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Can I run during menstruation

Can I run during menstruation? Doctors' advice. Is it possible to run during menstruations? This is practically a topical problem. Fighting overweight brought thousands of women into the sport.
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Can I have sex before menstruation?

Aksyonova Anna Mikhailovna Psychologist, Candidate in group analytics. A specialist from the site can, does not affect the pain during menstruation. On the contrary, it helps) Although if you are excited and do not get satisfaction, your stomach will hurt) 3 This is what you write about!
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HOW to count the delay

Delay of menstruation. Delayed menstruation is a violation of the menstrual cycle, which is manifested by the absence of cyclic bleeding for more than 35 days. Every woman at least once in her life, faced with such a problem as the delay of menstruation.
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