Basal temperature before menstruation in the evenings

Approximately a week before menstruation, a woman begins to feel discomfort. Acutely reacts to changes in the body's nervous system, and later there is pain in the abdomen. Of particular concern is the situation when everything goes wrong. Frightening fever. For some women, this is quite normal. Immediately after the onset of menstruation, it drops to 36.6. When is it worth sounding the alarm, and why does the temperature rise before menstruation?

Reason for high temperature

It should be noted that not every woman measures body temperature before menstruation. Measuring it once, and finding that it is above 37 degrees Celsius, panic begins. You need to pull yourself together and analyze the situation. Is there anything else unusual? If there is pain in the abdomen, discomfort, itching, burning, and so on. If all this is not there, and only general malaise is present, then this is a normal reaction of the body.

Approximately a week before menstruation, the level of the sex hormone in the body, progesterone, rises. It entails an increase in the rate slightly above 37 degrees Celsius. With the onset of menstruation, the hormone level drops, the temperature returns to normal. This situation happens once or all the time. Depends on the individual characteristics of the woman's body. Typically, such a reaction occurs in hypersensitive individuals on the background of additional factors, such as stress, severe physical, emotional stress. In order to trace the regularity and get to know your own organism better, it is necessary to measure the temperature constantly before menstruation. A lot of time the process does not take - 3-5 minutes a day. Analysis of the picture within 6 months will be able to give an answer - this is the norm, or not, to track the reaction in general.

Presence of disease

The second reason for the increase in temperature before menstruation is pathological processes in the body and disease. The temperature rises to either 37 degrees or 38 degrees. In the second case, you must immediately call a doctor, or go to an appointment with a gynecologist. High temperature occurs due to the inflammatory process caused by:

  • Inflammation of the appendages (adnexitis) - a characteristic feature is aching pain in the lower abdomen, in the area of ​​the ovaries. There is painful urination. The temperature rises sharply to high levels. Sometimes, against the background of weakness, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea. Temperature rise before menstruation begins in 2-3 days.
  • Inflammation of the uterus (endometritis) - manifested by aching pain in the lower abdomen. Temperature increase to 38 degrees and above. Symptoms are similar to the first case. It is impossible to determine independently the focus of the disease. Monthly very painful, abundant.
  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a situation that every woman is familiar with. Any change in the body associated with the onset of menstruation is called PMS. It manifests itself in different ways. But the true "premenstrual syndrome" is a serious disease that entails the breakdown of many body systems. Studies have shown that most of the crimes that women committed, it is in the period before menstruation. It is not surprising that the temperature rises to 38 degrees. Although it can not be called normal. The reason is a severe reaction of the body to the menstrual cycle.

To find out the real reason for the increase in temperature before menstruation, you need to pay a little attention to your body. Analyze the situation, visit the gynecologist, avoid stress and nervous tension. It will not be superfluous to start measuring the basal temperature. The picture may become clearer. Since against the background of an increase in basal temperature, it can rise and normal.

Basal temperature before menstruation

The female body during the entire menstrual cycle undergoes hormonal changes. Their value affects the general condition, causes a response. The basal temperature shows clearly what exactly is happening at one time or another. There are examples of graphs that are considered normal. All women are guided by them and if something is wrong, it can be easily traced in terms of basal temperature. Basic measurement rules:

  • This should be done in the morning immediately after waking up, at about the same time.
  • Continuous sleep should be at least 6 hours.
  • Thermometer use one entire period of the monthly cycle.
  • Measure indicators in the mouth, vagina, anus. The latter method gives a more accurate picture.
  • The process takes about 3 minutes.
  • The obtained values ​​are recorded in a notebook or notebook. Then on them the schedule curve is made.

You should take notes on the emotional state, health, food. These are all factors that influence the true value of the basal temperature.

The entire monthly cycle is divided into 2 periods. Before and after ovulation. In the first half, the temperature does not exceed 37 degrees. In the middle of the cycle before ovulation it decreases, then it rises sharply by 3-5 degrees. The process lasts only 2 days. Again, a decrease in temperature by several degrees follows, but higher than it was in the first half of the cycle. Approximately, the value is kept at 37.2 degrees. Before menstruation, it does not drop much again - 2 degrees. This is a normal graph with rising and falling rates. On the eve of the monthly temperature value is maintained at 37 degrees. The same temperature can be the whole body.

In addition, the rise in temperature before menstruation does not take place much against the background of the onset of pregnancy. This is a normal reaction of the body. In this case, the basal temperature before menstruation does not decrease, but keeps at 37.2-37.5 degrees Celsius. The normal process is associated with the development of a fertilized egg. In the same situation, the monthly will be delayed. The reason for their absence will show a pregnancy test. The overall body temperature before menstruation can be maintained at 37 degrees. A slight aching pain will be felt in the ovaries. Vaginal discharge will also change.

A rise in temperature before menstruation always has a reason. Ignore the situation can not, you just need to figure it out. And then decide on how to proceed. The basal temperature before menstruation is always changing.

How to measure basal temperature

The basal temperature before menstruation in the evenings can be measured in several ways, which one to choose is up to the woman. Regardless of how it will do it, the indicators will be most accurate if you do it several times and then determine the average.

Basal temperature can be measured in the vagina or anus. It is important to use only a clean thermometer - it should be washed not only after use, but also before it. Moisture certainly clean with a napkin. The duration of the procedure is at least 3 minutes.

You can take measurements, withstanding a thermometer in the mouth, with particular care. It is not recommended to use ordinary glass thermometers - it is better to purchase a special electronic thermometer for this purpose. The time required to measure the temperature in the mouth is at least 5 minutes. Reduce the duration of the procedure should not be - it is likely that the figures will be unreliable.

The procedure to complete the entry of indicators in the notebook. The schedule will help determine how everything is in order with the body. Even if it is necessary for any reason to consult a doctor, keeping records will certainly help in the diagnosis of the disease.

Basal temperature measurement rules that should be strictly followed.

The duration of the procedure is not the main requirements to be observed when basal temperature is measured. There are a few rules that will also help get the right indicators.

Basic rules to be aware of when starting to measure basal temperature:

  1. to start manipulating the thermometer from the first day of the menstrual cycle,
  2. measurements should be carried out in only one way - if you do this alternately in the vagina and oral cavity, there will be no benefit from this,
  3. perform the procedure only in the evening, try to do it at one time, preferably at rest, lying on the bed,
  4. use a thermometer of only one design - mercury or electronic,
  5. do not skip the manipulations - they should be carried out continuously.

Another feature of the manipulation is to fill in two columns of data. In the first you need to record the data of the thermometer, in the second column - the day of the monthly cycle. Basal temperature before menstruation in the evenings is one of the most accurate methods for determining the presence of problems in the body, but if mistakes are made in its measurements, there will be no benefit from such manipulations.

What can affect the thermometer data

Many women forget that a lot of factors can affect the thermometer's performance, so you need to know in which cases the procedures will be a waste of time. The main impact on the body can have bad habits - passion for alcohol and cigarettes. If you start to measure the temperature after you smoke a cigarette or are intoxicated, you should not expect that the thermometer will show accurate data, and they will help in drawing up the schedule.

Acceptance of some drugs or even folk remedies may also affect the thermometer performance. At the time of treatment, you should take a break in measuring the basal temperature - there will be no benefit from the schedule compiled under the influence of some aggressive elements.

Severe illnesses will also certainly affect the data provided by the thermometer. Even taking hormonal contraceptive drugs affects the temperature, so you will not have to rely on the schedule to determine the condition of the body.

Temperature can also be affected by moving to a different climate. It is recommended to proceed to the procedures only after the organism is fully adapted to the change of climatic conditions. It can take only a few weeks or even months - it all depends on the female body.

What problems can a gynecologist reveal when studying a chart?

Independently, it is rather difficult to determine what exactly the basal temperature chart tells. The only thing that should be alerted is a sharp jump up or down, which notifies you of health problems. It is quite easy to recognize and ovulate or suspect pregnancy. Much more, having studied the records, can tell a specialist.

A gynecologist can recognize these health problems:

  1. hormonal disorders,
  2. infertility,
  3. inflammatory processes in the female internal organs.

If you are interested in exactly how the basal temperature chart can tell you when the menstrual periods begin and how to protect yourself from unwanted conception correctly, you can go to the gynecologist. He will tell all the details that should be observed in the measurements.

Stages that can be observed when measuring basal temperature

In total, it is possible to distinguish three conditional stages in which the basal temperature graph is developed. The first - before the onset of ovulation. Usually the thermometer shows from 36.4 to 36.9 degrees. Exceeding the norm can mean health problems, especially if no external factors can affect the thermometer's performance.

The second stage is the phase of ovulation. It lasts at least two weeks, and first, the thermometer values ​​can drop sharply down, and then increase by several divisions.

The third stage is temperature reduction. It happens just before menstruation. Before the monthly values ​​of the thermometer can vary between 37 degrees. If deviations are observed, it is possible that menstruation will be delayed due to pregnancy. A schedule that does not comply with the norm can also indicate an inflammatory process in the body or a disease that should be treated immediately. It is not necessary in such cases to delay with the appeal to the gynecologist, who, after an examination, will find out why the thermometer's indicators differ from the norm.

What you need to know when regularly measuring basal temperature

Despite the fact that many gynecologists strongly recommend keeping a basal temperature chart, rarely any of the girls listen to their recommendations. This is a big mistake, especially if there is a risk of developing diseases of internal organs. An increase in thermometer performance will make it possible to accurately determine exactly when the process began and immediately resort to medical treatment.

The indicators of the thermometer will also be important for women who are unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant - it is the schedule that will allow you to accurately determine when to devote more time to trying to conceive. You can first go to the gynecologist and ask in detail what will contribute to a successful conception. The optimal time for this and a few useful tips will certainly allow you to get pregnant in a short time.

Basal temperature before menstruation in the evenings is practically the only way to independently recognize important processes taking place in the body. An appointment with a gynecologist will certainly need to be sent with an established schedule - this will help a specialist in diagnosis and even in prescribing treatment. At the forum you can find more useful tips and information on this topic, everyone can share their experience or just leave an opinion.

What should be the temperature of a woman before menstruation

A proper indicator of a girl who does not have ovulation or pregnancy, before menstruation is 36.9 °.

If there is an increase in temperature before menstruation (located within 37 ° -37.2 ° - this is normal, not more), the girl may be pregnant.

If the figures on the eve of menstruation are increased to 37.5 °, this means that it is worth going to a gynecologist. High temperature before the planned monthly may indicate the presence of inflammation, therefore, without consulting a professional in such a situation, it will not work.

Increased BT before critical days is often caused by how much estrogen is in the blood (if there are not enough). This problem can be a starting point for the development of infertility. If a woman has similar symptoms - you should definitely go to see a female doctor or an endocrinologist.

Can the temperature rise before menstruation? At the start of critical days, temperature readings are often 37 °. A decrease in this indicator to a level below 36.9 ° can also speak about possible health problems.

Some doctors believe that reduced basal body temperature can complicate the conception of a child.

How to measure basal temperature

Basal temperature can be measured in the rectum, in the mouth or in the vagina. Most doctors believe that the most reliable figures will be from the rectum. Many experts believe that by obtaining temperature values ​​from the armpit, it is impossible to recline the effects of various additional factors: hypothermia, stress, etc.

It is not so important exactly when the basal temperature is measured: seven days before the menstruation or during the critical days. The main rule - this process should be carried out in the morning, even without getting out of bed. It should immediately measure the temperature of the most ordinary thermometer.

The possibility of pregnancy is one of the causes of increased temperature.

Can there be a temperature before menstruation and why? Low-grade fever can be a symptom of pregnancy. If a pregnant girl has an elevated basal temperature in the initial periods, this is completely normal. It should be noted that a decrease in it should alert the pregnant woman, since this may indicate a risk of abortion.

Inflated temperature indicators in the first few weeks of pregnancy should not be taken as a sign of some kind of violation. Any alterations in the body, especially hormonal, can cause this phenomenon.

A slightly elevated basal temperature (up to 37 °) at the first time after conceiving a baby is normal and should not worry a pregnant woman if there are no other symptoms of a possible illness. If the girl is still worried about this, she needs to consult a specialist and pass all the necessary tests. Elevated temperatures in the 1st month of pregnancy may occur due to overheating of the body. Therefore, the future mother needs to control the temperature of the air in the apartment, air the rooms and more often go out into the fresh air.

When high temperature indicates pathology

На наличие таких болезней может указывать высокая температура тела перед месячными:

Отличается наличием очага воспаления в яичниках и маточных трубах (также известно как воспаление придатков).

Болезнь выражается следующими признаками:

  • жар (39°), слабость,
  • боли внизу живота,
  • симптомы, напоминающие признаки воспаления аппендикса,
  • сбои в цикле месячных,
  • появляются боли при посещении туалета, из половых органов выводится гной,
  • в период сексуального акта возникают болевые ощущения.


Речь идет об остром воспалении матки.

При наличии болезни в острой форме на четвертый день наблюдаются такие симптомы:

  • температура тела повысилась до 37,5°-40°,
  • общее состояние смещается в худшую сторону,
  • the appearance of persistent severe aching pain in the lower abdomen, radiating to the rectum, groin and sacrum.

PMS and temperature

PMS is a set of symptoms that occur in some part of women in the 2nd half of the menstrual cycle, two to fourteen days before the onset of menstruation. Often with PMS, an elevated temperature is indicated.

Many sites contain articles on this topic, and the information indicates the following possible reasons.

Hormonal imbalance

It is believed that PMS appears due to an increase in the level of female genital hormones - estrogen. As a result, the balance between the amount of progesterone and these hormones is disturbed. For this reason, an excess amount of fluid accumulates in the body. This causes unpleasant psychological and physical symptoms.

Not enough magnesium and vitamin B6 in the body

These substances are responsible for the stable operation of the central nervous system. If there are not enough of them, the woman reacts worse to stressful situations, becomes more unbalanced, and accordingly the ICP is more problematic. In this case, the most pronounced problems of a psychological nature.


According to numerous materials and studies, it can be concluded that the cause is genetic predisposition. Often, mothers of women suffering from PMS also experience the same symptoms before menstruation.

Overheating or overcooling of the body, changing time zones can also trigger the above symptom.

Pathological ICP

For the cephalgic type of PMS, the formation of headaches, poor thermoregulation and constant irritability, swelling of the chest, slight nausea, numbness of the hands. This type of pathology is observed in 25% of girls.

There is also an atypical form of premenstrual syndrome, which combines the properties of cephalgia and hypertension.

Indirect provocateurs increase temperature indicators during the month

Temperatures with PMS, as well as other symptoms of indisposition, can appear due to serious disruptions in the work of the female genital organs, or if there are problems with hormones. Therefore, when detecting these manifestations, you should immediately contact a specialist.

The development of infectious diseases in the vagina. On days of menstruation, the possibility of harmful microorganisms entering the vagina and uterus is greatly increased.

Inflammatory process in the intestine. Increased rectal temperature before menstruation up to 38 ° is one of the characteristic signs of intestinal diseases. Very often, patients complain of diarrhea, excessively dry skin, as well as dry mucous membranes.

Ectopic pregnancy

Pregnancy developing outside the uterus. If the fetus was conceived not in the uterus, there will be no critical days, and the temperature may increase to 39 °.

Inflammation in the bladder is characterized by:

  • body temperature above 37 °,
  • pain during urination,
  • constant going to the toilet.

There is a disease in a chronic form, it does not have clearly defined symptoms, but it can regularly worsen on the eve of menstruation.

Raising the temperature a week before the menstrual period should not be scary, but just in case it is better to go to the doctor and pass all the necessary tests.

Can a temperature of 37 ° be before monthly periods? Indicators of body temperature before these days increases to 37.4 °, and returns to stable figures with the onset of menstruation. At this time, a woman can freeze, really want to sleep, there is the possibility of stomatitis in the oral cavity, as well as gum inflammation. Symptoms of PMS make themselves known every month and do not disappear before the onset of discharge.

Sokol Larisa Ivanovna

Psychologist, Gestalt therapist. Specialist from the website b17.ru

I had a high one the day before
but on the day of the monthly dropped.

Yes, I have so often had .. and as soon as they start falling

this is normal. The first day will fall below 37.

Buy a pregnancy test. The result may surprise you ..

before the month the temperature is 37.2 why?

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The doctor told me that it could be before menstruation due to a hormonal shift.

Pregnancy test, perhaps answer the question =)

Temperature hold for 37 already 9 days. Delay is already a week. There was a hormone with a doctor not so long ago, everything is fine, there are no inflammations, is pregnancy possible? With the husband we have not been protected for the past 8 months, but pregnancy does not occur.

Yes, it is a pregnancy. I also had.

Hooray. I am pregnant! The doctor said that already 9 weeks.

My temperature rose - at work everything fell out of my hands, 37.2 - 37.4 changed during the day. Monthly delayed. And today (zadezhka 2 days) test showed 2 strips. I'm going to the doctor!
Before monthly I did not notice any temperature drops

Hello to all. Tell me please, the week is nauseous, my head is spinning, my chest is somehow tingling, my mood is sluggish, tears, and the temperature is on the third day 37.2. Test afraid to do suddenly again negative. I really want my daughter.

I forgot to say that the delay until 1 day.

Before the menstrual period, the temperature rose 37, I felt muscle soreness and weakness. Is this related to early menopause, I am very afraid of that.

Hello everyone! I have the last half a year before menstruation for about a week for 37 weeks 37–37.2, now it’s the same again, plus + weakness and dizzy. Can this be a pregnancy? scary, saw pills that can och. bad impact on the child

I have the third month before the monthly temperature rises to 37.5 or even 37.7, the day before the monthly drops to 36.6. But not a pregnancy.

the temperature has passed, and there were no monthly periods as :(

My temperature during menstruation is 36.9-37.2! This is the first time! Tell me this is normal?

My temperature during menstruation is 36.9-37.2! This is the first time! Tell me this is normal?

I have a temper.37 the day before the menstruation and on the first day, and already weakness, tears, I don’t know what the second day will be, scary, there’s no desire to see someone, to communicate with someone. What should I do?

Read here that in addition to pregnancy can carry a change in temperature. there is clearly in the pictures, the first graph is the norm, then it is shown how the temperature can vary with different deviations.
I found answers to my questions there, maybe you will find it. And in any case to the doctor.

Olga K.
I have the same situation - the temperature has subsided, but there are no monthly periods.
Do you have any changes?

Hello! I always had everything in order with the monthly. But this time it's not like that. Before menstruation, the temperature was 37-37.1 weakness and bad mood. The delay was 3 days. On the first day, the temperature rose to 37.7 tears, terrible mood, terrible pain in the lower abdomen. Is it possible pregnancy?

Dasha. or so pass monthly. or. I do not want to frighten, began a miscarriage.

I have the third month before the monthly temperature rises to 37.5 or even 37.7, the day before the monthly drops to 36.6. But not a pregnancy.

I have the third month before the monthly temperature rises to 37.5 or even 37.7, the day before the monthly drops to 36.6. But not a pregnancy.

I always had monthly periods without any problems, but this time the fifth day the temperature, 37.2 breasts became so hard and heavy, and it still hurts wildly, today they seem to have gone monthly, although they don’t really look like, just smears, and even the lady My son is 4 years old, and 6 months of pregnancy, I had monthly periods, they said that the uterus is strong!)))))))

girls and I did a test today, and there cherished two stripes!

I also have a temperature of 37.2, chills, no periods, did 2 tests showed that I was not pregnant, what happened to me?

forgot, no monthly 4th day

I have a temperature of 37.2-37.5 monthly in 4 days after 3 days ((((we do not protect ourselves with my husband, I really want a child, so I hope so))) can it be like that? I'm waiting for the 13th day they will come or not.

The 4th day the temperature of 37 - 37.3 months should be today, but yesterday I did two tests and both are positive))) is it not too early for me? Is it a temperature that something goes wrong? (I'll go to the doctor tomorrow)

Happy you girls! )) And my husband and I are trying to try and while all without results (((

Hey. Help, who had, 6 days delay, BT 37, 3 negative tests, on the 5th day of delay the chest began to feel like with PMS? also body temperature rose in the evening 37. Monthly or pregnancy? Why don't I wait?

Good day! Tell me, and if the temperature rises to 37.2-37.6 on the first day of the month. and terribly bad. here today is the second day of menstruation and again in the evening temperature. there was no such thing at all before, but this has been going on for the third year. all very bad and need to see a doctor? She had an abortion at 21, now 30, children can not conceive. long.

it is me again =) on the 8th day of the delay went to the gynecologist, took a smear, blood for hormones, a week later they recorded it on the ultrasound, in the evening the menstruation began. like that going to the doctor

Delay 3 days. Do not touch the nipples at all! Painful steel. Body temperature has been holding for a week 37-37.2, drowsiness. the test has not done yet. I think I will do it the other day. I really hope to . ))))

pliz help, I probably och anxious that worried about the ATC. na was in January at the end of menstruation, in February came monthly normal and on time. there was a delay of 5 days, today came monthly on the 3rd day of the delay did the test negative. Now the temperature is 37, can I be pregnant? The guy is always protected. and if BT with menstruation below 37 is not pregnant?

Tell me please. Already 3 days pulling the lower abdomen. I measured today the body temperature of 37.2 until the menstruation is still somewhere around 3 days. Could this be B. Oh, I really want a bebik with my husband)))))

I don’t know, girls like anyone, I have 37 and 1.37 and 2 weeks in 2 weeks. Already like half a year. Or a hormonal failure, or FIG know what. The analyzes are normal. ((((

I should soon have monthly, and the temperature jumps 36.9-37.1, this is normal.

does it mean it's not like pregnancy?

Julia, the fact is that the second half of the menstrual cycle accounts for the increase in temp-ry, including the basal one. Most often it occurs in women who suffer from PMS (this itself) and absolutely healthy women. Naturally, I think If you are suspicious, then do the test. I will say one thing for sure - such a slight increase in temperature is far from the first and not the only sign of pregnancy, so do not worry!))

Girls. I do not know what to think. 5 days delay. BT 10 days before the monthly held 37.1-36.9. And two days ago it began to fall to 36.8. I need to know whether pregnancy is likely? on the ultrasound the doctor said a week later.

I should soon have monthly, and the temperature jumps 36.9-37.1, this is normal.

The temperature before the monthly evening rose to 37.6 what it could mean tell me.

Hi girls! I also noticed for 3 months in a row that as the monthly periods come, the temperature rises 37.3-, 37.5. terrible chills, weakness, pain in the muscles, and in the throat a little pain. At first I thought I was getting cold. but now it is somehow alarming (let me go to the doctor soon! stop thinking-guessing))

Hello everyone! Recently, I have a temperature of 37.1-37.2 headache, feeling unwell. And severe pain in the lower abdomen. really it before the monthly. maybe it's cancer? 1 time a day I drink something for a headache, because the temperature appears after lunch.

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