such relaxing gymnastics will ease the soreness and improve overall well-being. To do this, lie down on your back and bend your legs at the knees. Put your palms under the bottom of your waist, you need to move your knees in different directions for a few minutes. After that you should put your palms under the buttocks and breathe calmly with your stomach. This exercise perfectly saves from back and lower back pain.

Some experts do not recommend to stroke the lower abdomen in case of pain in the abdomen, as this often provokes the appearance of muscle tone.

Painful ovulation

Ovulation is the moment the egg leaves the follicle. Sometimes the rupture of the follicle provokes the appearance of painful sensations in the lower abdomen. In the process of ovulation observed vaginal discharge, similar to egg white. There is a aching pain on the right or left abdomen. Feels like pain at the moment of critical days. If the pain has a systematic nature, you should immediately consult a doctor. Such sensations are often caused by fibromatosis or cyst. It is important to consult a doctor promptly, as the cyst may burst. As a result, the woman gets into intensive care. A cyst is a follicle that did not release an egg cell, but continued to grow actively.

The best painkiller

Perfectly relieves pain syndrome drug "Solpadein." Instructions for the use of effervescent tablets are enclosed in a box, but it is important to know that the duration of the course of treatment and the dose is always determined strictly by the doctor. Experts are of the opinion that "No-Shpa" is the best anesthetic drug, because it rarely causes side effects. The drug perfectly removes pain and relieves muscle spasms. Besides:

  • eliminates signs of inflammation,
  • acts on the pathogenic level
  • fights migraines.

As medical practice shows, severe headaches often occur before menstruation and during periods. Approximate dosage is 2 tablets per day. Analgin pain relieves efficiently and quickly, but tablets are not recommended for systematic use, because the drug often provokes the development of a stomach ulcer.

Functional cyst

A cyst is formed due to excessive growth of follicles that are filled with fluid. In frequent cases, the cyst is not dangerous to health and passes on its own, without taking any drugs. Such a cyst is called functional or temporary. Appears due to hormonal failure and disruption of the ovulation process. A functional cyst does not need to be treated and anesthetized with analginum, since it passes without any treatment. In some cases, there are complications, such as follicle rupture or torsion. Abnormal cyst is not a serious pathology that requires treatment. The most common cause of its occurrence is hormonal failure. Abnormal cysts do not pass within a few months. In this case, the doctor prescribes a medical or surgical method of treatment.

Symptoms of cyst

A functional cyst does not cause severe discomfort to the patient, unlike an abnormal one. When an abnormal cyst appears, there are unpleasant feelings in the form of:

  • aching pain in the abdomen,
  • lower back pain
  • tingling in one of the ovaries.

When one of the symptoms appears, it is important to consult a doctor. This disease is very dangerous for life, since rupture of a cyst can be fatal.

Conclusion gynecologist

Many are interested in why the loin hurts before menstruation? The cause can only be determined by the doctor after the examination. It is forbidden to engage in self-medication, as this may lead to the death of the patient To implement an effective treatment, you should undergo a thorough physical examination. It is mandatory to pass an analysis for bacterial seeding. It is important not to abuse painkillers, as they eliminate the pain for only a few hours.

Systematic admission of antispasmodics disrupts the cardiovascular system. Aspirin, a dangerous drug that can cause a lot of side effects, helps in back pain and lower back pain, so it is necessary to take it in case of emergency. In order to temporarily eliminate the pain you should take "No-Shpu". Women are recommended to undergo a medical examination by a gynecologist at least twice a year. You should know that many diseases at an early stage of development do not cause severe discomfort. No need to take as a basis for treatment instructions on the use of effervescent tablets "Solpadein", since any drug should be taken based on the recommendations of the doctor. The dose and type of drug is determined by the doctor, based on the patient's physiology.

3 other reasons

If the stomach and loin are sore before the menstrual period, the following pathologies can provoke it:

Emotional fatigue greatly affects the part of the brain - the hypothalamus, which controls all the vegetative processes in the body. Exhaustion of the hypothalamus leads to an increased contraction of the uterus and as a result to pain in the abdomen and lower back. If overstrain or stress is eliminated, then with a high probability next month there will be no pain at all or they will become much weaker.

  • Diseases of the urinary system,

Sometimes the pain before the onset of critical days can provoke diseases of the kidneys, bladder, urethra. If a woman's fluid is poorly excreted from the body, then a slight swelling occurs in the internal tissues, which provokes pressure on the nerve endings, causing discomfort. You need to be screened for these diseases.

In the presence of two-horned uterus, often before the menstrual period there are severe pains in the lower back and abdomen.

These diseases will also cause a melon symptom:

  • Spinal hernia, osteochondrosis,

These diseases can cause back pain before menstruation. The enlarged uterus puts pressure on the nerve roots of the spinal cord, causing severe pain in the back, genitals, and abdomen. Pain can be given to the lower limbs and chest.

Uterine fibroids, cysts, and other neoplasms in the pelvic organs prevent the outflow of blood, which leads to an increase in the organs of the reproductive system. Before menstruation, the uterus increases even more, which provokes the appearance of pain in the lumbar region, abdomen.

Since the causes of pain in the abdomen and back before menstruation are many, they can be both natural, physiological, and pathological, it is not recommended to try to get rid of them on your own. It is better to check with the doctor and when he confirms that there is nothing terrible, you can take the recommended painkillers.

Treatment of back pain before menstruation

Pain caused by natural causes or pathology. But if your lower back hurts before the menstrual period, then you should not stuff yourself with antispasmodics, it is better to consult with the gynecologist, who will not only identify the cause of the pain, but also prescribe treatment or prescribe drugs that eliminate pain in the lower back.

During the visit to the doctor to determine the cause of pain in the abdomen and back before menstruation a specialist conducts the following activities:

  • asks the patient about the nature of the pain, their intensity, regularity of appearance,
  • collects family history to identify the facts of this kind of uncomfortable sensations from immediate relatives in the female line,
  • conducts a gynecological examination, during which smears are taken on the flora, genital infections,
  • if necessary, appoint an ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity and analysis of hormones.

After finding out the cause of pain in the back and abdomen before the onset of critical, either treatment is prescribed in accordance with the identified pathology, or recommendations are given to reduce pain, if health is normal.

If pains are not associated with diseases, it will help to eliminate them:

According to statistics, most painkillers women take it during the period of critical days. It is not surprising, because the pains are so strong that I want to climb on the wall. The use of analgesics (Nise, Pentalgin, Analgin) or antispasmodics (Spazmalgon) helps.

Some women are helped by the effects of heat on the area of ​​pain from the side of the abdomen or back. Sometimes warming pain relieves even better pills. Heat contributes to relieving muscle spasm and relaxation. A special thermoplaster can be obtained from the pharmacy, which is attached to the stomach or lumbar region. After half an hour you can feel a significant relief. This effect has a hot water bottle with warm water, a hot bath or shower. All these procedures contribute to the elimination of pain in the back and abdomen.

Fingers need to massage the lower abdomen and lower back in a clockwise direction. This simple procedure relaxes spasmodic muscles well and helps reduce pain.

To reduce premenstrual pain, some women need only enrich their diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, dairy products and limit the consumption of harmful foods (fatty, fried, smoked, canned).

Qigong or yoga breathing exercises help relax muscles and eliminate pain.

Many plants well help to calm down, relax, relieve pain. Only you should choose a tea or herbal collection without caffeine, as it contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels and increases the pain. The best are the fees, which include ginger, raspberry, chamomile.

Light physical exertion

When the loin is severely sore, the pain is facilitated by simple physical exercises for stretching, yoga, and Pilates. It is better to engage them with pleasant music. The healing effect is achieved as a result of the release of the hormones of happiness - endorphins, which are natural painkillers.

IMPORTANT! You can not perform exercises associated with strong tension of the muscles of the back, abdominals, weight lifting. This provokes increased pain and can seriously harm health..

The following exercises are recommended:

Take a starting position lying on his stomach, putting his fists under his bones with his fingers down. Connect the feet together, gently, gently lift the legs joined together as much as possible. In this position, linger for 20-30 seconds, slowly inhaling and exhaling, using the belly. Gently return to the starting position and take a break.

Roll onto your back, gently bend your knees and pull them up to your chest. Put your palms under your lower back and start slowly swinging your knees for 12 minutes. Lower the legs and rest. Exercise to perform twice.

Lying on your back count the distance of 4 fingers down from the navel and 2 fingers to the side. Slightly squeeze this area, breathing deeply and quietly for 3 minutes.

Prevention of back pain before menstruation

If premenstrual pains in the abdomen and lower back are disturbed monthly, it is necessary to take preventive measures. They are rather simple, but they will help to transfer this stressful period for the female body easier.

For this you need:

  • to mark the first and last days of menstruation in the calendar in order to know general information about your cycle, its duration and the next time prepare for the upcoming painful sensations,
  • a couple of weeks before the arrival of critical days, start taking herbal preparations with a calming, relaxing action,
  • drink more warm water to improve metabolic processes,
  • exercise regularly, especially focusing on exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, back and legs,
  • Enrich your diet with plenty of greens, lactic acid products.

Mild pain in the lumbar region and abdomen before and during critical days is quite normal from the point of view of female physiology. Матка готовится либо принять оплодотворенное яйцо, либо отторгнуть внутреннюю выстилку – эндометрий, после чего наступят критические дни.Women by the age of 18–20 already know quite well the behavior of their bodies before the onset of menstruation, therefore they easily determine the nature of the painful symptoms associated with the approaching critical days. If the pains become stronger, longer, have a new, unusual character, then such signals cannot be ignored, you should consult with a specialist to avoid serious health problems.