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Women know for sure that they are not satisfied with their appearance before menstruation. Skin deteriorates, complexion, acne, acne appears. After menstruation, everything goes by itself. And after 2 weeks it is repeated again. What happens in the body all this time. Where does this pattern come from? Is it possible to avoid acne on the delicate skin of the face on the eve of menstruation?

The true causes of acne before menstruation

All processes in the female body occur under the influence of hormones. Each month the reproductive system goes through several stages of development. Having reached the end, he returns to where he came from. This is a monthly cycle, which is divided into 3 periods. In each of them there are significant hormonal changes that affect the condition of the skin, the woman’s well-being, appearance and much more.

  1. Follicular phase. Characterized by active reproduction of the hormone estrogen. It reduces the rate of sebum formation, promotes the production of hyaluronic acid. For this reason, the skin after menstruation becomes smooth, clean. A woman admires her appearance, rejoices in the absence of acne.
  2. Ovulatory phase. 2-3 days in the middle of the cycle. At this time, the estrogen surrenders, giving way to progesterone. A sharp increase in one hormone, a parallel decrease in another, affects the overall condition of the body. In women with low immunity, acne begins to appear during this period.
  3. Luteal phase. It is characterized by a constant increase in progesterone levels. It will decrease immediately before the monthly. Progesterone increases sebum production, increases the body's susceptibility to external, internal factors. Increases sensitivity to allergens.

Thus, the main cause of acne before menstruation is elevated levels of progesterone. The higher the rate, the worse the condition of the skin. There are not only acne, but also acne.

Factors affecting the appearance of acne before menstruation

To explain the problem of hormonal imbalance is easy. Such transformations occur every month in the body of any woman. But not all suffer from acne, acne on the face before menstruation. Contribute to this external, internal factors.

  1. Weak immunity. The reduced protective function of the body of a woman makes it possible for pathogenic microorganisms to develop. The number of bacteria on the skin on the eve of menstruation increases.
  2. Hormonal drugs. While taking these drugs, hormones are rearranged. The skin acne appears to respond to such changes in the first place.
  3. Nervous system stress, stress. The central nervous system is responsible for all processes in the monthly cycle. Its unstable condition affects the production of hormones. After a severe "nervous" week, acne and acne appear on the face. Especially if this period coincided with the second phase of the monthly cycle.
  4. Disease of the digestive tract. The reason is due to the accumulation of pathogens on the intestinal walls. The situation is reflected on the skin by the appearance of acne. Before menstruation, the woman's body becomes overly sensitive. Any food that is classified as "harmful" provokes problems with the gastrointestinal tract and the appearance of acne.
  5. Bad climate. Excessive moisture or dry air affects the skin's water balance. Metabolism slows down at the cellular level.
  6. Territory of residence. Applies to cities with a large number of vehicles, factories, areas with high dustiness. Dust particles are deposited on the skin of the face, mixed with skin fat, clog pores. As a result, the skin responds to this all with the appearance of acne. The situation is complicated in the period before the month.
  7. Working conditions. It is easy to see that her appearance depends on the profession of a woman. Under working conditions with high humidity, high air temperature, there are acne and acne on the face. They are especially noticeable before menstruation.
  8. Low quality cosmetics. Cosmetics, which include a large number of chemical compounds, adversely affect the condition of the skin as a whole. Constant application leads to clogged pores. Since the skin is most sensitive before menstruation, at this time the appearance of acne is maximum.
  9. Alcohol Abuse. Alcohol refers to bad habits for a reason. People are so used to this expression that they miss it. And health problems, appearance does not associate with it. For the female body the influence of alcohol is especially dangerous. The very next day after a noisy party on the face appear big red acne. And in the period before menstruation, a whole rash may occur.
  10. Malnutrition. Food directly affects the condition of the skin. The use of chips, crackers, convenience foods, fatty, spicy, salty foods is associated with the appearance of acne. The same result from the use of sweets, carbonated drinks, coffee.

Squeezing and acne on the face contributes to the extrusion and non-compliance with the rules of hygiene. In addition, drugs on the face provoke acne on the face, first of all, antibiotics, diseases with high body temperature. Such causes of rash on the eve of menstruation are of short duration. In the next cycle, they probably will not.

Ways to prevent acne, blackheads on the eve of menstruation

A woman can reduce the impact of almost all factors. If it comes to serious skin diseases. If the situation is critical, you will have to change your place of residence, change your profession. All other measures to combat acne and acne during and on the eve of menstruation are not so drastic.

  • Abandon hormonal contraceptives. Do not do this sharply. As the risk of hormonal failure is possible. Acne appears more than before. May be abundant menstruation. A woman needs to finish the pills to the end, not to start a new package. Consultation with a specialist is required.
  • Pay attention to food. Make the right diet, stick to it at least 2 weeks before the expected monthly. In this case, the amount of fluid in the body of a woman will decrease, the load on the digestive system will decrease. Menstruation will not be so critical for the appearance of the face.
  • Strengthen immunity. The task is not easy, but you have to make maximum efforts. Immunity strengthens vitamins, minerals, hardening, water treatments, fresh air, proper rest.
  • The nervous system can be calmed with herbal preparations. For example, valerian, motherwort. Try to avoid unpleasant situations, mental overwork. You can listen to pleasant music, carry out therapy with aromatic oils, meditate, draw.
  • It is necessary to give preference to natural cosmetics. In general, the smaller its face, the better for the skin. To arrange fasting days for the skin. For example, on weekends, do not make up at all, do not use cream Instead of the usual cosmetics use folk remedies. For example, make a face mask from honey, kefir, eggs.

If preventive control measures do not help, then the reason should be sought in conjunction with experts. It is necessary to take into account the age of the woman. The occurrence of acne lesions in adolescents is a common occurrence. In women from 20 to 45 years, acne appears rarely on the face. During the period of menopause, the situation may recur.

Why do acne appear on my face before menstruation?

The appearance of a rash before menstruation is directly related to the biological cycle that occurs in a woman's body. And during this cycle, various kinds of hormonal changes occur. It is for this reason that such changes may occur before menstruation, and end at the end of critical days.

The reason for all this is that the menstruation cycle includes several major phases. With the onset of each new phase, hormonal changes in the body change.

Phases of the menstrual cycle

Table. Development of the menstruation cycle

In addition, the described problem may occur due to the high synthesis of androgens, contributing to the expansion of the sebaceous glands around the 18th or 19th day of the cycle, and the growth of propionic bacteria living on the skin.

Acne (acne) caused by propionibacteria

About other causes of rash

Causes of rash

Other reasons for such an unpleasant phenomenon include:

  • hormonal disorders in adolescence,
  • endocrine diseases
  • hormonal medications,
  • the growth of the stratum corneum,
  • excessive enthusiasm for water procedures
  • fat metabolism,

Increased oily skin

Acne on the face of skin type

Note! In most cases, a rash before menstruation occurs on the face, but can also be observed on the chest, back, or buttocks. Chin acne before menstruation is also a common reaction. Such a rash immediately indicates two diseases - the sebaceous glands and follicles. As a result, the pores are clogged with dead cells and fat, which is the cause of the formation of red painful acne.

As you can see, a lot of reasons. But many may be interested: why, with the permanent presence of one of the problems mentioned above, a rash often occurs just before critical days? After all, it certainly should occur constantly, regardless of the cyclic phase. To answer this question, you need to again recall the hormones. The time interval 10-14 days before the onset of menstruation is most favorable for the emergence of a new rash, and therefore acne appears in the second half of the cycle. This can occur even in those cases when - if we compare, say, from the previous week, no new factors have been added.

How to prevent rashes?

As you know, any disease is much easier to prevent than to cure. Therefore, we understand what preventive measures can be taken to avoid the appearance of acne before menstruation.

Table. Prevention of rash

Causes of Acne

The balance of hormones is very significant for the female body. Skin problems are a kind of signal about the violation of this balance. The menstrual cycle consists of the follicular, ovulatory and luteal phases, in each of which there is a change in the ratio of different hormones. In the 1st phase, estrogens prevail, reducing the activity of the sebaceous glands, strengthening and moisturizing the skin. In the second half of the cycle, when ovulation ends, the production of progesterone and androgens increases. Under the influence of these hormones, among other things, the production of sebum is stimulated. Pimples before menstruation usually appear during this period.

Before menstrual acne can be covered not only the face, but also different parts of the body. There are acne on the back, in the area of ​​the buttocks and chest. Acne on the chin is most often marked on the face before menstruation.

Also, acne and red, inflamed rashes often cover the forehead. However, not every woman is faced with this trouble. Usually other adverse factors join the effects of hormones, which become one of the causes of acne before menstruation.

Risk factors

The appearance of acne before menstruation is considered a variant of the norm, but there may be other factors that provoke their occurrence:

  • hormonal changes associated with puberty,
  • taking drugs containing hormones
  • impact of stress
  • lipid metabolism,
  • endocrine system diseases
  • low quality of used cosmetics and skin care products,
  • pathology of the digestive tract,
  • constant squeezing of acne,
  • poorly balanced nutrition
  • smoking, drinking alcohol,
  • reduced immune defense
  • adverse climatic conditions.

Why do acne appear before menstruation? Sometimes it is not only a temporary imbalance of hormones. In some cases, acne before menstruation can only be a symptom of problems in the body.

Diet change

To avoid acne and rashes, reduce the consumption of sweet, spicy, fried, smoked, salty foods, as well as rich flour products. Include in your menu fermented milk products that help optimize metabolism, fresh fruits and vegetables. Refuse from sweet sparkling water, strong tea and coffee, replace these drinks with fruit drinks, compotes, clean water. Animal fats should be replaced by more useful and easily digestible vegetable fats.

Increase body resistance

Strengthening your immune system, you can not only overcome acne, but also improve your body by an order of magnitude. Daily walks, cycling, swimming, taking additional vitamin preparations, which can be advised by a specialist, will help you improve overall health and cope with the problem of acne during menstruation.

Proper skin care

You should not abuse the washing - excessively overdrying the skin, you risk to see further acne on the forehead, chin, cheeks. In winter, it is enough to wash twice a day, in summer you can additionally wipe the face with a lotion well-chosen for skin type. With a fat and mixed type, you should regularly use special scrubs, masks, peels to keep the pores clean, and dead skin cells removed from the skin. All care products must be appropriate for age and skin type.

Methods for getting rid of acne

How to get rid of unpleasant rash? Before taking drastic measures, you should find out why during your period menstrual pimples appear specifically for you. The way that has proved effective for your friends, will not always be effective in your case. The doctor may recommend the most suitable options for you to combat acne on the face before menstruation.

Ways to get rid of acne at home

If you notice acne, how to prevent the growth of their number and cope with the existing ones? At home, you can use the following methods:

  • cautery salicylic acid
  • grease salicylic zinc ointment
  • use of infusion of calendula as an antiseptic,
  • lubrication with hydrogen peroxide or iodine solution,
  • wiping the inflamed skin with a tonic or lotion based on medicinal plants,
  • rubbing the skin with a decoction of chamomile, aloe juice,
  • the use of pharmaceuticals to combat acne ("Baziron", "Klerasil", "Zenerit", "Metrogil").

In order to avoid infection, never squeeze acne.. To maintain the health of the gastrointestinal tract, on which the condition of your skin directly depends, experts advise you to take drugs that cleanse the body and saturate it with beneficial microflora. These include Laktofiltrum, Bifidumbacterin and others.

If a single eel can be simply treated with an antiseptic solution, then for larger rashes, you should still consult with such experts as a therapist, gynecologist, endocrinologist and dermatologist. It is in their competence that there are violations in the body, due to which acne can occur before menstruation.

In the absence of metabolic disorders and other pathologies, acne after menstruation, if not touched and pressed, tend to disappear on their own. Usually by the day the menstrual period ends, the rash becomes almost imperceptible. However, if you want to deal with this problem completely, you should undergo a medical examination and get expert advice.

Why is acne related to menstruation?

Fluctuations of the hormonal background in a woman's body occur cyclically for about 28 days. During this period, acne may appear during menstruation, before and after this phase of the cycle. The reasons are associated with the influence of those or other hormones. Estrogen has a predominant effect on the body in the first half of the cycle. Testosterone, the content of which in the female body is insignificant, does not show activity in the first two weeks out of four.

In the middle of the cycle, progesterone begins to be intensively produced, stimulating the activity of the sebaceous glands. They emit more oily secretion, the skin becomes softer, smoother. But why before the menstruation appear acne on the face, reducing the attractiveness of the fair sex? When the level of female sex hormones changes, the role of testosterone and other steroids increases.