What dreams monthly

Sleep is a reflection of the inner world of man. Hidden desires and experiences find themselves in it. Often people do not attach importance to their presentiments, do not trust their own intuition. During the day, everyone is busy with work, hassle with children and household chores. Thousands of different cases pursue a person and do not give an opportunity to see the secrets of the universe.

At night comes a saving dream. It allows you to relax and gain new strength for later life. During sleep, various images appear from the depths of the subconscious. Fancifully intertwined, they can paint the most incredible pictures. Do not be afraid of dreams, because they only reflect the work of the subconscious. Often in them there is also a rational grain, which can be explained.

All phenomena, simple and complex, are found in human dreams. Almost everyone can remember a dream in which there is blood. Although it looks scary, it does not always foreshadow misfortune or bad events. It has long been thought that seeing blood in a dream does not mean anything terrible. Almost all dream books agree that such an image warns about a meeting with a relative or about receiving a message from him.

Menstrual blood in a dream has a special interpretation. It is necessary to pay attention to such a dream and try to remember the smallest details. It is enough for this not to jump out of bed immediately after waking up. Mentally, you need to remember the whole dream, relive it from beginning to end, and then you will be able to find out exactly what is the reason for dreaming of blood.

Monthly Blood - Miller's Dream Book

Probably, the dream woman will be most pleased with a pregnant woman. The blood of the month she saw in her dream guarantees the birth of a healthy child. In addition, Miller promises the presence of a variety of talents and abilities. The girl, who recently married, this dream says about the imminent pregnancy.

If the blood of the monthly dream of a woman who is not married, she needs to check their health. Many problems may not immediately manifest themselves, and accumulate over the years. It is worth paying attention to women's health. The image of menstrual blood promises to a person who is sick, long treatment and the possibility of surgery.

Menstruation in a dream - esoteric dream book

Sometimes a woman dreams that she should start, but her period does not begin. Such a dream indicates that there is no help from relatives. There is a certain problem in which they could help. However, the expectations will be empty.

An unexpected onset of menstruation warns of a serious illness or loss. The more blood, the more serious the problem. If you dream that the blood of the month flows through the legs, this indicates an uncontrollable situation.

Monthly blood in a dream - dream book by Danilova

If you dreamed of the blood of the month, then there is the likelihood of losing something important in life. It is not always possible to understand that this is specific. Only after the passage of time, it becomes clear what had to be lost. This may be a separation from a loved one, a break with relatives. At the subconscious level, the body warns about the loss.

Interpreting women's sleep, you need to focus on the real menstrual cycle. If the blood of the monthly dream before the onset of critical days, it is not necessary to attach importance to it.

How to perceive a dream about menstruation

Such a dream, at least once, but "came" to almost every member of the fair sex. The view of mystics, esotericists and parapsychologists on this phenomenon is extremely ambiguous. A variety of interpretations is associated not only with different approaches to the view of sleep as a phenomenon, but also with the foundations of time to which the interpreter belongs.

Based on the opinions of most ancient and eastern dream-worshipers, it can be concluded that the appearance of “unclean”, “dirty” blood in a dream does not promise anything good for a girl. Yes, and a man who happened to face in dreams with bloody secretions, should take care, but better get ready for a grand scandal.

Later dream books do not radically explain the appearance of menstrual blood during sleep. From the Middle Ages, it was customary to treat such dreams in combination with the factors that caused the bleeding. And the very nature of the discharge, the environment surrounding the girl can say a lot about what this dream foretells. The combination of all the factors that appeared in the dream, and affect the final interpretation. And the variations can be varied: depending on the profusion and color of the secretions, such a dream may foreshadow a woman's early illness, if you have dreamed scanty discharge, barely noticeable, you should wait for quick, pleasant changes.

Mystics-rodoviki, identifying blood with the keeper of information about the past and future of the whole family believe that the appearance in the nightly dreams of a woman's menstrual flow indicates problems that will arise from the next of kin.

Dream Miller

The dream of Miller about the monthly in a dream contains several interpretations. The differences are based on the status of the lady who saw the selection in dreams. If the monthly dreamed of a girl who recently married, she will soon become pregnant. A woman in years, especially unmarried, who dreamed of menstruation, should immediately pay attention to their health. Critical days that started in a dream. May indicate serious pathological processes affecting the organs of the reproductive system.

Dreaming taflfi

This work is a treatise on the influence of dreams on the everyday life of the ancient astrologer Abulfazl Hu-baish Taflisi. Many of those who have repeatedly resorted to the help of his texts say that they are often true. But it is worth remembering that the astrologer Taflissi lived in Persia of the 13th century. So, the worldview of that era left a strong imprint on the interpretation of many phenomena. So, menstrual blood in a dream does not bode well. Regardless of whether abundant discharges came in or the rejected substance is barely noticeable - expect trouble. Discharges that came to Kemara warn women about health problems or public disgrace awaiting her soon.

It will be interesting to you to read about how women guess by monthly. Follow the link and learn the popular methods of predicting fate.

Dream Dream Danilova

Based on this dream book, you can make an unequivocal conclusion: to see blood from your menstruation in your sleep is an unkind sign. According to the author, the menstrual flow, visually imparted to a woman in a dream, promises a loss. Depending on the situation and the nature of the discharge, the loss may be petty, in fact, imperceptible, or, conversely, the “loss” will bring with it many problems. Abundant discharge, which began the critical days in the dreams, foreshadow serious changes in the girl's life. The loss is not connected with something material, but with the reinterpretation of life guidelines, the “leaving” of the solid ground of the usual attitudes from under your feet. But do not be afraid. The change of direction of life promises the beginning of a new, happy page in the life of the dreamers.

English dream book

Answering the question, what is the dream of a monthly woman, the dream book, compiled by English astrologers, is brief and concise. The treatise refers us to the physiological causes of menstruation. Explaining the appearance of menstruation in night visions, it can be said with almost certainty that to see a clot-like bleeding in a dream leads to an early pregnancy.

Some of the English school astrologers are convinced that the dream in which menstruation began signals the female sex worker about problems in her sex life.

Astronomers in Europe of the Middle Ages otherwise interpreted "unclean" blood in dreams. It was not in their nature to draw parallels between the physiological causes of the phenomenon and sex in reality with what a person sees in the night's oblivion. In those days, it was believed that the monthly, flowing down the legs of a girl in a dream, foreshadow an imminent retribution for sinful deeds.

Dreaming longo

Relying on Longo’s dream book, it is safe to say that seeing your period in a dream is an unkind sign. The appearance of bloody discharge flowing down the legs or in the abundance of those present on the gasket suggests the appearance of barriers or disappointments in amorous affairs. Girls who see such pictures in their dreams should be more cautious about finding a life partner. Next to them is not the person to whom they imagine him.

Esoteric dream book

Any dream book, in fact, is an esoteric treatise. But there is one that interprets dreams exclusively from the point of view of “laws” dictated by magical reality. Based on a similar source you need to be guided by your feelings. Virgo, impatiently waiting for her periods in dreams, in reality is trying to find a solution that can have a fateful influence on her. The esoteric dream book calls those who see such dreams not to rush to conclusions and decisions, but to trust in the will of chance. What is happening only in his power. If in the dreams of a girl the monthly blood was abundant, thick and dark it is worth waiting for an extremely unpleasant incident, entailing a series of negative consequences.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

In an effort to answer the question: “What can a girl dream in a dream, if in fact there aren't any?”, Many turn to the dream book of the 21st century. What is special about it? It was compiled with the active participation of well-known parapsychologists of his time. That is why many women tend to believe this source.

Beginning to interpret what he saw on this dream book, it is worth remembering all the bright and details and proceed from its current position. If the bleeding is seen a pregnant woman, do not worry. Parapsychologists are sure that this is how the subconscious mind makes it clear that everything is fine with the child, the birth will be safe, and the baby is healthy and calm.

A woman who dreamed of heavy periods of soiling furniture and clothes should worry about the health of the organs of the reproductive system. It is possible that pathological processes occur in the genital organs.

If a woman has a long delay in a dream, then she should expect a meeting with an extremely wealthy man. An affair will not develop into a lasting marriage, but it will give a woman many pleasant, passionate minutes.

Everyday dream book

Rather, it is not a dream book, but a collection of beliefs passed down from woman to woman. But the proverbial wisdom cannot lie, which means it is worth listening to its interpretation.

In the everyday dream book, the appearance of menstrual blood is interpreted ambiguously. If critical days came to a dream to a young girl, and even in the form of dark clots - expect health trouble.

The “dirty blood”, the dirty linen of a mature woman, indicates that it will soon reveal her unpleasant secret, “obtained” in her youth. Previously, the arrival of menstruation was carefully hidden. Apparently on this taboo and built an analogy.

Abundant, dark discharge, "flooding" surrounding objects predict the appearance of a problem with which the girl can not cope alone. In most cases, the problem is deeply personal in nature and a request for help will negatively affect the self-esteem of the fair sex.

Dirty in menstruation blood is not an object, but a person - to spoil a long time friendly or family relationship with him. Some of the married women claimed that having mottled her husband’s panties or clothes in her sleep, they happened to accompany her lover on a long journey or business trip.

If a married woman dreams of a constant resumption of the cycle, and the discharge, despite the abundance, does not stain anything and no one but the dreamer herself, then she should wait for great luck in financial affairs.

Finding out what the critical days in a dream dream of a girl, it is worth noting that the interpretations are divided into two diametrically opposed camps. Of great importance is the feeling that night dreams left behind.

Positive impressions after dreaming about menstruation

The virgin, who woke up after sleep, in which the menstrual cycle began, vigorous and cheerful, can safely count on positive changes in life. Goodness will affect all spheres of life, but, in particular, health and personal life.

Many modern astrologers refute the established view that seeing menstruation blood foreshadows a serious illness. Contemporaries are confident that such dreams come to those girls who subconsciously fear “leakage”. Dreams act as a reminder from the subconscious and speak exclusively of the regulations that are approaching in reality.

Love and relationships

If the monthly in night dreams went painlessly, and without leaving marks on underwear, the woman should expect a positive change in the current situation on the love front. Often the blood symbolizes passion, and the blood of menstruation - the feminine force, which carries all the information about the gender.

Many women, who left their stories in the thematic forums, noted that the more they felt satisfaction from the blood flowing in their sleep, the more concise their relations with a real partner became.

Notice who you are in bed with during discharge. If menstruation in dreams has caught a woman with the object of her sexual desire - it's time to try something new in intimate life. In this case. The conventional wisdom is that the unconscious is only the voice of the conscious.

A dream of the beginning of critical days, which left a benevolent feeling for the whole following day, promises success in personal life.

If these days in a dream began in the workplace, but the girl managed to hide it or take advantage of the gasket in time, you can safely count on a sharp jump along the career ladder.

Abundant secretions may portend a sleeper of commanders. But do not worry if the morning is not overshadowed by anxiety, such changes will only bring happiness and enrich the virgin.

Negative impressions after dreaming about menstruation

Anxiety after waking up and a negative message all day long is a serious cause for concern. Disturbances can be direct evidence that menstruals dream of a woman as a warning. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the health of the female reproductive organs. The body can "talk" with a woman through dreams, to warn her of impending danger.

Abundant bleeding, dreamed at the beginning of menstruation, can signal the threat of miscarriage.

Menstruation in sleep, accompanied by a strong, cutting pain foreshadow a painful separation from a loved one. If in a dream not only menstruation appears, but also pain in the groin area, it can be said with certainty that the separation will be connected with the betrayal of a boyfriend or husband. In a nightly dream, similar feelings in a married woman predict a long divorce filled with excessive red tape.

The dream of menstruation, which left a feeling of shame and embarrassment, foreshadows public shame and censure. Based on the majority of comments on various websites about dreams, periods in such a “company” suggest that something secret and intimate will be in the public domain, or a woman will pay for excessive curiosity or talkativeness.

If the monthly dreamed a man

It is noteworthy that menstruation can dream not only for a girl, but also for a guy.

A prisoner who dreamed of menstruation blood can count on an early, in most cases, early release.

If the monthly dreamed a newly married guy, you can congratulate him, because soon his wife will go to the demolitions.

If you dreamed of a monthly man and left an unpleasant impression, you should reconsider their attitude to the representatives of the weaker sex. The ugly "aftertaste" after sleep is the impression he makes on the surrounding women.

It is very important to pay attention to the day and time of the day, during which the ambiguous dream has visited the woman. Prophetic dreams are those that are designated from Tuesday to Wednesday and from Thursday to Friday. Dreamed at this time can come true as quickly as possible.

Dreams during the daytime hours are considered empty at all.

Dreams between 19:00 and 00:00 come true over the next two years. It is not worth waiting for a quick performance of what was intended. Dreams from 00:00 to 03:00 come true a little faster, but they are “shifters”. Forms and meanings that are projected into reality have the opposite meaning of sleep. But dreams at 03:00 to 06:00 come true extremely quickly and as close as possible to the common interpretation.

On laying

If the sleeper saw a gasket in the menstrual blood in the plot of the vision, this means that in real life he wants to know everything as much as possible about the intimate moments of his loved ones.

Probably, there are disagreements between relatives on sexual grounds, which the dreamer begins to guess, so he will need the information in order to help correct the situation.

When the desire to know about intima becomes obsessive and impossible to cope with it, this indicates о развитии психического расстройства.

Нужно обратиться за консультацией к специалисту, или завести роман, который заставит переключиться на собственные отношения.

Если беременной женщине привиделась во сне менструальная кровь на полу, в реальной жизни у нее скоро начнутся роды.

Подобное видение дает сигнал, что пришло время подготовиться и следует воспользоваться возможностью.

For other dreamers, a dream reveals an unexpected surprise. Perhaps it will be a nice find.

If this dream was seen by a very hazardous person, you can safely buy a lottery ticket or go to the casino. In both cases, you should expect a big win.

On the bed

Seeing the blood-stained bed in the plot of the vision means that in reality the hero of the dream sex is not going well.

It may be that the sleeper is experiencing discomfort during sex or has ceased to trust his partner. The reason lies in the emergence of doubts about the true feelings of the elect or suspicions of treason.

Sometimes men can dream of menstrual blood. This phenomenon can not be called natural, it means the occurrence of losses. When the dreamer saw him at home, he would soon be disappointed in his beloved one or suffer material losses.

In addition, there may be disagreement between relativesthat will grow into a quarrel.

Since the monthly symbolizes cleansing, you should think about the importance of relationships and material wealth, seriously aggravating the sleeper, and carrying negative emotions.

Blood from menstruation, seen in a dream on his underpants, foreshadows pregnancy for a woman. Soon there will be replenishment in the family.

If a girl saw such a dream on the eve of one of the most important events, an interview before being hired, a meeting with a pleasant young man, and so on, then the positive outcome will depend solely on herself. This will play a very important role in the fate of the handsome.

During menstruation

This vision means absolutely nothing. As a rule, the representative of the weaker sex thinks a lot about critical days and in most cases this happens unconsciously.

Sleep is a reflection in subconscious human experiences. If you believe a Muslim dream book, in the near future a woman will be committed act, which has a special meaning for her.

Attention should be paid to the period of the menstrual cycle, during which she saw a similar dream, which she was concerned about in real life, anyone else was present in the plot of the vision.

If in a dream plot a sleeper noticed a loved one's clothes stained with menstrual blood, it could be a relative, a friend or a good friend, then in real life you need to ask the character does he need help.

Menstrual blood belonging to another woman means a relationship of trust. If at the sight of menstruation the dreamer felt disgust, a feeling of hostility or fear, in real life should be ready for trouble.

It is likely that someone behind the sleeper slanders and dissolves gossip. In addition, in personal relationships, problems may arise due to a rival appearing on the horizon.

Seen menstrual blood or other people's clothes, smeared in it, being in the dreamer's house foreshadow that in reality there is a person who wants to earn the confidence of the sleeper in order to use it for his own purposes.

This vision does not symbolize the presence of spiteful critics or enemies. It predicts the appearance overly obsessive persontrying to insist on and get what you want.

Such communication is capable of delivering some problems to the sleep master and taking a lot of time. Need to rethink your environment.

If in the plot of the vision blood from the monthly flowed through the legs, and something like this happened in a crowded place, in real life the dreamer will have to disprove unfavorable rumorsthat someone dissolves about him.

In addition, in the near future should not be frank with people from their surroundings, so that all that was said was not used against the sleeper. No need to engage in the discussion of others and criticize someone behind his back.

Heavy bleeding

For a young girl, such a dream, especially if in the plot she cannot stop the bleeding and is afraid of it, symbolizes that in real life she is embarrassed by her own femininity or the one being attracted to someone.

Subconsciously to her scary to enter adult life, get married, change status. If during the near period she has a relationship with a young man, then they are not destined to become long and strong.

Waiting for missing menstruation

To experience despair in a dream from the fact that, contrary to all expectations, periods do not appear, they symbolize in reality that the dreamer there are certain problems, in solving which the sleeper counted on his close friends or relatives.

There is nothing criminal and shameful in asking for help. It is better to cope with the tasks together, than to carry unreal ideas and plans.

After the critical days

When a woman sees her menstrual blood, but critical days will not come soon, it symbolizes the occurrence gynecological health problems.

Perhaps an old disease will make itself felt, or a disease develops in its body that is not yet felt.

If the representative of the weaker sex has not been at the doctor’s office for a very long time, the time has come when this should be done.

During pregnancy

When a woman who is in the early stages of pregnancy has such a dream, her baby will be born completely healthy. In the case of vision with flowing and spreading on the floor of the menstrual blood, in reality, miscarriage is possible, and everything will happen unexpectedly.

Do not be alarmed ahead of time, close people who will be nearby, will come to the rescue in a difficult moment.

Unexpected start of menstruation

If in the plot of the vision of the hostess of sleep, the menstrual blood suddenly begins to flow, in real life it is expected to be lost or lost, moreover, it will not be material values.

It is believed that menstrual blood is the personification of energy and strengththerefore, a woman risks losing faith in her healing in case of illness or begins to doubt herself. In addition, there is a risk of losing dear to heart relationships, which will cause a strong psychological blow. Such a dream is considered a warning, so you should be very careful.

What dreams of blood during menstruation

The dreamed menstruation is estimated by dream-books quite ambiguously. If a female representative sees menstrual blood in a dream, she needs to remember all the details of the dream. Of great importance are the personal experiences of a person at this moment, as well as shades of blood.

It is believed that the regulators in a dream predict a person a speedy illness. But the opinion is ambiguous. Other dream books explain what he saw differently: danger threatens close blood relatives.

What does it mean to dream of blood during menstruation?

  • To dream of blood clots from the monthly means that it's time to seriously think about your health. A woman should soon visit a gynecologist to rule out the likelihood of developing diseases or complications.
  • Menstrual blood, dreamed on underwear, promises a possible early pregnancy. The man warns such a dream that you should pay attention to the health of your soulmate.
  • Abundant periods can talk about possible injuries and health problems.
  • Menstrual blood, seen during pregnancy, promises easy, fast and safe delivery. Baby born strong and healthy.
  • Sometimes, menstruation can dream to meet with blood relatives and no more.
  • Monthly blood can warn the dreamer about the disease of the genital organs, not only of his own, but also of close relatives.
  • If a young unmarried girl sees in her sleep the blood of the regulator, the planned meeting with the young man may not take place. It is possible that after a serious conversation, which will leave discomfort and disappointment.
  • To see clothes that are stained with menstrual blood - in the near future, the dreamer can expect serious problems.
  • Seeing suddenly started regulatives among the crowd means that embarrassment is possible in reality. It will not necessarily be menstruation, any awkwardness is possible.

Dreams of plentiful monthly

If a person sees a lot of blood in a dream, this promises the occurrence of serious problems that will be directly related to health, possibly loss of blood during an injury or operation.

More abundant monthly dreams, predicting a favorable outcome of important matters. The resolution of cases is close, you should just take a closer look at the problems, all the forces spent will be rewarded according to its true worth.

Dreams of the beginning of menstruation

Sometimes, especially sensitive women see in their dreams the beginning of menstruation shortly before their appearance in reality. In this case, the dream is prophetic and based on physiological features.

If the dream of regul is dreaming, but they are not expected in the near future, this can warn about health troubles. Other dream books can interpret this dream as an early pregnancy.

The late initiation of the regulation may in a dream may warn about the commission of a rash, spontaneous act that will lead to major troubles and significantly complicate the life of a woman. She may need a vacation. Goals can hardly be called unattainable, but their implementation will require a lot of sacrifice on the part of the dreamer.

What color was the blood during menstruation in a dream

If you dreamed own blood monthly, you need to pay attention to its color. Dream treatment may be completely different.

Pure scarlet-colored blood indicates that, thanks to his own initiative and assertiveness, a person can realize even the most incredible dreams. Money may come from an unexpected place.

Highlighting the black color means that the difficult life stage is coming to an end. Ahead of the dreamer waiting for favorable changes, even if initially they will be scary.

The beginning of menstruation with gore speaks of mental agony of the dreamer. Start addressing important issues as soon as possible, otherwise thoughts and experiences will poison existence.

Can you believe sleep

Not always a dream can warn about something. The priests are of the opinion that most dreams come from the "evil one", so you should not listen to them. But sometimes people really dreaming are prophetic.

The most favorable period for prophetic dreams are the Russian traditional Christmas time. You should wait for them at night from 6 to 7 January, from 13 to 14 and from 18 to 19 of the same month. Dreams, dreamed from Thursday to Friday, it is not always possible to call prophetic.

If menstruation comes in a dream, the dreamer should be vigilant for some time and listen to his body. It does not hurt to soon pass a diagnostic examination.

Other values

In modern times, many do not believe in signs or dream books. To explain it is quite simple: a century ago, mortality was very high. That is why dreams associated with "unclean" blood, promised trouble.

Modern dream books interpret such dreams differently. As a rule, menstrual flow warns a woman that she should more closely monitor their health.

In different dream books interpretation of dreams may differ from each other. Today, menstrual flow is treated by these dream books:

What does Wang say

The Bulgarian seer connects the menstrual flow, seen in a dream, with news from blood relatives or a “blood feud”, a serious scandal with them.

If a person on his clothes sees a spot from the regulator and tries to hide it from strangers, this is a serious warning. A person should not blindly believe the words of people around him. There is a possibility that at a critical moment they can betray.

What does Longo dream book say

White magician gives a negative interpretation of such dreams. If a female representative dreams of discharge, then in reality she is awaited by the strong spiritual sufferings of the obstacle associated with all spheres of her life activity.

Hurdles can arise unexpectedly and deliver not only a lot of trouble, but can also be fatal to it. The white magician is convinced that a woman cannot overcome all difficulties. In addition, the dream promises alienation of loved ones. The crack can go on the background of any event.

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud

There is an opinion that all interpretations according to Freud's dream book are connected with problems with libido. But this is a fallacy. To see in a dream bleeding means to meet with new life barriers and problems. It is possible that the dreamer suffers from "chronic" tardiness. The reason for many problems may be the inability to rationally use personal time.

What does Danilova say

Danilova is convinced that menstrual bleeding in a dream promises a loss in reality. Such a dream can be a warning. In the near future, a person may lose something important for himself and very significant. It may not be about material goods, but about spiritual.

If a woman dreams of regulation a few days before the onset of menstruation, it is not necessary to attach particular importance to such a dream. The woman knows that the “critical” days are approaching, and the body gives the corresponding pictures.

Opinion of doctors

Doctors, as a rule, rely on scientific and reasoned facts, therefore their attitude to the interpretation of dreams is very ambiguous. If you had a dream like a man or a woman, the representative of the weaker sex must take care of their health. You should, without delay, undergo a thorough physical examination.

As for health issues, then, as they say, it is better to exercise excessive vigilance than to overlook.

In any case, after you have dreamed of menstruation in a dream, you should not be afraid and frightened. As a rule, nothing sinister in this. Just awake you can expect health problems that you can prevent, on time to go to the hospital. Analyzing and listening to dreams, a person is able to avoid and overcome problems with minimal losses.

How different dream books interpret dreams of menstruation

Each interpreter has his own opinion:

  1. Turning to the modern dream book, we see that the image of the monthly is inseparably linked with the health of the dreamer. Especially unpleasant is the vision in which the blood was on the clothes, as this indicates the presence of a serious disease.
  2. Islamic dream book is also sure that menstrual flow in a dream tells about the state of health of the sleeper. However, this interpreter believes that the disease, about which dreams are warned, proceeds in secret and has not yet manifested itself. Therefore, the dreamer needs to be examined as soon as possible and begin treatment.
  3. Psychologist Miller is trying to convince his followers that clothes in drops of menstrual blood indicate those around you who will try to prevent you from moving up the career ladder.
  4. According to Vanga's dream book, menstruation, which began unexpectedly, symbolizes longing for a deceased relative. If you notice a selection on clothes, it means that someone from the relatives will tell you about the unfavorable facts, and this will ruin your reputation.
  5. Interpreter Longo "red days" compares with the upcoming troubles, to cope with which alone you will not be able to.
  6. Freud's dream interpretation, as always, connects the image with the sex life of a sleeper. In his opinion, if the menstruation has dreamed of a man, it means that he is not satisfied with the intimate side of his life. A woman Freud advises to be more agile, otherwise her chosen one may be carried away by another person.
  7. The general dream book assures that the menstrual blood seen in a dream informs about the dreamer's excessive curiosity, which can destroy him.
  8. An esoteric dream book, in its interpretations, reports that menstruals in a dream hint at the dreamer's inconsistency in solving important issues. If a man saw a bloody stain on women's underwear, it means that in the near future he will have a scandal with the fair sex.
  9. Dream interpretation Danilova offers a slightly different interpretation of the dreamed plot. The soothsayer believes that in this way the subconscious mind warns about the loss of some value. And immediately the dreamer may not notice this, the realization of loss will come some time later, when it will be impossible to correct anything.

Dreams of menstruation may warn that you have any health problems.

Dream interpretation Amedei, as well as some other interpreters, believes that menstruation portends serious health problems, which will require huge financial costs. Try not to commit rash acts that can lead to trouble.

What does the abundance of critical days indicate?

Severe bleeding can warn of serious problems with blood loss. This may be an accident or operation. However, if the monthly ones were not with the dreamer himself, but with another person, it means that in the near future, the sleeper will receive a decent reward for his actions.

According to the dream book of Smurova, scanty monthly foreshadows the solution of customary everyday issues, some of which you have put off for "later." Нострадамус уверен, что этот сюжет указывает на надуманные вами же проблемы, из-за которых вы можете испортить себе жизнь.

Кровотечение со сгустками сонник Феломены рассматривает как внезапное ухудшение самочувствия, из-за которого придётся соблюдать постельный режим. Также этот образ может указывать на серьёзные финансовые затруднения.

Painless periods indicate the arrival of close relatives

If the monthly dreamed of pregnant

For the ladies in the position of a dream in which menstruation appeared, it is considered a favorable symbol. This indicates easy childbirth and the birth of a healthy baby, endowed with a lot of talent. Some dream books warn that too much bleeding promises premature labor, but the baby is not in danger.

If you dream that your period has begun, but in reality this moment has not yet arrived, it means you can no longer wait for the “red days of the calendar”. Apparently, you just did not notice the first signs of pregnancy, while the little crumb is already living and actively developing.

If your hands are dirtied with menstrual blood, this may indicate a clan curse, which for a long time destroys the life of the dreamer and his loved ones. Remember, evil rock will haunt your family until you ask God for forgiveness for the sins of your ancestors.

Menstrual blood on clothing, body or floor

Dreams in which household items, clothes or parts of the body were soiled with menstruation are rarely interpreters described by the interpreters in a positive way:

  • modern - you will need help
  • universal - get into an awkward situation
  • English - the job you were hoping for suddenly “slowed down”, which will cause you a lot of inconvenience,
  • Grishina - the secret that you thought was shameful will be made public,
  • Eastern - if another person’s clothes are stained with blood, it means that an absurd accident will disrupt you with your best friend,
  • if your periods were so abundant that they ran down your legs, then you need to be careful, because a thoughtless act can lead to sad consequences,
  • monthly on bedclothes indicate that they want to circle you finger,
  • If drops of menstrual blood were on the furniture, it means that an unpleasant situation will take you by surprise. Try to get ready and prepare for any realities of life,
  • the blood-stained floor is a sign that in a difficult situation you will have no one to help you. Therefore, the problem will have to deal with yourself
  • if the monthly were on items of personal hygiene, it means that you are persistently trying to get into a business that does not concern you at all.

Pregnant woman, the menstrual blood promises the birth of a strong karapuz

Menstrual blood, seen in the toilet, symbolizes a happy future - without problems and misfortunes.

Few intimate details

Dream interpretation Amedea argues that if in a dream the period began with an unfamiliar girl, it means that in reality you will learn some intimate details from the life of your friend. Perhaps this is what will be the reason for the break in relations.

Black menstrual blood, oddly enough, is a positive sign. It promises recovery to sick people, and improvement of well-being to healthy people.

Monthly child foreshadow dreary days, a tiff with loved ones. If a girl noticed bloody stains on her clothes, it means that teachers and classmates will treat her more coldly.

Monthly during sex - a symbol of dissatisfaction with the partner. Perhaps you just need to discuss with your chosen one moments that do not suit you. This will not only help solve the problem, but also allow you to get even closer.

Waking up in a pool of blood means that you are too tense and need rest. An amazing event in life is reported by a vision in which blood clots were found on a gynecological examination chair.

The unpleasant smell of menstrual dreams is a dream if you have complexes that interfere with your personal life. Try to understand yourself. And remember that getting rid of the accumulated fears, you will make your life much better.

Video: why menstruation dreams - expert opinion

Summarizing the above, we can conclude that the dreams of menstruation most often signal health problems for you or your loved ones. Therefore, do not ignore them. It is better to undergo a timely diagnosis, which will help to identify the disease and eradicate it at the initial stage. Good health and pleasant dreams!

Why dream of seeing blood

Blood has always been associated with blood relatives. Depending on the dream, it can be interpreted in different ways, but in any case this applies to your blood relatives.

  • If you are trying to stop the blood flowing from the wound - it symbolizes that you are sad for the dead relative,
  • Seeing the blood on your clothes - the act of a close relative will jeopardize your reputation,
  • If you have injured someone in a dream so that blood spurted out - any of your intervention in a quarrel of close relatives can turn out to be very bad,
  • You drink water that turns to blood - be very careful. Your family has a curse
  • Seeing blood on yourself - in the near future you will hear from your close relatives.

That is, to dream of blood is not as scary as it may seem. This is rather good - because your subconscious mind warns you about something. The main thing is not to forget this dream right away and to show utmost attentiveness to figure out what it is connected with.

What dreams see menstruation

If just blood in a dream concerns close relatives - then the menstrual blood that has dreamed of a woman speaks more about the need to pay attention to yourself and your health.

  • The menstrual blood dreamed of a woman in underwear speaks of a possible early pregnancy. To a man, such a dream suggests that special attention should be paid to the health of his woman,
  • For a young girl who dreamed of a heavy monthly period, this indicates possible health problems and injuries in the near future,
  • Menstruation in a dream during pregnancy speaks of a prosperous, light, fast delivery. Baby will be healthy
  • There are cases when you should not look for hidden meaning in such dreams and dream about a banal meeting with relatives soon,
  • To dream of the blood of the month can mean about the disease of the female genital organs, both in oneself and in one of the relatives,
  • If menstruation in a dream began unexpectedly, then soon expect bad news from someone close,
  • Many dream books say that menstruation in a dream means the beginning of a new life and that it is time to throw away all unnecessary and unnecessary things from your life and start living from scratch. The main thing - do not need to be afraid of change and meet them with great joy,
  • The beginning of menstruation in a dream can say that you spend too little time on your health. Forget about others and work for a while. Take care of your health - this is very important. Take a medical examination, do not try to postpone even the slightest health problems indefinitely. In general, take the time to your body to the maximum,
  • Dreams of a young unmarried girlfriend may indicate that a scheduled meeting with a young man will not take place. It is possible that after this there will be a serious conversation that will cause great disappointment in a loved one,
  • To dream about clothes that are stained with the blood of menstruation - to serious problems in the near future,
  • To dream of menstruation at a time when they are not really present means that a woman will make some serious act in reality,
  • Menstruation that began suddenly in a crowd can talk about a possible embarrassment in reality. It is not necessary that this too will be the menstruation that people will see, it can be absolutely any awkward situation.

In fact, you can find a lot more interpretations of sleep, in which you see menstruation. In any case, the dream is not so bad as the kind of blood in real life. The main thing - do not need to be afraid of anything. It is necessary to quickly figure out what this dream is connected with, based on the options above. If you have identified it, take action, if necessary.

If you have not figured out what you might dream of monthly, then either wait for news from relatives, because it is possible that menstruals in a dream symbolize just blood and the "results" of sleep will mean just a quick meeting with blood relatives.

The best option would be if, after seeing menstruation in a dream, you pay attention to your health. After all, this dream can prevent the development of a dangerous disease associated with the female genital organs. And it is better to identify and begin to treat it in advance than to postpone for later.

In any case, dreamed blood should not be afraid. After all, this is just a dream and it may not carry any semantic or predictive load, but simply be a reflection of your psycho-emotional state.

Dream Interpretation - Blood

Blood in a dream is a symbol of life, health, well-being, kinship, surprise.

If you dream that you are bleeding - a sign of loss and poor health.

A dream in which you see blood coming from your nose means a loss of funds or a position in society.

Blood from a wound is a sign of an unsuccessful transaction that will cause you a lot of trouble and loss.

Seeing the blood on your hands is a sign of danger threatening you because of carelessness.

Incending incest in a dream foreshadows a disease or painful vanity that will cause you many problems.

Blood vessels with blood flowing through them foreshadow well-being.

Blood on the head means getting a fortune soon.

Blood spit in a dream - to the disease or humiliation.

A dream in which you see that blood is pouring out of you on the floor, predicts a gain in business or a gain.

Dark blood flowing from you, foreshadows the release of sorrow and worries.

Blood flowing from the throat foreshadows significant events in your life, strengthening your position in society, wealth and wealth in the house. Especially if the blood is bright red and not clotted.

A childless dream predicts the imminent birth of children. Such a dream also promises you a meeting with a loved one whom you have not seen for a long time.

It's bad to dream that you spit blood on the bare ground. Such a dream predicts the death of a loved one or relative.

To choke on blood in a dream or to swim in it is a sign of danger or great unhappiness that happens to loved ones.

Dark blood clots in a dream - a sign of a serious illness that sneaks up on you. The brighter the blood that you see in a dream, the more dangerous and painful your illness will be.

Blood flow to see in a dream means a serious illness with a fatal outcome after a long time.

Someone else's blood in a dream foreshadows the illness of relatives or friends.

Dream Interpretation - Bed

Dreams of croats express our hopes for the best, our desire for a prosperous and dignified life, the desire for a good device of our home. Sometimes such dreams predict changes in health or illness.

To buy or to see how they bring it into the house is a sign of a quick marriage and their own household.

If you dream that someone offers you to buy a bed, then soon you will find out that you have a secret admirer who decided to reveal his feelings to you.

A large, good-quality, beautiful, richly decorated bed in a dream means a good device, a prosperous and prosperous life, protection from trouble and the protection of people in authority.

A chic bed and a beautiful bedroom in a dream mean that you have a secured life, which you will be very pleased with.

The pleasant smells in the bedroom to feel in a dream are a sign of a dubious love affair.

Broken bed in a dream predicts trouble, obstacles in business, the failure of plans.

An empty bed means your life will be unsettled and lonely.

Placing a bed on a bed, laying a bed or seeing it being covered for you, foreshadows the reciprocity of feelings, which can end in a big scandal. After such a dream, you should exercise maximum caution and prudence.

A hospital bed with stains of dried blood is a sign of a great deal of anxiety due to a disease that you have safely had recently.

Such a dream warns you that the illness suffered traumatized your psyche and you should be more attentive to your health in the future.

A bed stained in a dream means illness.

To lie in a bed in a dream is a sign of a quiet, organized life, an empty bed (your) in a dream means loneliness, disorder of life,

To see someone else’s bed is empty in a dream - a sign of the imminent demise of its owner or separation from a loved one.

If you dream that you go to bed, then beware of the disease.

To lie in bed with a friend or a man of your gender - to a loss that could have been avoided, with a stranger of the other sex - to the news,

Strange bed in a dream - the forerunner of a speedy unusual, surprising turn in your life.

Dream interpretation

A dream in which blood was present causes many people to feel anxiety about their own and close people’s lives. But one should not take the vision literally, because sometimes they just try to suggest a solution to the problem that has arisen in life.

Various dream books offer their own interpretation of bleeding dreams:

  1. Miller believed that a dream in which a person soiled clothes with his own blood foreshadows a collision with an enemy that makes it difficult to reach heights in his career. After such a vision, the dreamer should not make new friends, as they may turn out to be traitors. If blood has flowed from an open wound, you will have to be prepared for the possibility of failure in business. If she was in the arms of a sleeper, it is to failure and bad luck.
  2. Dream Vanga indicates that the vision of the bleeding visited the dreamer for a reason. Often it promises small differences in the family, which will inevitably lead to conflicts. If it is a dream, how blood flows from a wound, then the vision speaks of longing and sadness for a dead relative. Bloodstained clothing foreshadows damage to reputation.
  3. Miss Hasse believed that red blood was for fun and joy, whereas a dream in which it was dark and condensed predicted a dreamer of the disease.
  4. In the dream book of Nostradamus, it is said that the bleeding is dreaming of hearing from close relatives. It can also herald loneliness, but only if the dreamer in a dream is completely bleeding to death. If you dreamed that someone close to you was bleeding to death, the dream promises problems in a relationship with a person who has dreamed up. When there was so much blood that it completely flooded the earth, the vision heralds the coming quarrels and conflicts.

Dreamed a lot of blood

If there was a lot of blood in the dream, then it is necessary to approach its interpretation with special attention.

Such dreams are a bad sign, as they foreshadow problems not only in the financial sphere, but also in the family circle.

When in a dream from the dreamer's wounds, blood flows like a stream, he is soon awaited by the news of a decrease in wages and positions. Also, sleep may indicate a hidden and asymptomatic disease. It will not be superfluous to be safe and get tested.

But a full interpretation can be obtained if you find out who saw the vision:

  1. If the bleeding was dreamed of by a young girl, it speaks of her excellent health. This vision also foreshadows the onset of an early pregnancy. Such a dream, having visited an unmarried girl, is a sign of a quick acquaintance with the second half. Teenagers dream promises change and the inevitable transition into adulthood.
  2. If the monthly dreamed of an elderly person, it means that he will live for a long time.
  3. A man's dream indicates his sexuality and passion for girls. After sleep, he should expect to meet with a very attractive individual, which will cause raging emotions.

In addition, the dream of menstruation dreams on the eve of an important decision of the authorities. Entrepreneurs sleep may portend the threat of loss of profits from an unreliable transaction.

When interpreting a vision, it is very important to consider the place from which blood was shed:

  1. If you have dreamed blood from the nose, the dream foreshadows the temptation of the forbidden fruit. The dreamer may soon commit acts outside the law. Now you should be attentive and not commit stupid acts. Often a vision with dark blood dreams of buying a prohibited item, which may soon become the main cause of financial loss and humiliation. If it was bright and bright, then you can be sure that the act will not lead to serious consequences.
  2. Bleeding caused by injury, often dreams of a serious loss of time and resources. It is worth noting that it portends not only the loss of finances, but also other unpleasant events that are directly related to money. Moreover, all future events will bring the sleeper a lot of trouble and trouble. Sometimes such visions in dreams can prophesy health problems.

Bleeding in another person

If the bleeding was observed in another person, the dream warns that the sleeper may soon harm their loved ones. Alien blood promises the dreamer in the future conflicts and quarrels with others, so he should not interfere at least in family squabbles. It is also advisable to dissociate itself from time to clarify the relationship with the second half.

В том случае, когда по сюжету сна кровотечение возникло у кого-то из знакомых, оно указывает на наличие проблем в отношениях с ним. Чаще виной тому является эгоизм сновидца, из-за которого общение сводится исключительно к обсуждению его проблем.

Если кровь шла из тела больного человека, тогда сон пророчит ему скорую поправку. Has bleeding been seen in a healthy person? Perhaps in relations with them there are some difficulties.

What is pregnant dreams of blood

  • If a pregnant girl dreams of blood, menstruation, it means that childbirth will be easy, and she should not worry about the baby. Such dreams often speak of moral preparation for such an important event as childbirth, as well as fear at the subconscious level for oneself and the unborn child.
  • Did the unborn baby have a dream about blood? The vision indicates the excitement and experience of the sleeper about the fulfillment of the role of mother to be played.
  • If the dream was seen by an unmarried girl, she is in for minor troubles in relations with the opposite sex.
  • Sometimes a dream can bode with a married man.
  • When a pregnant woman had a miscarriage, the dream predicts events that will forever change her life.

It is very important to remember from which part of the body it flowed:

  1. If she was in her arms, it means that danger lurks in the future. It is necessary to be afraid to make new acquaintances in order not to give strangers a chance to harm the sleeping person. A dream, in which hands are inadvertently soiled with their own blood, also speaks of the need of loved ones and relatives for help and attention.
  2. Dried blood on the fingers and hands dreams to relapse of a long-standing illness.
  3. When there was only one drop of blood on the palms of a person, sleep promises a sleeper a great inheritance from distant relatives.
  4. When bleeding from the mouth was observed in the dream, the dreamer should soon be ready to defend his point of view. Own opinion will have to defend even in front of loved ones. Often this is a dream in anticipation of a dispute with relatives, because of which others can suffer.

If there is so much blood in the mouth that the dreamer is forced to spit it out, the dream prophesies a disease, because of which he may even lose his job. If it is not much, sleep indicates a slight fatigue.

In the dream, the tooth fell out with blood

When in a dream the bleeding began due to tooth loss, this is a cause for concern. Such a vision symbolizes gossip and damage to reputation. Sleep is better to spend some time in the shade, with particular modesty and attention to detail, because any actions will be open to the public.

In addition, the blood on the dropped teeth indicates a disease, which can cause death. Based on the fact that the interpretation of dreams about the teeth associated with relatives, it can be concluded that with them soon trouble can happen. Often, such dreams indicate the presence of fear of old age.

An important point in the process of interpreting a dream about bleeding is the sex of a sleeping person:

  1. If the dreamer was a woman, the dream of bleeding foreshadows chagrin and disappointment in the behavior of family members. If another person’s bleeding dreams, it divines the joy of hanging out with loved ones. When the bleeding cannot be stopped, the dream promises the trouble that the sleeping person will have to face immediately after the appearance of a new acquaintance in her life. And a dream in which she easily stops bleeding in another person foreshadows a strong financial position.
  2. When a man was in the role of a dreamer, such visions foretell him a period of difficult relations with relatives and the beloved. At this point, you should try to make contact in order to avoid conflicts. However, the blood of another person in a dream foreshadows a meeting with a mentor for life. A dream in which clothes are stained with blood speaks of the possibility of winning authority and respect of others. Sometimes sleep promises the loss of someone from relatives.

Given all the interpretations of different dream books, it should be said that blood is not a bad sign. But to leave such visions without attention is not recommended, as they often try to warn a person against impending danger.

general information

Monthly in a dream is estimated ambiguously by dream books. If a girl or a woman has menstruation blood, she should try to remember all the details of sleep. What matters are its shades, as well as personal experiences of a person.

It is believed that menstruation in a dream portends a girl or a woman to soon get sick. But this opinion is ambiguous. Other dream books interpret bleeding in a dream a little differently: danger threatens the "blood" relatives.

Different sleep scenarios

It matters not only the type of menstrual blood, but also the situation of its appearance. Menstrual blood can be released poorly or, conversely, too abundantly. Many young ladies dream that “critical days” have gone suddenly, and they do not have a pad or a tampon on hand.

Menstruation may dream while carrying a fetus. Many women have such dreams even during menopause. The most unpleasant are the visions in which menstrual blood flows through the legs, as well as when a woman soils blood on clothes or furniture. If the young lady dreams that she can not change the gasket, it often indicates suspiciousness. Such a person is very anxious, he has a lot of psychological and emotional clips.

Dream Dream

Many people today do not believe in the dream or sign. This is simply explained: in the old days, the mortality rate was very high. In the villages, where many interpretations of dreams were “born”, young girls and women died very often. For this reason, many dreams, especially those associated with “unclean” blood, promised a person disaster.

In the same way, menstrual blood in a dream is interpreted by an Eastern dream book. If the person who saw someone's menstrual blood in a dream is a man, then in the near future there will be a big scandal. If you dream of monthly flues during the day, you should not pay attention to it. Such a vision is considered empty.

Modern dream books to the question of what dreams of blood, menstruation give different answers. If a woman sees her discharge, then she needs to pay attention to her own well-being. If a pregnant woman dreamed of menstruation, then this vision is considered favorable. Sleep can foreshadow a happy outcome of childbirth and the emergence of healthy offspring.

Today dreams are deciphered by the following dream books:

Enough truthful information provides esoteric dream book.

What is Miller talking about

Dream Miller offers two interpretations of sleep. If a young lady who has recently got married sees menstrual blood, it means that pregnancy will come soon. When an unmarried lady dreams that she went to menstruation, the dream is a warning sign. A woman should pay close attention to her health. Perhaps, in the near future, not fully cured or hidden pathological processes will be felt.

Special attention should be paid to intimate health. If a patient sees a lot of blood in a dream, it means that in reality she will have an operation and a long recovery period.

What does Sigmund Freud say

It is considered that every dream “according to Freud” means certain problems with the libido. It is not always so. To dream of bleeding, for this dream book can mean the appearance of problems. Perhaps a person who dreams of such a dream suffers from “chronic” tardiness. Real problems can arise precisely because of the inability to properly distribute their time.

What Longo is talking about

What are your monthly dreams? The white magician Y. Longo gives a negative interpretation of this vision. If a young lady dreams that she began to have periods, this may indicate a kind of barrier that can be associated with both work and personal life.

The obstacle can arise unexpectedly, cause a girl a lot of emotional excitement and even become fatal. Longo believes that women will not be able to overcome it. In addition, we can talk about the spiritual alienation of spouses or people in a relationship. The crack in the relationship may occur against the background of some event.

What does the esoteric dream book say

A girl can dream that she is about to go “critical days”. If menstruation cannot come in any way, in reality this means that a person waits in vain for help from close relatives. The solution to the problem ultimately falls entirely on the shoulders of the dreamer and not the fact that he will cope with this.

If the monthly go without blood, it means that the problem is not as serious as it seems to the dreamer.

When bleeding appears unexpectedly, it threatens with the development of a serious disease. In addition, it can warn of imminent and imminent loss. When a woman sees that menstrual blood flows down her legs, we can talk about an uncontrollable situation.

Other values

The ancient Persian dream book states: menstrual blood, which has been considered “shameful” and “dirty” from the old days, means that in reality a person has a secret. It can be both personal and belong to someone else.

Sometimes in a dream, “critical days” can go to an overly curious person, who doesn’t get into her own business. This dream is a warning. “Natural deficiency” will contribute to getting into a very unpleasant situation. There is another meaning of such a dream. A nayav woman who dreamed about her own periods can be engaged in not his own business, which takes away a lot of energy and strength from her.

If the dreamer notices that he has soiled someone else's furniture with secretions, this means exposure or waking shame. A person’s conscience may be unclean, which will soon be revealed. This can happen suddenly, and the dreamer can neither defend nor defend.

Should I Believe

Vision is not always a warning. Priests of various denominations generally believe that most of the visions “from the evil one” should not be believed. But sometimes people come to prophetic dreams. The most favorable time for such dreams among Russians is traditionally considered Christmas time. They should be expected from 6 to 7, from 13 to 14 and from 18 to 19 January. Dreams from Thursday to Friday do not always come true.

Interpretation of different dream books

Dream Miller

Blood from menstruation dreams of a pregnant woman to the birth of a strong, painless baby. If there was a lot of blood in the vision, then the future child will have many talents and unusual abilities.

Young, but already married girl dream prophesies pregnancy. A dream to an unmarried woman indicates possible health problems due to chronic fatigue and lack of sleep.. Bleeding monthly for a sick person in a dream means that in reality a long-lasting, debilitating treatment and the likelihood of surgical intervention await him.

Freight's Dream Interpretation

Dreamed of strong periods - this indicates that the sleeper will not have time to go where he wants most of all. This can be both a physical delay to a meeting or an event, or a moral desire to return to the past (which is impossible). Dream interpretation advises the dreamer to stop a bit and think about his life.

Dreaming longo

Menstruation blood indicates an unexpected obstacle to the upcoming test. Dream interpretation indicates that now the dreamer is not able to cope with the problem.

For girls dream means separation from a loved one due to an unpleasant incident. Although the event will not be directly connected with lovers, it will show who is really a coward or a brave man.

Esoteric dream book

If the dreamer feels that she is about to have a menstrual period but cannot start at all, then this suggests that she does not have to wait for help from friends or relatives. The dreamer will have to solve her own problems.

If my period is unexpected and abundant in my dream, then in reality, this indicates possible diseases. The more blood, the more serious. If blood in a dream runs down the legs, stains clothes, then in reality there is a situation that the dreamer cannot control.

Dream Dream Danilova

To see in your dream blood from the monthly on the strip means that in reality a person risks losing something important in his life. This may be a major material loss, separation from a loved one or a loved one, a big failure at work and more.

If a woman dreams of a dream right before the onset of menstruation, then attach great importance to the dream is not worth - The body simply prepare for the restructuring of the body.

Dream Vanga

To dream of clots of menstrual blood in underpants foreshadows a woman to commit any act or act, which she will later regret. See blood from menstruation on clothes indicates the betrayal of a friend or girlfriend.

East Dream

Menstrual blood in a dream predicts a serious illness that will deprive the dreamer of its female power. A woman needs to devote more time to her health and walk in the fresh air, eat right.

A young innocent girl dream can foreshadow the loss of virginity.

Modern dream book

Young woman bleeding on female seems to be a deterioration of health, to health problems. To see clothes that are stained in the blood of critical days means big troubles and problems at work.

Pregnant woman dreaming foreshadows easy, short-term childbirth and the birth of a strong and healthy baby.

Female dream book

Why dreamed that they came monthly? it a sign of serious gynecological pathologies.

See your own menstrual blood on a man means a major altercation with any member of the stronger sex in the future. In this case, the initiator of the quarrel will be a woman. To get dirty with it means to be in a ridiculous situation, to disgrace oneself in front of everyone.

What does sleep mean for a man?

If the monthly dreams of a man, then this indicates his excessive curiosity and desire to learn all the details of other people's life.

A man dreams of a woman who has gone monthly - it indicates a loss and frustration, and also faces a precarious financial position. If this woman in real life is a familiar dreamer, this indicates his disrespectful, scornful attitude towards this woman.

If this dream has a vision of a married man, it indicates a crisis of marital relations. The man either stopped paying attention to his wife, or became an impossible jealous man.

We recommend to watch the video - “What is the dream of menstruation?”: